What can I pair with my rose gold engagement ring?

I don't like white gold. Would yellow gold look weird?

Question Asked: 8/08/2018 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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(14) Posted: 13/04/2021

Rose gold looks fantastic, especially on diamond engagement rings, because its hue compliments skin tones so well. However, not all rose gold is exactly the same. Therefore, when attempting to directly match the color of your ring, one of the best solutions is to purchase from the same jeweler.

Another option for matching up your jewellery is to pair the diamond shapes instead of the settings. If you received the halo solitaire rose gold ring of your dreams, then consider adding a pair of diamond earrings with a halo setting. This gives you more freedom in shopping for jewelry as you can use the diamonds as your theme. Additionally, this allows the engagement ring to stand apart in your jewelry collection. Even though you wear the engagement ring every day, it allows the rose gold ring to feel more luxurious than the diamond earrings.

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Hi there, if we can be of any assistance for any additional jewellery that you may plan to wear on your wedding day; our rose gold necklace & earring set may be just what your looking for; it truley has a glamorous sparkle :)


Total weight: 12.8gm
Chain length: 45cm
Pendant total drop: 2.2cm
Pendant width: 1.6cm
Earring Style: Studs
Earring widest point: 1.6cm
• Austrian AAA Crystal
• Rhodium plated
• Rose finish

Feel free to call to make an appointment in our salon anytime, Kind Regards, Suzanne xx

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The obvious match will be a rose gold wedding ring. There won't be a great deal of contrast between a yellow gold and rose gold ring sitting together. There are no rules and the popularity of stacker style rings has made it's way to wedding rings. We're often asked to make a wedding ring that is different in style and colour to that of the wedding ring. Then the eternity ring is different again giving you 3 different designs. A manufacturing jeweller can custom make a wedding ring to any design but still match the profile of your engagement ring so they work together.

Lord Coconut


(9) Posted: 15/09/2018

We like to do something a little different at Lord Coconut so....

- Don't be afraid to mix your gold colours, just make sure the have the same carat as your engagement ring (9, 14 or 18 usually)

- If going for white gold it doesnt need to be rhodium plated (it comes off anyway) and why not celebrate the real colour variations of white gold

- Your wedding ring doesnt have to mimic the look or shape of your engagement ring. Something with a bit of texture can look fantatstic against a more straight forward engagement ring

The real moral of the story is don't listen to the tradionalists, let your imagine run wild and trust your gut instinct and get something that speaks to you.


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Hi there, 

Here might be some options that might go well with your rose gold engagement ring :)



We also have a large range of mens wedding rings that your partner might like. website is listed below: 


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Why not have a rose gold wedding ring that compliments your engagement ring?

Or perhaps you could have two wedding rings - one in white gold and one in yellow which sit on either side of your engagement ring to create a mixed gold stacked look?

There are no rules, and there is no right or wrong - it's all about whatever you find aesthetically pleasing.

Good luck

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