What happens if you dont like the photos your photographer gives you?

I'm pretty disappointed in the quality.

Question Asked: 29/06/2017

Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Oz Snaps Photography & Videography

(24) · Victoria Wide

Posted: 3/07/2017

It is very important to go through the portfolio before hiring a photographer. Photographers usually have few styles. When you meet the photographer discuss which style you would like to have. Some couples like only candid shots and some like posed photos, some like mix of both.

On the wedding day, we always show some photos from the camera while doing photoshoot. If the photographer does not show you the photos, remind them to show some photos time to time. 

Requirements mismatches with editing can be always corrected but not with the requirements which need to be met while taking the photos.

Always add any special requests to the contract as photographers usually go through the contract before the wedding to find any special requirements. 

If you are asking this question after your wedding you have very limited options. This means the bride and groom have not gone through the portfolio of selected photographer and have not discussed your requirements in detail.  In this case, you have few options

1. Discuss with your photographer to make some changes while the photos being edited.

2. In a worst case scenario (If you still have the dresses) do the bridal party photosboot on the same location. But this will only fix the bridal party shots.

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Clear Light Photography

(1) · Melbourne and Surrounds

Posted: 15/11/2017

Prior to booking the photographer, it is REALLY important that you like their work and them as people and that you communicate with them what you do and don't like/want prior to the day and if there are any areas of concern you have.

If its post-wedding, then talk to your photographer and see if there is anything that they can do to the images.  Be specific about what it is that you don't like about them, it could be a matter of just re-editing the images or making a small change that would change your opinion of them.




(31) · Melbourne & Surrounding Suburbs

Posted: 6/07/2017

I'm sorry to hear what you're going through. Its a tough situation. Its all come down to doing your home work before hiring a photographer. Look at their real wedding portfolio and not just some best shots, to see if they are consistent and if you like their style. 

However, when the end results does not what you expected. What went wrong? Did they miss some critical shots? Are the photos poorly executed? It's probably you hired an inexperienced photographer. You can talk to them and request to have some of the money refund. But if you just simply don't like the photos (didn't quite catch the emotion, too stagging etc..) . There's not much you can do but move on from a bad experience. Maybe you can consider hire another photographer & restyle the shoot. 

Hope that helps :)


Tuan Nguyen


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