How far in advance should you order your wedding invitations?

How long does it take to produce wedding invitations generally. We're having 150 people.

Question Asked: 23/07/2021 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Lunar Creative

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(3) Posted: 7/08/2021

Hi :)

I would recommend to start enquiring with suppliers as soon as you have a rough idea of your guest list and how many invitations you require. It can take at least a week to two weeks for a semi custom design to be customized for your wedding (this is when you choose a style the supplier has made). If you'd like a custom design this can take atleast 2-6 weeks in total to be designed. Printing, production and assemble can take 1-3 weeks, longer for finishes like foil and letterpress. Shipping takes generally around a week. 

Hope this helps! Please feel free to reach out if you need help.

Jess | lunar creative | @lunarcreative_

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(0) Posted: 24/07/2021

No less than 4 months.

Paperfox Design

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(3) Posted: 24/07/2021

Hello :)

I would start enquiring around 4 to 6 months before your wedding date. Around this time, you would ideally be organising your guest list, so you know how many invitations you require. I would suggest gathering most, if not all the major details of your wedding (venue, times, reception details) before booking your supplier. This will allow more time for printing and postage. Keep in mind that certain printing finishes (foil, letterpress, embossing) may require a longer print time. So having all your details ready before booking will allow for a faster turnaround time so that you receive your stationery with enough time to post out to guests. Which will also be one less thing to stress over!

Hope this was helpful, please contact if you have any more questions!

Keisha x

(2) Posted: 24/07/2021


It really depends on your supplier. 

I would start enquiring as soon as you have the bigger details of your wedding planned. (Venue, reception, times, before and after events, etc).

Depending on your supplier, it takes 2-8 weeks to design an invitation, 1-2 weeks to print, 1-2 weeks to assemble the invitations. 

If you wanted bespoke items, for example, envelope calligraphy, I would leave more time again. 

Hope this has been helpful, please do not hesitate to contact if you need any help. 

Kind regards, 

Lisa @CamelliaCreatives

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