Is it cheaper to get a matching wedding band or find a mis matching one?

Question Asked: 14/09/2017 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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As most jewellers are just retailers they will recommend a mismatch, but these practically ALWAYS result in wear excessive wear at pressure points that are usually on the worst parts, i.e. weaken settings and bands.This results in rings failing within a fraction of their life (often only a few years).

In the majority of cases the only fix is remaking the whole ring, often a cost of few thousand dollars (unless the “jeweller” sends their repairs to China or India as most “jewellers” 90% or more do).

Remember there are actually extremely few real jewellers left with real workshops (the government has been trying to cancel the apprenticeship scheme since 2010), but to win “trust” most jewellers claim they have workshops and have decades of experience in giving plausible excuses to why they can’t show you, golden rule if you can’t see it in their shop, it doesn’t exist.

Also don’t mix different carats and metals (i.e. gold with platinum, etc.), this also cause accelerated wearing.

Also remember something “close enough” will most often cause the same expensive problem.

Be careful of “what if statements” buying a plain band to fit a possible future remodel, etc. this seems good now but that will result in a remake, remodel, etc. far sooner than you think. Classic plausible sales lines that cost people a lot of money.

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At Gerard MCabe Jewellers we would always recommend you wear a matching wedding ring or a well suited style with your engagement ring. We have plain gold bands that suit all our engagement rings as well as the matching diamond set bands for this reason. You may find a suitable plain gold band will fit perfectly with your engagement ring and offer you a cheaper alternative. 

The reason that we suggest the rings should match is because firstly the overall look of the set will be much nicer than mismatched rings. Secondly, they will wear better together over the lifetime that you will wear the rings. Mis matched rings will rub and wear on each other far more than those that are made to sit together. This is likely to cost you much more in the long run in repairs and maintenance of your rings whereas matching rings will be much more gentle on each other and should be more economical to maintain over their lifetime. 

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It is always cheaper to go for a simple wedding band. The option then exists that when or if you ever remodel or upgrade your engagement ring, you don't need to change the wedding ring.

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