Do we seat couples opposite or next to each other on a long table?

It's a garden setting. We want to allow better mingling

Question Asked: 29/07/2023

Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Alba Noosa

(0) · Sunshine Coast

Posted: 11/08/2023

This can all be down to the Bride and Grooms preference, however we would normally place couples next to each other should they wish to engage in intimate conversations.

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Parkwood Weddings

(34) · Gold Coast

Posted: 6/07/2024

Dear Bride & Groom , 

When I attend weddings and other events I know I prefer to have my partner seated by my side. As you are able to have intimate glances , chats and quality time together whilst celebrating. As you are celebrating some one elses love and joy it makes you extra affectionate and can feel like your own little date night. 

Just a little something to think about on your big day !

Much Love , 

Mel Bonds Advice.

Parkwood Weddings

Gold Coast , Australia 


(22) · Brisbane and surrounds

Posted: 21/12/2023


Seating plans can be tricky! Completely up to you and your preferences. However, we suggest seating couples beside eachother as they are able to be close and beside eachother - this can tend to make them more comfortable when communicating with your other guests and mingling ! 

Coral Sea Resort

(27) · Whitsundays

Posted: 1/08/2023

This absolutely comes down to your personal preference, however generally speaking, we would recommend that couples sit next to each other on a the long table. We suggest mid way on one of the sides as this means you are next to each other for intimate chats, and also able to more easily chat with others around you. 

The Wedding Shed @ Kookaburra Hideaway

(5) · Hunter Valley & Surrounding Areas

Posted: 1/08/2023

Hi Bride! 

This is such a personal decision, and at Kookaburra Hideaway we have professionals dedicated to finding out which option is best for you and your guests! 

That being said, we love seating couples next to each other so they can chat quietly together and join in with couples across from them! 

Hotel Realm

(53) · Canberra

Posted: 1/08/2023

Gerenally speaking, on long tables you would seat couples next to each other, giving them the opptiortunity to chat to friends or other couples on the other side of the table, howevber this is personal preference.  When booking with Hotel Realm, your experienced wedding executive will be able to assist you in developing the best floorplan for your day! 

Showtime Events Centre

(55) · Victoria

Posted: 1/08/2023

Good afternoon, 

When booking your dream day with Showtime Event Group, you have a dedicated Wedding Producer looking after you and supporting you with your planning. They will create your floor plan and support you with a template for the seating arrangements. On long tables, it's nice to have couples sitting next to each other so they can look opposite the table and mingle with other couples. 

Kind regards,

Alice Hall

Senior Wedding Executive 

Showtime Event Group 

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