Is this an unreasonable photography timeline?

2pm - final stages of getting ready shots, both boys and girls on the same property 3pm - ceremony, no group shots or congrats afterwards, 3.30pm - straight into family shots (14 people all up, 2 families) the property then a few bridal party shots at same location as family shots, 4.10pm - Bridal party and bride & groom shots off property (5 min drive) 5.30pm - Bridal party re-entrance going into reception, 6.20pm - Sparkler shot 6.30pm - Dinner 8pm - Cake cut and first dance

Question Asked: 27/02/2023

Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Linda Pasfield Photography

(62) · Beauty Point

Posted: 21/03/2023

I wouldnt say this is unreasonable. We work to our Couples timeframe and the time of their Reception. We recommend an hour of Bridal prep shots if there is one photographer, and half an hour with one photographer with the guys onsite if they prefer rather then getting ready images. With two photographers you can have an hour with the Bride and an hour with the Groom. I recomend not to do congratulations with the guests if you have an early reception start and you need an hour of Bridal party and Bride and groom shots after the ceremony, this can maek the Bridal shoot short and you late for reception. If your ceremony is earlier in the day and Reception is later e.g a 2 hour window after ceremony, you have time to chat with the Guests. 

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Alysa Nemeth Wedding and Elopement Photographer

(5) · Tasmania

Posted: 4/03/2023

It's always lovely for a photographer when there is a timeline on the day. From experience I would say there is no way to avoid the congrats moment as your guests will insist and it does make for absolutely beautiful images. Twenty minutes is plenty and will make the older guests especially happy. It also gives the couple a chance to take in the ceremony and breathe for a second. I do like to allow a little more time for getting ready shots when possible. It is a good opportunity to get comfortable with having your photo taken and sort of forget the photographer is there. Plus to really highlight the effort you have put in to hair and makeup and dress and all the little details that it's easy to miss once the excitement starts.

Sheri McMahon Photography

(10) · Hunter Valley, Southern Highlands, Newcastle, Byron Bay, Sydney, and more.

Posted: 28/02/2023


You've done a great job planning out the timeline already. Here is what I'd recommend and remember to allow wiggle room in between so you can take a moment and reflect, and enjoy your day too :) 

12:30 pm - Boys prep

1:30 pm - Girls Prep

2:30 pm - The photograph arrives at the ceremony

3:00 pm - Ceremony

3:30 pm - 3:50 - Family Photos

10 min - Breathing room 

4:00 pm - 4:30 pm - Wedding Party Photos

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm - Bride + Groom only photos (30 - 45 mins is ok as well depending how many locations you'd want to be covered)

Wishing you an incredible wedding experience :)

Sheri x

Maryke de Villiers Photography

(1) · Melbourne

Posted: 28/02/2023

I wouldn't say it is unreasonable, as photos can go very quick if the photographer has an assistant that can help out. But I would add like 15 min to each time slot - there's a lot going on at a wedding and I know you say that you don't want to do the "congrats" after the ceremony, but there's alsway that one person that wants to hug and say congrats. The only concern I would have is the 2pm photoshoot - I would allow another 30min or so just to be sure you have everything covered since it is two seperate photoshoots. I hope this makes sense. 

McKay Wedding Photography

(34) · New South Wales

Posted: 28/02/2023

The preparation time is ok but a little short. I'd recommend 20-30mins each for boys & girls, and then allow a good 15-20mins before the ceremony starts (to capture guest shots, the set up etc). So 1.30pm start time will be much better - just means less rush = better photos.

Straight after the ceremony I'd allow some time for mingling & congrats from guests etc. It's a nice time to capture some candid photos vs going straight into formal / family photos.

Will it be dark for a sparkler photo at 6.30pm? Ok if it is a winter wedding...

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