HELP! I can't decide between two videographers

I have fallen in love with two videographers and can't decide! The price difference is hardly anything. And they both offer the same services, so I'm stuck! What other things can I consider to help make the choice?

Question Asked: 19/05/2020 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Dragonfly Productions

Sydney | Wollongong | South Coast

(9) Posted: 7/04/2021

Hi There!

Talk to them, take the time to get to know them and see how you match. They will be the people beying with you all day and you want someone to be comfortable with around. There is no shame in asking questions and express your thopughts and feelings. That connection will deliver to you memories that you can cherish forever and share with your friends and future family, memories that you will truly sincerely love.

I hope I helped xx


Dragonfly Productions

Little House Films

Newcastle NSW & Adelaide SA

(26) Posted: 28/07/2020


Marty here from Little House Films :) Great question!

We would highly recommend having a video call with both videographers and get to know their personality, as they will be spending the entire day with you :) 

Also personally I probably wouldn't worry too much about the price if it is quite similar, this is a lifetime investment that will be shared with all of your family...possibly for generations to come :) Just good to keep that in mind I think!

Just throwing it out there as you haven't mentioned it...but I do think reviews are a big one! Maybe you could request to have a quick chat with previous brides of the day and get a feel for how they worked on the day?

Hope this helps and congrats on your marriage! 

Cheers Marty
Little House Films :) 

The Right Vibe

Victoria Wide

(4) Posted: 22/06/2020

Find out WHO will actually be rocking up to film your wedding day. Do they sub contract out, will you meet with your videographer prior? You'll be with your videographer for the entire day so it's important to get to know who you'll be hanging alongside and that you share the same ethos as them.

Is there any additional charges and what are they? If for example you have booked a 8 hour package, but speeches run late - what are the extra charges. I know some studios that just leave half way through the reception if the time is up so you don't want that.

Do they license the music for your film? Using commercial music without proper licensing is actually illegal.

Do they have insurances/public liability/backup contingencies just incase the sky falls before your wedding day?

Is each one of their films unique or is it templated in the edit?

(3) Posted: 15/06/2020

Hi there!

If you haven't already met with them, maybe organise a catch up in person (or at least virtually) so you can see if you mesh with them on a personality level. You might find that one is more willing to make time for you than another and that can only be a good thing! Since a videographer will be around for a big chunk of your day, you really want someone you're comfortable with.

Good luck!

Rach & Ben - One Fun Thing Production House

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