what metals are stronger than others? i want to be able to wear it 24/7

Question Asked: 9/10/2017 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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And the great news is that Platinum is actually now slightly less expesive than 18ct gold and Palladium (which is another white metal), so it's a great option to go with if you are tossing up between 18ct white gold, palladium and platinum.  

White gold rings are often rhodium plated to make the metal look lovely and white. This does wear off, so white gold rings, will need to be replated every couple of years. The plating may start to wear off at the bottom of the ring after the first 12 months, so platinum beautiful is a hard-wearing, low-maintenance option that you will be able to wear 24/7.

Good luck with your wedding planning.

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Platinum is the hardest and toughest,

18ct gold is next down on the list (not a huge difference between the different colours)

Than 14ct gold and 9ct gold.

Palladium is lower than gold.

Silver is by far softer than gold.


There are numerous other alternate metals being sold, all have major problems (i.e. disposable -Can't be resized),

Some are even toxic (i.e. Cadmium),

Others are dangerous (i.e. can shatter and easily cut up your hand (i.e. tungsten/tungsten carbide).

Black metals are popular but they are surface coating/treatments and ALL wear off.


See our list of Alternate metals and their issues on our website http://www.ringleaders.com.au/buyer-beware.html


Best Tips-

A solid ring (not hollow or hollowed out and a good thickness 1.5-2mm),

Excellent alloys (lots of cheap faulty metals around),

NO faulty setting styles and

No design faults.


People manage to break Diamonds wearing them, so a ring that can be repaired is most important! And a little care helps (i.e. no rock climbing, gardening, renovating, etc.)


I hope this helps.


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Greetings from Keshett Jewellery!

The most popular choice of metal is the classic white or yellow gold. These days, most of the brides prefer Platinum for its sophisticated looks and durability. 

Other metals include Titanium and palladium. 

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If your looking for a reasonably priced option as an everyday ring then tungsten is definitely a winner, followed closely by titanium.

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Hello, the simplest answer is that Platinum jewellery is the most hard wearing, strong, and durable of the available precious metals. It does scratch easier than yellow gold (9/14/18k), and also easier than white gold (all alloys are rhodium plated - rhodium is a platinum group metal). Platinum jewellery will last a very long time, if it is made the same as a gold item in terms of size, it will outlast the gold items. I hope this helps.

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