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As a wedding professional, Cakes By Rosa offers expert advice to help couples plan their perfect day. Ask a question or read their expert advice.

Engagement party cake vs wedding cake

What would be the main difference between an engagement party cake and the wedding cake? Are there any traditions around this I should know about, like they should both look similar (in a theme) or the engagement cake should be smaller than the wedding cake? Thank you!

Cakes By Rosa

An Engagement cake can be a bit more simpler. But there is no difference in making it.  You can have more elegant cake for your wedding . It is entirely up to the couple what they would like on the day 

What do you do if the cake gets damaged in transit to or at my reception site?

Cakes By Rosa

I recommend that  I setup and deliver  , so if thre is any kind of damage I can repair at the venue . 

I always take care in driving and Boxing the cake . 

If the customer decides that they would like to pickup I always put the cake in the vehicle on a non slip matt and instruct them to take it slow on the road . 

What are alternatives to wedding cake?

Cakes By Rosa

Today you have a great choice , instead of cake , you can have cupcake towers. Maccaroons , cheese wheels and Slices , 

Hope this helps 


Cakes by Rosa 

Do wedding cakes have fake tiers?

Cakes By Rosa

Yes you can ,I have had alot of brides whom like the idea of a big beautiful cake,

but only have small amount of guests , so this helps them in both ways,

can wedding cakes be shipped?

Cakes By Rosa

 I am very afraid of shipping ,  theybare very Fragile and it could get damaged.

but then again it depends on the type of cake you are wanting, and ifyou are taking it yourself.

Can someone deliver my homemade wedding cake to the venue (Sydney based)?

I'm making my own cake, but I don't know how to get it to my venue without driving it there myself or getting a relative to do it. Is there any service in Sydney of people who can deliver the cake? It obviously needs to be someone experienced in transporting cakes!

Cakes By Rosa

you could by a very reliable Courier sevice, 

How far in advance before the big day do you order your cake?

Cakes By Rosa

Its never to Early to order your wedding Cake , but at least between 2 months to 6months beforeis the better option , time gets away , 

Does the wedding cake maker bring a stand for the cake or not?

Cakes By Rosa

hi , I have a few cake stands that are offered at the time of ordering but the bride can request it  or not ,,

 I do alway offer mine at a cost to hire 

 some reception already have them there

what are wedding cake sizes?

What are the standard offerings?

Cakes By Rosa

We use the size of the cakes to determine how many guests it will  feed , they come in all shapes and sizes 

why are wedding cakes white?

Is there a traditional reason why wedding cakes are usually white?

Cakes By Rosa

White was  traditionally used , still is being used , today anything goes from cheese blocks to Naked Cakes it's all in the hands of the bride 

What are my options for decorating a wedding cake?

I've seen geode cakes, naked cakes, fondant... what are my options?

Cakes By Rosa


 Your options are whatever your wanting , sugar flowers real and water paper decorations  and many more what your heart desires , I'm here to help you and guide you on the best options 

Regards Rosa @ Cakes by Rosa 

Does the cake maker supply cake flowers, or the florist?

Cakes By Rosa

  • Hi . 

 Usally I ask if you have a florist that I could actually contact ,and try and use the same flowers that you are using on your bouquets , I actually like  displaying the flowers on the cake myself that way the cake is fully finished when I leave . I can supply the flowers myself only sometimes I cannot get exactly the same ones as your florist is supplying for your bouquets

Cake flavours and where to go?

Hey there. My fiancé and I are pretty set on our cake style, and the flavours we want. We’re wanting a boho decorated cake, and for the flavours, we want the bottom layer to be milk chocolate mud, next layer to be classic marble, next layer to be white chocolate mud, and the top layer to be dark chocolate mud.. We have no idea where to start or where to go. What cake makers would do this and what price would we be looking at? Around Sydney NSW

Cakes By Rosa

Wish i was close but not in Sydney


Wedding Cakes by Rosa

Do you do wedding cheesecakes?

Cakes By Rosa

hi well depending on what your really after if its a stacked real cheese stack or a normal cheese cake , both can be achieved

Are there gluten free options for cake?

After advice on gluten free options. Worried having a gluten free cake will result in no one eating the cake.

Cakes By Rosa

Hi and Congrats on your upcoming wedding  

I can Do Gluten Free , i do tell my bride to ether doone tier in gluten free if not needed for all the guests 


 cakes by rosa

cost for a simple wedding cake?

looking to find the cost of a 3 layered, round, red velvet wedding cake glazed in white icing and decorated all over with edible white roses?

Cakes By Rosa

Hi  Congratulation on you upcoming wedding 

 Prices depend on sizes , for a 3 tier in fondant finish with flowers  i start at $400+, this is not a set price it just depends on how many flowers and finish you were  after, setup and delivery are extra , 

to get a better idea ,the No of guests would help , if you would like futher information please fell free to contact me ,i would love to speak with you further .


wedding Cakes by Rosa

cheese towers - are they tacky?

and do they even get eaten

Cakes By Rosa

Hi . A cheese tower is not tacky . It's really what you would prefer, it can actually be used on the tables as a cheese and Savory plater

Regards Rosa after your meals as dessert is always avavailable 

is there a specific way youre supposed to cut the cake?

Cakes By Rosa

Well Usually the bottom tier is cut .  Some couples might cut a wedge and serve it to each other . But Its also up to you as to how you would like to cut it . 

cake toppers... are they still trendy?

Cakes By Rosa

Yes they are . You are to determine whether or not you want one , if you have a floral arrangement , then maybe it won't need to be on their . But then again we look at designes and if it's needed we can discuss it . I always ask my brides if they were wanting a topper , but if I think it's to much I give advice at looking at some other form of personalised Lettering for the Wedding Table or other ways we an incorporate  it 

are 5 tiered cakes all cake? or are they fake?

Cakes By Rosa

Hi Look it totally depends on what you like.. But i recently made a 6 tier and it had 5 real and 1 fake . I usually ask what  are you going to do with the fake cake later . And the answer is always. "I didn't think that far....  Look I would give you 2 choices and then discuss the best option for you . 

Regards Rosa

will people be disappointed if i dont have a wedding cake?

Cakes By Rosa

It is up to you as a bride whether you want a wedding Cake  or noy . As dessert will be served they probably wouldn't notice . 

So happy planning  

Regards Rosa 

what would be cheaper - a cupcake tower or a wedding cake?

Cakes By Rosa

Hi . Look it really depends on what your designe is   . Whether it's a fondant finish or a buttercream finish  depends also on the detail and depends also on how many you were after . Usually if a bride is on a tight budget, I suggest A naked cake as they are very was my decorated with buttercream ...

Hope this helps

Regards Rosa Italiano  

are naked cakes cheaper than other wedding cakes?

Cakes By Rosa

Hi . Yes Naked and Seminaked always are cheaper 

Only time they become a little  expensive,

is if the the couples want to use lots of berries And they are out of season . 

What's YOUR favourite cake flavour that you make?

I'm not into sweets but I would still like to wow my guests. Located in Brisbane

Cakes By Rosa

Hi . I love Jeff's.  A combination of Chocalate and real orange pulp . Yummy 

if i have a small wedding cake, do i have to buy another bigger cake to cut up and give out?

Cakes By Rosa

Hi Bride to be . That is totally up to you and your partner .  

Not everyone will eat the wedding cake . Dessert is always used . 

Some brides have a smaller cake and a cutting cake to serve the guests . 

does it cost more to have multiple flavours in a 3 tiered cake? each tier a different flavour?

Cakes By Rosa

Hi bride to be .

No i don't charge any extra, i actually  sometimes if I'm asked , I recommend if they like to do different flavors .  . 


how much should i expect to pay for a standard two-tiered cake with fondant icing

to serve 70 people :) dessert serves

Cakes By Rosa

Hi . Price really depends on what your wedding cake designe is.  It's very hard to

 Give a quote without have a design . Dessert slices are bigger than coffee serves so the cake will be bigger . So depending on Size and designe  prices will be according.  . 

Hope this helps . 

Regards Rosa 

If I have a cake and cookies, is it too much to have donuts?

(obviously a sweet tooth)!

Cakes By Rosa

No not really , what I would recommend is that maybe you give the cookies as a thank you and maybe do a smaller size cake then incorporate the Donuts and cake as a dessert. , but then again it is your special day so it's what your wanting to have ,

Cakes by Rosa  

Would it be weird to have a wedding cake and a cheese wheel cake?

I want both but would that look weird

Cakes By Rosa

It's not weird,  it's your wedding and your choice , 

I also think maybe sitting them side by side or cascading . 

Cakes by Rosa 

How much do extra tiers cost?

Say I have a 3 tier cake but it's still quite big. Do cake makers quote on number of tiers? Or the overall size/weight of the cake. How is it fair for a 5 tier cake (that is small and skinny) to be more expensive than a 2 tier massive cake?

Cakes By Rosa

It's very hard to say . I base my prices on what the bride has designed . Usually I cater for the No of guests that are at the wedding , then if there are extra tiers are added they are priced in accordance with the design answer size of the tier


What's an alternative to wedding cake?

I've never been a fan of cake, but will people be disappointed if I don't do a cake cutting part of the reception? What are the alternatives or am I best to stick with tradition?

Cakes By Rosa

There are plenty of alternatives. I have a cupcake tower with a small wedding cake on top , you can have Maccaroon towers also all you need do is ask ,if you have something special in mind I hopefully can accomadate

How much does the average wedding cake cost?

Looking into costs and wondering how much they usually go for on average to serve 100 people.

Cakes By Rosa

Hi Look the price rwally depends on Size , style , and what type of designe you like , also depends if the cake is used as coffee or dessert abvously dessert slices doubles the size of the cake .. My prices may start at $300 and range to $1000+. I take great pride in what i do.. Regards Rosa

do cake stands come with the wedding cake?

And cake topper? Or are those given back at the end?

Cakes By Rosa

Hi Luci , Congratulations on your upcoming wedding . Usually a cake stand is an added extra . The wedding cake is placed on a covered board . Some couples prefer no stands . I do offer a stand depending on the style of the cake . I do ask for a bond which is returned on the return of the Stand .

Regards Rosa

Can I have a display cake made to cut, and then serve different cake?

Is this a common thing?

Cakes By Rosa

Yes you may , depending on how big the cake is going to be,i will always ask if maybe you might have 1 tier fake and the remainder in real for cutting and its Usually top tier or bottom tier but we can discuss that as we go , it is entirely up to you .

What is the average cost of a cake tasting?

I'm Just wondering what a cake tasting should include if your vendor charges for the experience?

Cakes By Rosa

I never charge for cake tasting,i do ask what flavors you're interested in tastingr, and then have you over tasting and a consult, and you also get some to take home to taste with family, again no charge or pressure .

How far in advance should I book my wedding cake?

Hi there I am getting married in June 2018, and I think we are going to opt for a cheese tower cake. How far in advance should I be booking the cake? Thanks :)

Cakes By Rosa

Hi Catie,I always try take my orders as early as the bride and groom want,but i always ask maybe the latest 2 months in advance if they are still deciding , and also advise to put a tentative booking on that date so that i'm not overly booked , and if you decide to come to me i still have your date booked,

What kind of cake suits a boho theme?

Cakes By Rosa

A semi naked buttercream with flowers and finishing of your choice i use either diamante or pearls on ribbon . and a urban style topper

Vegan and celiac guests - they can't eat the cake I've chosen, so what do I give them?

A few of my guests are vegan and gluten intolerant. They've specified on the RSVP that they'll bring their own dessert, but I feel like this cheapens my wedding. What do I give them if they can't eat the cake I've chosen?

Cakes By Rosa

Hi Jackie . i would do Gluten free cupcakes to accomadate for those guests.

Help! I need a flourless cake option.. Do they exist?

Has anyone had one before? Is it possible or should I just not have a cake?

Cakes By Rosa

Yes a flourless cake option is possible , they are very moist ,

Do I cut the top tier or bottom tier of my wedding cake?

Hi, I have two questions in one. First of all, when cutting the cake, are we supposed to cut the top tier or the bottom tier? Secondly, which leg should the garter go on?

Cakes By Rosa

Hi Alisia, the bride Usually keeps top tier for their Anniversary, so the bottom and middle tiers are the ones to cut .

What size wedding cake do I need according to my guest list size?

Do you have any method for working out what size cake I need to buy?

Cakes By Rosa

Hi Saascha, i usually ask how many guests you are feeding and if it is incorporated as dessert or coffee cake ,then thats i work on what sizes you will need to have, always allowing top tier to be an extra for your 1st Anniversary.

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