How far in advance should I book my wedding venue?

I don't want to miss out on my dream venue. So, how far in advance should I make the booking?

Sarah T

Question Asked: 24/08/2016

Wedding Date: 5/01/2017

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Port Melbourne Yacht Club

(15) · Melbourne

Posted: 24/08/2016

With Saturdays being the most popular day to get married, and considering there are only 52 weekends in a year, it doesn't leave much leeway with most couples also vying for the same dates . We suggest trying to booking 12 to 18 months ahead especially if you are looking at the peak months of November, February and March.

Winter weddings tend to be a little more short lead and we suggesting tying to secure a date over the cooler months at least 8 to 12 months out. If you can be more flexible, and your preferred date at your chosen venue is booked, consider an off-peak night of Friday or Sunday which are usually the next days to book at the Saturday. Most venues will also offer off-peak rates or reduced minimum numbers which can also be a huge benefit if you're looking at a smaller celebration.

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Riverside Oaks Golf Resort

(20) · Cattai, Blue Mountains/Penrith

Posted: 2/11/2017

I would suggest about 12 months in advance to lock in your preferred dates and to ensure you have enough time to book in everything you need in order to prepare for your wedding day.

Tamburlaine Organic Wines

(34) · New South Wales

Posted: 4/10/2017

It depends on the season you want to get married. If it is spring, at least 12 months ahead, and if you have one particular date in mind, 18 months would be advisable.

Boulevard Gardens

(58) · Indooroopilly and surrounds | Brisbane and surrounds

Posted: 4/10/2017

I would say booking 6 to 12 months before would be ideal. Especially if you are flexible on dates 6 months should be fine but if you have a specific date in mind give it atleast 12 months. 


(12) · Western Australia

Posted: 27/09/2017

We suggest 6 to 12 months in advance. This will allow you to get that special date that you want.

Burnt Orange

(24) · Mosman, Sydney

Posted: 27/09/2017

If you have a special date in mind then you should book your venue as soon as possible. Most couples book 9 months to 1 year ahead. If you are more flexible with dates and venues then you will find something wonderful in Sydney. Don't forget to consider friends and family who have to travel from overseas!

The Holroyd Centre

(11) · Merrylands, Sydney

Posted: 20/09/2017

Day, time of year and special/significant dates can impact on the availability of your preferred venues and suppliers. We agree with many of the responses in that 12 - 18 months is ideal and should your Wedding Date fall off-peak or during Winter Months then 6 - 12 months should be sufficient. Our venue can at times assist with short notice requests and we definitely have Wedding industry contacts and an In-House Function and Events Manager supported by a team that will help ensure your Wedding Planning process is smooth and you have the best and most memorable day possible. Best wishes to you and good luck with your Wedding. 

The Belongil

(5) · Byron Bay

Posted: 18/09/2017

It really depends on how flexible you are with dates! If you have a specific date in mind, it's best if you get in early (1 year to 18 months in advance). Saturdays always go first! 

Craig's Royal Hotel

(8) · Ballarat

Posted: 16/09/2017

It is completely up to your personal preference. You  could organize a Wedding in 2 months if you wanted to get married asap. 

Belvoir Venue Homestead

(31) · Western Australia

Posted: 15/09/2017

Between 6 - 18 months is best. This will give the wedding planning a decent amount of time and make it less stressful for you! Communicate with your venue and clarify what you have envisioned. 

At Belvoir, we work with brides to ensure we do everything we can to make the day extra special! 

Rendezvous Hotel Perth Scarborough

(60) · Scarborough

Posted: 14/09/2017

We suggest trying to booking 12 to 18 months ahead especially if you are looking for a Saturday in peak months of October and March.

If you are looking for a Winter wedding then booking is normally 6-12 months in advance. 

However as long as we have the dates avaiable you can book as short as a week out.

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