How long are wedding video highlight reels?

Question Asked: 5/11/2018 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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(3) Posted: 14/04/2020

We produce films anywhere from 3 minutes up to 8mins. We want to try and include as much of the day as possible in as short form as possible. Long enough that you feel like you have relived the special day, but short enough that you can share the memories with family and friends social media.

(8) Posted: 6/03/2019

These vary between options, our Cinematic Music highlight (3-4 minutes) and Cinematic highlight (5-7 minutes)

for the music film version, we create this edit with some of the most beautiful music poieces specifically chosen to enhance the story of the visuals. There is no audio, only music and is created to tell the story through music and visuals.

As for the cinematic highlight, this will include either audio from the ceremony or reception and carried through with choice music. 

In all of our films, we choose the music as we want to create your story in the best possible way.....

David Edwards Films

Sydney, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands & Illawarra Areas

(4) Posted: 11/12/2018

Highlight reels are generally no longer than between 3 - 5 minutes. these days they are used primarily for social media sharing amongst your friends and family. Longer versions exist of course however they (in my packages) become Creative Short Films. These can be up to 15 minutes in length and are best suited to showcase your wedding to close friends and family. 

(8) Posted: 7/11/2018

Our Highlight reels or trailers are approximately 2-4 mintues long

Moments Video Melbourne

Melbourne and Surrounding Areas

(6) Posted: 6/11/2018

Typically it lasts for the duration of the song that you would like used. 

If you would like speeches or sound as well in the highlights reel then please let me know so we can find a more appropriate instrumental song.

Dreamscape Weddings

Mornington-Peninsula, Melbourne, Yarra Valley, Surf Coast

(9) Posted: 6/11/2018

It can vary depending on the amount of footage camptured from the day. If it is a full day of shooting, usually the highlight package can be 7-10 minutes. 

For a smaller package, it can be in the range of 3-5 minutes. 

We usually edit these to music so, it also depends on the legnth of the music track/s selected. 

Focus Imagery - Wedding Film & Photography

Cairns, Palm Cove & Port Douglas

(25) Posted: 6/11/2018

Usually between 3-8 minutes. But time isn't really the concern. A good editor will make the film the optimum length to tell the story, this may mean making it shorter. 

Unveil Films & Photography

Brisbane | Sunshine Coast | Gold Coast | SE Queensland

(10) Posted: 6/11/2018

Unveil Films & Photography offer nomally between 5-12 minutes long, depending which package you go with. 

(3) Posted: 6/11/2018

Our highlight reels range from 3-7 minutes depending on what happens on the day. We always aim to tell a story and sometimes a shorter reel tells a story better than a longer one. 

Silver Key Films

Statewide Western Australia, Perth,

(4) Posted: 6/11/2018

Our most popular film length is a 6-8 minute highlight. We also offer a 12-14 minute film.

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