Engagement party cake vs wedding cake

What would be the main difference between an engagement party cake and the wedding cake? Are there any traditions around this I should know about, like they should both look similar (in a theme) or the engagement cake should be smaller than the wedding cake? Thank you!

Question Asked: 29/04/2021 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Vines Cakes


(13) Posted: 16/06/2021

Generally the engagement cake would be smaller than a wedding cake. Some couples like it to be similar to the wedding  cake but it depends on the type of event you will be holding.

Cakes By Rosa

Croydon Nth

(6) Posted: 7/05/2021

An Engagement cake can be a bit more simpler. But there is no difference in making it.  You can have more elegant cake for your wedding . It is entirely up to the couple what they would like on the day 

The Cheesecake Shop Leopold

Geelong and surrounds

(0) Posted: 7/05/2021

Hi, there are no rules as to engagement cake v wedding cake. The engagement cake can be anything you want and could be a simple reflection on who you are as a couple, The wedding cake may be more formal, so have fun with your engagement cake. Perhaps introduce some colour themes similar to your wedding colours. I would suggest if the engagement cake is the dessert then make sure it is big enough to let everyone have a piece. We have made cakes for engagements that others have had as their wedding cake and vice versa. It's up to you.

Good luck with your plans.

Bisou Cakes

Sydney And Surrounds

(14) Posted: 7/05/2021

Engagement cake is typically smaller than the wedding cake as the guests generally are intimate friends and family. The design does not need to be the same as the wedding cake although it could be similar as a sneak peak of what your wedding would look like.

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