How do I stop a photographer using my wedding images for their promotion?

I have read a few contracts and I am so confused. Why don't I own the photo's of ME that I paid for? :(

Question Asked: 4/07/2017

Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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White Lace Wedding Photography

(1) · Brisbane, Gold Coast and Surrounds

Posted: 3/01/2018

Hi when talking to the photographer request a clause in the contract .I howver sign my copyright and ownership of the photos over  to the newly weds so the photos are yours  .I do however ask permission to use some of the photos in my portfolio ,display purposes and also  competitons and sometimes magazines Up dating my portfolio helps me to keep it fresh.Being able to use the photos helps me display my work.I am very careful with my choices of how I use them.

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Craig Holmes Photographer

(10) · Sunshine Coast / Noosa, Brisbane and surrounding areas

Posted: 26/10/2017

This is usually part of a wedding photography agreement that you and the photographer agree to before your wedding. In the event that you did not make any previouse agreement you need to work this out now. You could try contacting The Copyright Councle of Australia they have some good guid lines. 

Aurora Rose Photography

(14) · Perth and Surroundings

Posted: 6/09/2017

We ask all our couples if they are happy with us using their images. It is rare that a couple don't want their images shared but we have had that as a request and totally respect their decision. Having our clients feel happy and confident in what we offer, including what we do or don't share afterwards is our priority. 

If you find a photographer that does not want to agree to this then simply move on, there are plenty of photographers that more interested in pleasing their clients than sharing some photos. It would be pretty rare to find one that will refuse to budge so communication is best, simply ask and if you cannot come to an agreement, then they are not the photographer for you.

One couple did not want their images used online but were happy enough for us to have them in a display album that we have in our studio so that can be an option. You do own the images that you are given, however the photographer also owns a copy, what happens to those images after your wedding is something you can just both discuss and come to a mutual agreement on.

Happy planning. 

Naomi - Tascon Photography

James Harvie Photography

(29) · Victoria

Posted: 21/07/2017

Always ensure the photographer has a wedding contract and that you fully understand the terms and conditions. Dont be affraid to ask if you dont understand something. Sometimes I have clients who do not want any images used without their prior permission ( after all some of us have sensitive jobs ) and in that case we modify the contract to suit. In the end it all comes down to communication. I find many clients in the end book our services on trust. 

Manny Mendes Photography

(9) · Australia

Posted: 16/07/2017

First thing to do is speak to the photographer and see if they will change their contract to accomodate your wishes. Many photographers have a clause, in the contract, covering usage of digital images for the client and the photographer, this is just so everyone is clear about what can and cant be done with the images. I ask my clients if they mind me using the images for promotion and advertising, and for the most part people are excited about their images being used, on the occasion someone would prefer to keep their images private I respect their wishes.
I hope that helps.

Best regards,


Celebrations Studios

(2) · Brisbane,. Bali & Beyond

Posted: 13/07/2017

I think most of us are pretty decent human beings and if you ask us not to use the images in their promotional material, we would respect that request.  Other than that, I use a contract for all my brides and grooms, and I have a clause, I point it out and I "ask" if i can include them in my marketing material. I havent had any say No yet. So i am pretty happy with that.  Its just a simple matter of requesting that we do not use them. Hope that helps . xxx j

Pabi Photography

(11) · Canberra and up to 4hours of Drive

Posted: 6/07/2017

HI, the best would be to speak with your photographer and let them know that you are not willing to allow any of your wedding photographs to be used for marketing purposes. If they don't aggree to it , please look for another photographer as I am sure you will find another one within your budget with similar style. I am one of the photographer who always ask for prior permission for all the selected photographs that I would like to use and if I don't get the permission I respect it and no further question asked.



Pabi Photography


(31) · Melbourne & Surrounding Suburbs

Posted: 6/07/2017

Some photographers won't give you the high-res images but rather sell you the album. If you're not comfortable with this. Look for another photographer that does. After all, you're the client and you know what you want. 

Most of the professional photographers would respect your privacy request. If you don't like your images being used online and for promotional purposes, be upfront with the photographer and get them to put that into the contract/agreement. Negotiate until you both are happy.

Hope that helps :)

Tuan Nguyen

Twentyone Photos

Peter Edwards Photography

(64) · Perth, Regional WA, South West, Margaret River and Surrounding Areas.

Posted: 6/07/2017

You can ask the photographer before you book them to add a clause in the contract that you sign up to that states you do not want any of your images used for advertising and promotion. Any reputable photographer will agree to this. If they dont it's easy walk out the door and dont come back. A reputable photographer will not use the images after agreeing to add that clause. I have had clients ask me the same question and i've agreed to not use there images. You do own the images that you have paid for, it's just that in the photographers contract the client agrees to allowing the photographer to use the images for advertising and promotion.

Warm regards,

Peter Edwards Photography

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