Non diamond engagement and wedding rings

I want something different to a traditional diamond for my engagement and wedding rings. What are some ideas and options?

Question Asked: 27/02/2024

Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Ernesto Buono Fine Jewellery

(15) · Sydney and surrounding areas

Posted: 12/06/2024

Happy to help you explore unique alternatives to traditional diamond engagement and wedding rings. At Ernesto Buono Fine Jewellery, we offer a range of stunning options that are perfect for making your rings truly special. Here are some ideas:

1. Coloured Gemstones:

Consider vibrant gemstones like sapphires, emeralds, rubies, or even morganite. These stones offer a unique and personal touch, each with its own story and symbolism.

2. Aquamarine:

This beautiful blue gemstone is perfect for those who love a soft and serene look. It's also the birthstone for March, adding a personal touch.

3. Black Diamonds:

If you still love the allure of diamonds but want something different, black diamonds offer a bold and sophisticated alternative.

4. Custom Designs:

We specialize in bespoke jewellery, so you can work with our designers to create a custom piece that perfectly represents your style and story. Whether you want a vintage-inspired look or a modern, minimalist design, we can craft something truly unique for you.

Book a Consultation:

Feel free to visit our boutique or book an online consultation to explore these options in person. We can guide you through the selection process and help you create the perfect engagement and wedding rings.

Thank you for considering Ernesto Buono Fine Jewellery for your special pieces. We look forward to helping you find the perfect rings that reflect your unique love story.

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(2) · Australia Wide

Posted: 5/03/2024

Hi there! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and for thinking outside the box when it comes to your rings! There are so many beautiful and unique gemstones besides diamonds, each offering their own distinct personality.

Here are some things to consider when choosing the perfect non-diamond stone:

  • Durability for Everyday Wear: This is crucial! While moissanite boasts an impressive 9.25 Moh's hardness rating, making it perfect for everyday wear, some gems like sapphire (9 Moh's hardness) and ruby (also 9 Moh's hardness) require a bit more care, but are still suitable. Emeralds and morganite (both 7.5 Moh's hardness) are breathtaking but might need some extra TLC.
  • Embrace Your Style: What speaks to you? Sapphires come in an incredible array of colours, from classic blue to vibrant pink, while moissanite has the most fire and brilliance. We can even help you find 100% ethically sourced, lab-grown gemstones in any colour your heart desires, all hand-cut for unparalleled sparkle. We specialise on moissanite but work with other colourful gems too.
  • Crafting Your Dream Rings: At Everspark, we bring your vision to life. We handcraft engagement and wedding rings using 18k gold (rose, white, or yellow) or platinum 950, ensuring your rings are as unique and special as your love story.

Ready to explore your options? We'd love to help! Reach out to us through our contact form on or by emailing us at

PearlGem Designs

(0) · Australia Wide

Posted: 28/02/2024

Hi Juile here,

you can choose any coloured stone for an engagement ring, Sapphire, Tanzanite, for blues ruby for red.

I would no recoment Emeralds as they are too soft and can damage easily.

I have been in the industry for 25 years and can help you with a ring.

Always best to get engaement and wedding ring at the same time as then they will match and sit beside each other nicley, this is a big consideration.

Regards Julie



(0) · Australia Wide

Posted: 28/02/2024


The sky is the limit and there are so many options based on your preferences (colour, shape etc) and the wearability of the different variations of stones. I also agree that Sapphire is a premium choice, so beautiful and durable. 

I would recommend googling 'alternative Engagement rings' online as this will give you lots of ideas. 

If we can be of assistance, reach out - we are always more than happy to help conceptualise. 

Alex | Violet Gray 

Waldemar Jewellers

(3) · Sydney & Surrounding areas

Posted: 28/02/2024


We have a lot of brides-to-be custom designing unique engagment and wedding rings at Waldemar Jewellers. The most popular options at the moment are Emeralds, Blue and Padparadscha Sapphire and Champagne diamonds. 

Feel free to reach out if you have anymore questions.

Kind Regards
Waldemar Jewellers

Artelia Jewellery

(0) · Melbourne & Surrounding Areas

Posted: 28/02/2024

Hi there,

We recommend sapphire, that comes in a rainbow of different colours, and with  a hardness of 9.5 (diamond is 10)is the most durable alternative for everyday wear. I hope that helps.

Kind Regards,

Maria Ulas

Artelia Jewellery

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