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As a wedding professional, Studio Amori offers expert advice to help couples plan their perfect day. Ask a question or read their expert advice.

Why should I have booked my videographer by?

Trying to get everything organised! :)

There's no hard, concrete, answer to this question.  We feel you should have your Video Crew booked when you're ready to book them - this can be a year before your Wedding or two weeks before! 

But there are clear advantages to booking sooner rather than later.  Studio Amori, for example, will take a booking for any date as long as we have the date free, but we like to book well in advance - sometimes up to a year in advance.  This gives us plenty of time to organise our team, our travel, and our gear for the shoot, but, more importantly, it gives us plenty of time to talk to our couples about what they want and expect from our Video and our Crew.

We think you should book your Cinematographer as soon and as early as you can.  Maybe before, or just after, you book your Photographer, so you can plan for a consistent visual aesthetic across your imaging.  But, ultimately, the right time to book your Cinematographer is when you're ready to book!  So start having those conversations with suppliers now, start looking at videos now, and once you're happy, make a deposit and make a booking.  

i want to post my wedding video online but facebook doesnt let me due to the music copyright

is it part of videographers contract that says they'll be using music that isn't rightfully theirs? I want to post my video for my family and friends to see and it's basically useless otherwise!

There are licenses available that allow for the total domestic use of any track in the context of your Wedding Video - these licenses do not extend to publishing content online.  Licenses for broadcast are prohibitively expensive and, typically, offered on a track-by-track basis (especially in the context of web delivery).  Further to that, if your Cinematographer has attained the rights to publish or broadcast their video with licensed music, those rights do not extend to you.

Your Cinematographer should know where they stand legally with licensed music and they definitely should not be exploring ways to dodge or avoid their legal responsibilities.  We also believe that your Cinematographer should also be offering the facility for you to share their work through your social channels - because of course you want to share your video and so you should!  These facilities should typically involve sharing their official uploads (Vimeo, Youtube, or Instagram, depending on their service of preference) as re-uploading the video yourself may put you in breach of not only the licensed musician's rights, but in violation of the copyrights of your Cinematographer!  

These Copyright issues should be made clear in the contracts before deposits change hands, that's for sure.

How much does a videographer in melbourne usually cost?

I am looking into quotes and have been quoted $3,500. Is it cheaper or better to get a bundle video and photo deal?

Cinematography, like Photography, has a massive spectrum of costs.  You could find someone to make your Video from as little as $800, or for as much as $10,000.  The thing to keep in mind, always, is that you get what you pay for.

What's the average price for a videographer in victoria?

I am looking at spending $3500, is this a normal price for a skilled videographer for all day?

$3,500 is a good ballpark figure and, for that money, you should expect a decent video and a decent service.  We'd also expect that you'd at least get a two person team for that money, but in saying that we don't think it's unreasonable for a one-person outfit to charge that much -- it all depends on what's being offered.  These services can range in price from a pittance at less than $1000 up to a huge premium at $10,000 or over.  We feel that you get what you pay for, especially in these industries where creative work is being sold.

Is it possible just to rent a video camera to set up and leave stationary for the ceremony?

It's definitely possible - but the appeal of Motion Pictures is the Motion!  And that includes the motion of the camera!  If there's no one there to move the camera, you're losing a fundamental element of the art.

And there's also the consideration of the gear- will you be hiring the best gear for the job?  Won't it be a distraction for you to need to worry about that hired gear (and your liability) on your Wedding day?  We say hire someone to worry about it for you!  They'll come with their own gear - cinema cameras, cinema lenses, sliders, gimbals, microphones-- the whole kit, as it were, and you won't need to worry about anything.  

Why should I get a videographer if I'm already having a photographer?

I'm on the fence about videography and need that extra push. Can you tell me why I should have both a photographer and a videographer at my wedding?

Given that a good Cinematographer with the right camera can extract stills at the same resolution that most Photographers shoot - and print them and even frame them for you if you wanted - maybe we should be asking why we need Photographers when we can hire a Cinematographer!

But we kid!  We love Photography!  We just love Cinematography more!

Look, the main thing a couple should consider when trying to decide whether they should order a Video, as well as their Photos, are all those things we gain from Motion Pictures - specifically the Motion and the Sound!  A still frame of your first dance will never invoke that same visceral emotional feeling that watching that dance will.  Looking at a still frame, you'll never hear that subtle tremor in the Husband's voice as he gives his speech.  

Photography is beautiful, but Video is the closest thing we have to capturing full experiences and the closest thing we have to reliving them.

How much does wedding videography normally cost?

My fiance and I are getting married in Melbourne and are looking at having a videographer as well as a photograher. We were hoping to spend around $2000-$3000 but all of the nice ones I have seen want around $5000!

At those $5,000 and above price points, we'd hope you'd be paying for a team.  That's a couple camera operators, three or more cameras, and all of them there dedicated to making the perfect film for your perfect day.  We don't think those prices are unreasonable at all - but we understand that the budget constraints of all couples are real.  So our advice for any couple concerned about costs is to have those conversations with their preferred vendors.  We know we're happy to negotiate, so we'd expect our competition to do the same!

How long should it typically take for a videographer to return the final product?

My sister got married two years ago, and it took almost 6 months for her videographer to return the video of her wedding. I want a videographer at my wedding, but I'm scared it'll take the same amount of time to come back. Is 6 months normal to wait for your wedding video?

We feel that a couple is entitled to their video (and their prints, let's not exclude the Photographers!) as soon as they return from their honeymoon!  That's, of course, a different amount of time for every couple, but whether it's two weeks or a month before they're back we feel that amount of time is perfectly reasonable.

Here at Studio Amori we see our edit usually finished within ten working days from the end of the Wedding, and we're super proud of our ability to meet those expectations nearly every time - but we'd be lying if we didn't occasionally encounter delays!  Our most common delay is waiting for our Printer to deliver the Premium DVD Cases that we offer- but the key here is communication.  We report updates to our couples whenever there are updates to report and we think anything less than that is poor practice!

Can the videographer also just take a video of the entire ceremony start to finish?

Can the videographer take a video of the ceremony on a tripod but also do a edited mash up of the entire day? Or will this greatly increase the price? I love the edited videos, but would also like to remember our vows etc in their entirety. Thanks

We feel that any good Wedding Cinematographer should offer you a full edit of your Wedding (including Ceremony and Speeches uninterrupted) as well as a shorter highlights video to showcase the best and most beautiful scenes from the day.  If you ever come across a vendor who offers you any less than that, well, we'd strongly suggest asking them what limitations they're facing because it comes down to either a lack of skill or a lack of hardware- and in either scenario you deserve to be fully informed!

What are the various different styles of wedding video?

I want to know more about wedding videography. What are the various different types of wedding video?

There's no clear-cut answer to this (and to be honest, if anybody tries to tell you that there is, then, well!).  Stylistically, every Director and Cinematography will have different refrains or consistencies.  We like to use slides a lot in our work, for example, because we like that range of movement.  We've seen other Wedding Films that use a lot of slow-motion - every Director will have things they like to do and you'll see this in their work.

But here's the thing: you're the client!  You're the real Director, here.  If there's something your chosen Cinematographer is doing that you like, tell them!  But if there's something you want them to do- tell them!  

Our favourite Weddings are the ones where the personality of the couple comes through, and they come through in different ways.  We've seen this personality come through during speeches, we've seen it come through the song choices, and we've seen this personality come through in all sorts of different ways.  

Just remember that this film - like this Wedding - is your film.  Ask your Cinematographer for whatever you want - the sky's the limit - and they'll work with you to realise the vision of your film, and your style.

What questions should I ask potential wedding videographer?

I'm interested in hiring a wedding videographer, but I don't know what to ask them to be sure to pick the right one.

Broadly, there is only one question we think you should ask any Cinematographer or Photographer (or Musician or really, anyone you're contracting) and that's simply: "Why should I hire you?"

Their justifications and their answer to that will give you the best gauge on how professional they are, on how well you'll be able to work with them, and how passionate they are about their art.

All these other particulars (the inclusions, the exclusions, the delivery, the timeframe, the gear, the style) don't need to be approached like a checklist.  A good sales conversation solves these problems before you need to ask - it's our responsibility to be clear to you!  We should tell you upfront and immediately what you get and how quickly.  All you should need to do is read reviews to make sure we're being honest.

Our advice is super simple, and we - I, personally, - think this advice should be applied to anything and everything you're ever trying to buy or hire: the process should be easy!  If it's too hard, walk away!  It's our responsibility to make these conversations and enquiries as easy and informative as possible.  

If you're getting a quote with a number and you need to follow-up with twenty questions-- skip the twenty questions and get another quote.

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