How much does wedding videography normally cost?

My fiance and I are getting married in Melbourne and are looking at having a videographer as well as a photograher. We were hoping to spend around $2000-$3000 but all of the nice ones I have seen want around $5000!

Katherine W

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Studio Amori

Melbourne & Surrounds including Mornington and Yarra Valley

(4) Posted: 8/09/2017

At those $5,000 and above price points, we'd hope you'd be paying for a team.  That's a couple camera operators, three or more cameras, and all of them there dedicated to making the perfect film for your perfect day.  We don't think those prices are unreasonable at all - but we understand that the budget constraints of all couples are real.  So our advice for any couple concerned about costs is to have those conversations with their preferred vendors.  We know we're happy to negotiate, so we'd expect our competition to do the same!


Melbourne, country Victoria, Australia-wide

(43) Posted: 26/06/2017

Hey Katherine, 

There are a number of factors that contribute to the cost of your wedding video, including what type of edit you require and the level of coverage you are after. We are based in Melbourne and our prices range from $2500- $6500.

If you'd like to visit our website and fill out our contact form, we will be able to provide you with an accurate quote for your wedding day:)

Kind Regards,


Plunkett Media

Victoria Wide

(8) Posted: 15/05/2017

The average cost of Wedding Videography across Australia is $2780 - documentary style or cinematic depending on the business. If you're paying more than that you are most likely paying for a full cinematic wedding film by multiple camera-men or if you're paying less you're most likely paying for either a full doc. edit or short cinematic film by one camera-man.

It depends on what style of video you are wanting to who you would go with and how much you spend. I hope you find the perfect videographer to suit your needs!

Focus Imagery - Wedding Film & Photography

Cairns, Palm Cove & Port Douglas

(25) Posted: 12/05/2017

For good quality between 2k and 10k. It's worth it ;) Katherine, want me to get you one who will fly themselves to Melbourne and film you a highlights film and is top notch quality? In fact he produced this film when he worked for me -

Biting Designs

Sydney,Penrith, Newcastle, Central Coast and Surrounding Areas

(35) Posted: 11/05/2017

Hi Katherine

It all depends on how much coverage you are after and what the final product will be (i.e. highlights and long version or just highlights or just a long version)

If you can e-mail us some details about your wedding day, we will be happy to provide you with an accurate quote.

Best Regards


Biting Designs

Mitch Hickman Films

Wollongong / South Coast and Surrounding areas

(2) Posted: 11/05/2017

Hi Katherine, exciting times ahead.

I'm located in Wollongong NSW but I do travel interstate and overseas. My wedding packages range from $2000 - $3500. Pop over to my website so you can check out my work and head over to the contact page where you can send me an enquiry and I can send you full details about my packages.

Look forward to hearing from you


(7) Posted: 10/05/2017

The answer will depend on the style you like. A cinematic video that requires multiple cameras will cost more than a documentary style edit as it takes more time to capture and edit. There should be a range of videographers from $1000-10,000. If you like a particular style then you may need to be prepared to pay more to get it, depending on the work involved. Ask around, there are sure to be some in your budget.

(3) Posted: 9/05/2017

Hi Katherine, I suppose it depends on different factors but there are advantages to hiring a sole trader with a smaller business as opposed to the generally more expensive larger companies. I personally have been producing wedding videos for more than ten years for under $2000 :)
All the best for the preparations between now and the big day!

Warmest regards,


Adrian Eppel Films

Melbourne and Surrounds

(0) Posted: 9/05/2017

Hello Katherine, you can expect to pay anywhere between $2500 to $4500 depending on what you'd like you to get out of the day. If you send me an idea of what you are after with some examples I'd be happy to provide you with an accurate quote.



WeddingFlix Studios

Australia Wide

(190) Posted: 9/05/2017

Hey Katherine,
As a general rule, your wedding videography spend should be around the same, if not a little more, as your photography spend and will also depend on what type of film/s you are looking for and the number of videographers.

The films where there is no story (vows, etc) and just what we call a music video, will generally cost less as there is very little production.

Maybe we can help you out. We are Australia's leading wedding videography brand and create story driven wedding films. Our prices start at $3999 with an average spend of $6500, however, we are currently holding our EOFY Winder sale and can offer you a full day package with two videographers for $2999 if your interested.

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