My finance isn't comfortable being on video but I still want the speeches and special moments captured

My fiance is not keen on being in or having a videographer at our wedding (he is not that comfortable with the idea of being filmed - which is completely fine), but I would still like to capture the speeches and some special moments on video. Is it worth hiring a videographer? Any hints or tips on how to get these moments captured on video without paying for the full service of a videographer?

Danielle A

Question Asked: 22/02/2021

Wedding Date: 22/04/2022

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Fikri Films

(23) · Riverina, ACT

Posted: 10/06/2021

You will never regret getting a wedding video, but you will always regret not getting one.

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Images for Life

(31) · Victoria

Posted: 25/02/2021

Hi Danielle, we can tailor a special package for you for just the ceremony an d speeches for example, for a more detailled package please check our website and facebook page and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Stu Art Video Productions

(123) · Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Valley, Dandenong Ranges

Posted: 23/02/2021

Hey there Danielle. I can completely empathise with not liking being in front of the camera - its one of the reasons I love being on the other side of the lens myself ;) Firstly, if you advise your videographer of your concerns we can take this into account and film without making you feel like you're on camera. Also its worth noting that most modern videographers these days shoot with DSLR style cameras, just like your photographer. So having a videographer there on the day will feel just like having a second photographer, so it won't feel like you're on a film set ;) At the end of the day, you are the boss and we can take your requests onboard and only film what you have requested. But having your ceremony & speeches filmed professionally is a great investment and will result in precious memories that iphone footage can't compete with. Kind regards Stu

Fable Wedding Films

(24) · Sydney and Surrounds

Posted: 23/02/2021

Hey Danielle! 

This is a great question and not uncommon, we completely understand your fiances' feelings about the idea of being filmed. Here are 2 of the best options for you:

1. When you hire us as your videographer, we ensure to remain completely unobtrusive to the day's proceedings. We are never closer than the front row, and we are there to capture your special day in the most candid way possible. We also make it clear in the contract that we only use footage and audio that shows you and your wedding in a positive light, this puts you at ease knowing we don't showcase anything that may make you uncomfortable to be in the video. 

2. You may choose, if you would like to, discuss with us prior to your wedding and customise a wedding package that sees your video remains private and secure. We will not use it in any social media posts, websites, blogs, or online/marketing to the general public; it will be only for your eyes and the friends and family you wish to share it with. This option means we can capture your once in a lifetime wedding; all the special moments and speeches, and deliver it to you and you only!

Let me know how that sounds Danielle, happy to chat anytime and clarify further. If you decide to go with another videographer, then we wish you all the best with your wedding and many years of happiness! :) 

Kind regards,

Jonty / 0412 653 282

Fable Wedding Films 

Kickass Weddings

(3) · Margaret River / Bunbury / Busselton

Posted: 23/02/2021

Hi Danielle,

It's completely normal for people that aren't usually on camera to feel anxious about it. A good videographer and even photographer will be as invisible as possible on your day, and blend in. If you are up-front about your requirements, you will find a videographer that can come in and capture the speeches, and moments you would like without being too present and putting anyone off.

If you are in W.A we would love to chat and make this happen for you.


Michelle @ Kickass Weddings

RJ Visuals

(6) · Tasmania State Wide

Posted: 23/02/2021

Hey Danielle,

I'll start by saying that noone is used to having a camera pointed at them all day! One of the most important parts of a good videographers job is to make you and your guests feel relaxed and carefree. A good videographer should have AWESOME personal skills and should leave your wedding as a new friend of yours. This is how we get the best natural looking shots. This is why it's super important to meet or talk to your videographer and photographer in person before booking.

As far as whether it's worth hiring a professional to capture your moments and speeches that's about what is important to you. A videographer will have the skills and equipment to capture visually what is happening in high resolution. They will have lighting that will enable the speeches and dancing to look amazing and most importantly they will have professional audio equipment to capture your vows, the celebrant and everyone giving speeches. In order to capture these things yourself you would need to spend thousands just on equipment and have someone who can use it for you. Just like photography, Videography is an investment. Years down the track you won't remember how good the meals were or what the centrepieces were but you will want to look back and hear your parents speaking, watch your grandparents smiling and laughing or be able to hear your vows to each other. As time passes these moments become even more important as we lose those who are closest to us. 

For the resons above I think it's important to hire a professional to capture these moments for you. You will never regret having paid to have those moments captured for you so you can show your children and grandchildren one day.

Gérard Pictures

(9) · Perth

Posted: 23/02/2021


I think it's worth it - even if you just get the ceremony and speeches. It ends up being really affordable if you do this and not the whole day. We offer small packages like this and for $787 you get a 3-5 min highlight video and full audio of the ceremony. 

All the best for your day and happy planning :) 

Amy xx

XIV Creative

(15) · Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & Surrounding Areas

Posted: 23/02/2021

Of course - every wedding is different and is completely tailored to the couple's requirements.

We can tailor a package to suit you and because we're it's not a full wedding video, it's a much cheaper service.

If you would like a custom quote, we would be more than happy to make this happen

KSC Weddings

(3) · Newcastle / Hunter Valley / Central Coast / Sydney / Port Stephens

Posted: 23/02/2021

Many videographers can tailor a custom package to suit your needs, in this instance we would be happy to provide a custom package to just capture the speeches and other specific moments rather than the entire day. We could also ensure not to capture anyone who would not like to be filmed.

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