How do I incorporate DIY decorations into my wedding?

I want to include some DIY decorations in the styling of my wedding - for example draping and table set up. How do I go about setting it all up? Is it best to hire a planner or coordinator?

Julia butterworth E

Question Asked: 10/10/2016 Wedding Date: 15/10/2022 Wedding Location: Appin, NSW 2560

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Simply Elegant - Wedding and Events

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(0) Posted: 13/10/2016

Hi Julie, Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and well done for wanting to add your own personal touches. I agree with Amuse Event Lighting that overhead draping is best to coordinate with a professional. As a decorator and stylist we always use and recommend a company that specializes in draping. Having said that there are so many DIY ways you can add your own personal touches. The stationery that you place on your table for instance can really make your decor POP, tie your colours and theme together beautifully and is one of the most inexpensive ways to add that extra WOW Using the same DIY techniques the theme can then be carried through to your lolly buffet or perhaps a drink station. Drink stations have become very popular now for wedding ceremonies and out door receptions. I personally think that the hardest part is choosing your theme. Once you have decided on what that will be ideas will present themselves in abundance :) Pinteres is one of the best planning tools around, so much inspiration and of course Etsy too. I have different examples of theming in my photos on facebook. Feel free to have a browse. All the very best with your planning, hope you have an amazing journey :) Bronwyn

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Your decorator whether it's your hire company , stylist, planner can do this for you if you ask when they do the other setting up. We can do this when our clients book for us for their hire and as well as they setting up / styling.

(1) Posted: 13/10/2016

Hi Julia,

Draping is best left for the companies who do this regularly. Sometimes you need to consider the height of the ceiling and it may not be practical for

DIY. There are smaller things you can do like coordinate your guests placecards with the colour of your chairsashes for example. Adding a touch of colour whether it being a ribbon or card can enhance your sense of style.

(2) Posted: 12/10/2016

I would suggest talking to your venue coordinator to see whether the venue is available in the days leading up to your wedding. If they don't have any events in the days prior, you could potentially come in a few days prior to your wedding and dress the tables with all your DIY items yourself.

If this is not an option, perhaps you can leave your DIY items with the venue coordinator to set up on your behalf. If you have everything planned out an on-the-day-coordinator is a great option, as you can run through everything prior to the wedding to ensure that you agree on the feel and set up and can be sure that everything will be just like if you had done it yourself.

Affair with Flair

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(36) Posted: 11/10/2016

Hello Julia. I enjoy encouraging my customers to add their "touches" to their wedding day. We have set up weddings using all decorations supplied by the bride and groom. I always encourage them to rely on me to set up on their wedding day. I have seen a bridesmaid at the top of a ladder, without her high heel shoes, dressed in her finest, hanging bunting for the bride! It was stressful for her and she should have been with the bride and groom celebrating. If your venue allows you to set up the day before this is ideal. You can set up yourself without any worry and enjoy the process. If the venue is not available the day before, ask a professional who understands what you want. This will allow you to sit in your chair the morning of your wedding enjoying the pampering from your hair and beauty specialists. I hope this helps.

(3) Posted: 11/10/2016

DIY is best coordinated with your venue contact or in correlation with those providing other aesthetic elements to your wedding. Draping is something you should coordinate with a professional as there can be rigging involved. We use solid frames, rated rigging and secondary safety wires for decorative items at heights. DIY should definitely be incorporated though, as it gives a great reflection of the bride's sense of style. One bride created her own non floral bouquet and it was so good that the venue used photos of it in their marketing.


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