Regarding RSVP's is it required to follow people up who you have not received a response from?

Sarah-Jayne B

Question Asked: 15/10/2019 Wedding Date: 21/12/2019

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Sydney And Surrounds

(0) Posted: 17/11/2019

It is always a good idea to follow up with those you have not recieved a response from. Generally invitations are sent out a few months in advance so people might have just innocently forgotten to RSVP. A friendly reminder will be fine, and also make you stress less.

Also, You want to feel 100% confident that when you submit your final numbers to your venue that you have recieved everyones response.

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Easy Weddings Expert

Hopefully, most guests who are invited to a wedding will respond in the appropriate timeframe. If the RSVP date has passed and you still haven't heard back from some guests, we'd recommend following them up once. However, if you still don't hear back from them, we don't believe it's not your responsibility to keep chasing them. Potentially make it clear in your follow up that if you don't hear back by (provided date) you will be putting them down as 'not attending' and no further changes will be able to be made.

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