How long is marquee hire for generally?

For our wedding, we’re wanting a marquee and to come in and decorate it ourselves. How long is the hire of a marquee generally? Like, can we decorate it the day before? Thanks.

Question Asked: 24/05/2021

Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Tierra Events

(9) · All locations available on request.

Posted: 26/05/2021

If an event is on a Saturday it will usually be a Thursday set up and a Monday morning pack down- most companies aim to be flexible with their client.

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The Giant Tipi Company

(3) · Melbourne and surrounds

Posted: 26/05/2021

Hi, for a Saturday wedding your hire period would typically be from Thursday until Monday.

Kind Regards,

The Giant Tipi Company

Amethyst Wedding & Event Decor

(15) · Melbourne

Posted: 26/05/2021


Thanks for the enquiry.

Sorry we don't hire Marquees.


Mid North Party Hire

(10) · Regional South Australia

Posted: 25/05/2021

This is a very common question.  We generally like to bump in 2 days prior to the wedding, allowing one whole day for the wedding party to get orgainised and add their own touches, reducing the stress of time management.  We then like to allow another day after for a more relaxed pack down, turning up the second day after the wedding to bump out.

Aladdin's Party Hire

(10) · Queensland

Posted: 25/05/2021

Thank you for your enquiry.  If marquee is to be installed in a private residence, we install on a Thursday or prior depending on bookings for that week and dismantle Monday or Tuesday following week.  

This would allow Friday for decorating, Saturday for celebrations and Sunday for clean up/pack up.  We then come back Monday or Tuesday to dismantle marquee and pick up.

If you have any questions or wish to get a quote please do not hesitate to contact me on:

Kind regards

Tina Skewes

Aladdin's Party Hire

Kanvas Village, Tipi, Glamping & Caravan Bar

(0) · Gippsland, Mornington, Yarra Valley & Surrounds

Posted: 25/05/2021

We usually bump in on the Thursday/Friday before a weekend event and bump out on Sunday/Monday. However we can be flexible and this is always weather dependent. Hope this helps :)

Always and For Arbour

(2) · Canberra

Posted: 25/05/2021

We don't hire out marquees sorry! We hire out arbours. Thanks Kirrali

Spuds Marquee Hire

(3) · Western Australia

Posted: 25/05/2021

We can set the marquee up on Thursday for a Saturday event and than take it down Monday at no extra cost. 

Cosmic Cocktails & Events

(0) · Perth and Surroundings

Posted: 25/05/2021

Most companies will set up one or two days prior to your event and pack down the next day or day after. It depends on the time of the year, how busy they are and when it needs to be installed or bumped out by. If it can only be set up and packed down on the same day there maybe extra charges.

Freemans Party Hire

(3) · Brisbane & Surrounds

Posted: 25/05/2021

Great question!  Most companies will setup on the Thursday or Friday for a Saturday wedding.   It will depend on how busy their team is that week.  It will also depend on the size marquee you get as the large ones can take the better part of a day to setup.  It is definitely worth requesting an early setup as most companies will be happy to oblige!

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