Can wedding rings be different

Question Asked: 2/04/2019 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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GS Diamonds

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(14) Posted: 13/04/2021

In the past, wedding bands were made as sets to honor a partnership. But today, there are no strikt rules that say your wedding bands have to match. 

Some people even opt to get a wedding band that doesn't match their engagement ring. When it comes down to it, your jewelry choices should reflect the style that you love most.

Our jewellers are happy to assist with such a matching request and can help in designing a beautiful pair.

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(8) Posted: 10/04/2019

Absolutely, there is no right or wrong when it comes to wedding rings - they are a constant display of your committment. A number of our clients like to design matching rings of different widths, others like to incoroproate the same metal in each others wedding rings and we have other clients who do something completely different. Remember your wedding ring should reflect your personal style as well as representing the endless love you have with your partner. Whether the rings are matching or not, they will symbolise the committment you have made and your everlasting love.

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Sarah @ Argyle Jewellers

Waldemar Jewellers

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(3) Posted: 3/04/2019

Yes, they definitely can be. I'd say that 95% of the time, the clients that we work with have different wedding rings where the gents wedding ring does not match the bride's. Go ahead and get the ring that you like rather than trying to match up with your partner. Another idea is to have complementary rings where the style can be different but made out of the same type of metal. The key here, I believe, is to know what you really want (as you will have this ring for the rest of your life) and get a jewellery designer who can accommodate these in their designs while at the same time guiding you through the wedding ring purchase. Give us a call at Waldemar Jewellers (02) 9232 6289 or book an appointment with us and we'd love to help you out! - Mark Poter

(5) Posted: 3/04/2019


Yes wedding rings can be different.

The wonderful thing about diamond jewellery is that there isn't a right or wrong when it comes to what you find beautiful.

Australian Diamond Network has had customers that mix and match their rings all the time.

For example, they may purchase a Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring with a White Gold Diamond Wedding Ring.

You are the one that will be wearing it every day, so go with what will make you happy, not with what you think is 'expected'.

Hope this helps :) 

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