Why should I have booked my videographer by?

Trying to get everything organised! :)

Carli B

Question Asked: 2/10/2017 Wedding Date: 4/08/2018

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Next Chapter Productions Co

NSW all areas

(8) Posted: 6/03/2019

Realistically, as soon as you book your reception venue, your next stop is your videographer and photographer. We often book out six to 8 months in advanced. We also like to catch up with the bride and groom to explain how the day will turn out. Since being organised for your event is paramount, we need to have locations sorted at least a month prior to your wedding day. As for the catch up, as much as you are choosing us, we are also choosing our couples. We want to make sure we are the right fit.

Boab UAS

Australia Wide

(2) Posted: 25/11/2018

It really depends on the videographer and the time of the year you're getting married.  I'd advise contacting prospecive videographers so they can advise how quickly they fill their bookings to avoid dissapointment!  

(8) Posted: 7/11/2018

Once you have a date & venue booked I would suggest booking your videographer as we can be booked up to a year in advance.

Moments Video Melbourne

Melbourne and Surrounding Areas

(6) Posted: 6/11/2018

Depends, if you have someone in mind then you might want to book before someone else locks in that date. 

Even if it's a quiet part of the year, if you leave it too late, your videographer of choice might have already booked holidays ect.

If you don't mind who it is though, you can leave it pretty late and still get someone!

(2) Posted: 10/10/2018

We recommend booking a videographer as soon as you have a date set as we tend to have bookings a fair way ahead (often by a year or so). That being said, if you have left it to the last minute, then have a look around and see what you can find - we will generally offer a discounted package price if we have a last minute spot become available!

(2) Posted: 10/05/2018

The team at You Studios suggest 6 months in advance otherwise you will be limited to the choice of high quality videographers available. 

Wandering Heart Films

Newcastle/Hunter Valley/Port Stephens

(1) Posted: 12/02/2018

Wandering Heart Films  will take a booking for any date if we have that date free.  However earlier is always better, this gives us ample time to correspond with you and discuss: your vision for your video, the running of your day and to book our drone operator and camera crew. You will find that most brides tend to book the videographer at the same time as they book their photographer. The later you leave it the less likely you are to get the supplier you may want.

Be an early bird to rest easy...

Kel Nunn

Director, Wandering Heart Films

Main Memories Videography

Mornington Peninsula | Wonthaggi | Morwell | Traralgon

(5) Posted: 2/10/2017

Book your videographer as soon as you can or as soon as your chosen videographer has their books open at your chosen date. The sooner you book them, the sooner you are assured of the date you want and not be disapointed that you have missed out. 

Studio Amori

Melbourne & Surrounds including Mornington and Yarra Valley

(4) Posted: 2/10/2017

There's no hard, concrete, answer to this question.  We feel you should have your Video Crew booked when you're ready to book them - this can be a year before your Wedding or two weeks before! 

But there are clear advantages to booking sooner rather than later.  Studio Amori, for example, will take a booking for any date as long as we have the date free, but we like to book well in advance - sometimes up to a year in advance.  This gives us plenty of time to organise our team, our travel, and our gear for the shoot, but, more importantly, it gives us plenty of time to talk to our couples about what they want and expect from our Video and our Crew.

We think you should book your Cinematographer as soon and as early as you can.  Maybe before, or just after, you book your Photographer, so you can plan for a consistent visual aesthetic across your imaging.  But, ultimately, the right time to book your Cinematographer is when you're ready to book!  So start having those conversations with suppliers now, start looking at videos now, and once you're happy, make a deposit and make a booking.  

Westward Films

Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, Dandenong ranges, Yarra valley

(34) Posted: 2/10/2017

Videography suppliers work on a very similar time schedule as photographers. Typically you should be safe 1 year out from your wedding. If you leave it up to the last 3-4 months you will find that the prime suppliers are likely booked out already.

Kind regards,

Director, Westward Films

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