Can I choose my own music for my wedding video?

Question Asked: 5/11/2018 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Fikri Films

Southern Highlands, Sydney, Wollongong/South Coast, Central Coast, Blue Mountains and ACT

(13) Posted: 10/06/2021

Yes, but if you want to publish your wedding film on social media you could have copyright issues.

A good way to avoid this is to find cover versions of the songs you like.

(3) Posted: 14/04/2020

Of course, you can. We encourage all of our couples to choose music that they love listening to. Music is one aspect that makes your wedding film so enjoyable to watch every time.

(1) Posted: 7/11/2019

You sure can we are just limited to not posting unlicenced music online for your wedding day highlights.

(8) Posted: 6/02/2019

As we feel this is much of our creative power, you may request certain styles of music, which we will try to find similar tracks too. Ultimately though, we feel the music we choose will give you the most enotional film you can imagine. The reason is simple, When we film your day, we choose certain ways of capturing the event. We then create a story of your day. If we were to use music that does not complete the emotion or doesnt fit properly, we feel your film will not be completed. That is why we choose every song specific to that portion of the video. When we want you to experience something poetic in places that need emotion, while we choose something faster that will give your dance that oomph! When we need something classy, our choice will be something surprising. We can assure you, our choice in our songs will be enlightening....

David Edwards Films

Sydney, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands & Illawarra Areas

(4) Posted: 11/12/2018

I provide a form for my clients to provide me with a list of music to be included in the final product with preferences to which song to use on their highlight film or creative short film. 

Something to be aware of is that often when clips are shared online, algorithms will detect if a copyright protected song has been used and this may flag it for review. YouTube is notorious for this while Vimeo has been more lenient over the years. Facebook can flag copyright protected song too. Theres also a variety of music licensing services out there which provides good quality music for online use. You generally have more freedom on videos for private use as they are not in the public arena, therefore your choices are virtually limitless for song choice.  

Boab UAS

Australia Wide

(2) Posted: 25/11/2018

Yes, definitely! Music is a big part of a video and it's important that the music is very personal to you.  We provide a royalty free preview verison of your video for you to share on social media. 

(8) Posted: 7/11/2018

With Birdseye Productions for your trailer we chose a commercial use licence song so that it can by uploaded online. For your extended video you get to choose to the songs you would like to be used.

Moments Video Melbourne

Melbourne and Surrounding Areas

(6) Posted: 6/11/2018

Yes, of course! I want this to be the video that you'll watch forever :)

The Walk World Productions

ACT, NSW and Victoria

(1) Posted: 6/11/2018

You can choose your music to a certain extent. This means that as long as the music you want can be licenced, then yes, you can choose it. Generally, all music can be licenced, but I'm referring to music that is not going to cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Also, there is a lot of dicussion about publishing on Youtube. A quality music licence should include a licencing component for Youtube, as long as the music remains part of the wedding video, which is generally the legal requirement around licecning. By including the licence details on the video credits, Youtube will not take the video down and in the rare event that they do, providing the licencing details as per the credits will result in the video being put back up. 

Make sure you speak to you're videographer if you need further details. 

Bliss Images Photography & Cinema

Adelaide + Regional SA & NSW, Thailand, Bali, Malaysia, New Zealand

(11) Posted: 6/11/2018

This is an area that even most videographers don’t fully understand, so not surprisingly, a lot of replies so far are not correct, or don’t tell the whole story.


We can legally, and at very reasonable cost, allow clients to include copyrighted music in their wedding film.  There will be restrictions: eg If you were to put it up on Youtube, it will likely get instantly taken down/silenced/monetised, so instead, we allow clients to legally watch it online from our own video streaming service (this is technically for review purposes only and is required to be password protected).  This path also provides for multiple physical copies of the wedding film to be legally made, but just not streamed publicly online.

Alternatively, at zero cost to you, let our editor pick from our library of royalty free music tracks, as other have alluded to.


For those in the wedding film industry wanting to know how to legally include copyrighted music in your video at a very reasonable cost, just ask!  As long as you don’t pretend to be a client, I’d be more than happy to share how it’s all done legitimately ??

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