Why should I get a videographer if I'm already having a photographer?

I'm on the fence about videography and need that extra push. Can you tell me why I should have both a photographer and a videographer at my wedding?

Cindy S

Question Asked: 10/05/2017 Wedding Date: 30/05/2018

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Pixflix Wedding Films

Penrith/Blue Mountains

(3) Posted: 5/03/2020

I made a video with the exact reasons why it is super important. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUqWniOnSB0&t=59s

(8) Posted: 6/03/2019

A photographer captures light, whereas a cinewmatographer captures the story. Photographs only capture one point of view. Liken this to skipping through a magazine. you look at the picture, turn the page and continue. Whereas a wedding film tells you a story with music, audio, movement and life. As a photographer and cinematographer by trade, I love photography, but it never compares to film in the way it can tell a story.

Boab UAS

Australia Wide

(2) Posted: 25/11/2018

Videos and photos are very different in what they show.  I shoot video because I believe there's a certain magic in peoples movements and reactions that can't be shown in photos and I think that's very valuable and special.

David Edwards Films

Sydney, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands & Illawarra Areas

(4) Posted: 26/10/2018

Cindy here's a way of looking at it. I know the ladies in my family have been fanatical about the Royal Weddings over the past 6 months or so. Imagine if you only got to see the images in the magazines and not the coverage. If you were anything like my family, they were glued to the TV. Video is the only way to re-live an event. 

(2) Posted: 10/10/2018

Stills are great, and a definite must. But simply put, nothing will capture your special day as well as a high quality, professional video. Video captures emotion and spontenaity in a way photos don't. Thow in the music, the fact you can capture key moments of speeches and things like that, then it really is a no-brainer. Put it this way: a picture says a thousand words, a video will say a million. 

Affordable Wedding Video

Gold Coast / Tweed Heads

(0) Posted: 11/09/2018

we offer video and photos, but suggest couples to choose video over photos if they can only afford one of them. Video gives sound, catches much more emotions and gives a fuller representation of the day

Studio Amori

Melbourne & Surrounds including Mornington and Yarra Valley

(4) Posted: 8/09/2017

Given that a good Cinematographer with the right camera can extract stills at the same resolution that most Photographers shoot - and print them and even frame them for you if you wanted - maybe we should be asking why we need Photographers when we can hire a Cinematographer!

But we kid!  We love Photography!  We just love Cinematography more!

Look, the main thing a couple should consider when trying to decide whether they should order a Video, as well as their Photos, are all those things we gain from Motion Pictures - specifically the Motion and the Sound!  A still frame of your first dance will never invoke that same visceral emotional feeling that watching that dance will.  Looking at a still frame, you'll never hear that subtle tremor in the Husband's voice as he gives his speech.  

Photography is beautiful, but Video is the closest thing we have to capturing full experiences and the closest thing we have to reliving them.

Pixel Studio Production

Brisbane & Surroundings, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast

(0) Posted: 7/09/2017

It's the same as asking why I have to watch a feature film if I have a magazine :)

Photography stops the moment as it was, meanwhile video films remain all emotions and feelings for a long time.

(7) Posted: 15/05/2017

The best thing about video is that it captures motion and audio which photography dont have. they both have pros and cons.

Focus Imagery - Wedding Film & Photography

Cairns, Palm Cove & Port Douglas

(25) Posted: 12/05/2017

Cindy the only way to answer this question is by example. I wont use my own co. Go here watch this film and try not to cry! You don't get that with photos and I do both! Don't regret it get a film!

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