Why hire a photobooth?

I want one and I need more reasons to give my fiance!

Coco H

Question Asked: 15/05/2017 Wedding Date: 6/01/2018

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Mirror me and Co


(7) Posted: 14/02/2020

Photo booths are a form of entertainment for your guest, it's also memory for you & your guest to keep forever. Having a physical copy of photos make it special : ) 

Mirror Me This

Sydney and Surrounds

(2) Posted: 3/08/2019

We have had so many comments saying what a memorable part of wedding was the photos generated by the photo booth.

It's the best part of our job - hearing the laughter and seeing the fun family and friends are having together.

(2) Posted: 9/07/2019

There are a multitude of reasons as to why to have a photo booth at a wedding but here are my top three

  1. It breaks the ice for your guests who don't know each other but have to sit with for hours on end
  2. It brings all your guests closer with one common goal to be silly and have a chuckle
  3. It is sometimes the one and only picture that you have of your loved ones that you would not have been able to capture in the past. 

Perfect Pics PhotoBooth Entertainment

Sydney and Blue Mountains

(1) Posted: 8/05/2019

Hiring a Photo Booth is a way to keep your guests entertained, and also gives you a stunning keepsake filled with those sillly and fun photos you wouldn't usually get of yourself and your guests! 

For the small cost and no effort on our customers behalf, we can truly deliver a fun and magical experience that will keep your guests entertained for hours and with memories to last forever! 

Rage Entertainment

Victoria State Wide

(1) Posted: 8/05/2019

These days having a photobooth is a norm thing to do but having a booth can entertained the guests. Basically change the mood and also it creates memories of your wedding and guest. It's like having another photographer for your wedding


Sydney and Surrounds

(0) Posted: 24/08/2017

These days having a photobooth is a norm thing to do but having a booth can entertained the guests. Basically change the mood and also it creates memories of your wedding and guest. It's like having another photographer for your wedding

PhotoBooth Events


(11) Posted: 22/05/2017

Tell your fiance that the wedding is one day and you've had a stressful time planning it and that you will love him more and be happier with a photobooth. Then withhold your affection til he says yes. Photobooths are great but he loves you more than he loves not having a photobooth.

My Event Photobooths

Sydney, Central Coast and Hunter Valley

(5) Posted: 19/05/2017

Hi Coco

This is a very special day for you and your fiancé and you want to make sure your family and friends have the best time and take home great memories. A photo booth brings your family and friends together with a whole lot of fun and laughter. It's a great source of entertainment that your guests can enjoy and get totally involved with. But, it not only entertains and brings the fun, it provides a great memento for your guests, with the personalised photo strips they keep and yourself, with the photo album they fill with a copy of their strip and their personal message to you. We also supply extra copies on the night for those larger groups so no one misses out on a strip.

So basically, it's for: fun, laughter, relationships, entertainment, memento for your guests, fun memento for the bride and groom.

We have a smile on our face all night seeing the fun and hearing the laughter of everyone totally enjoying themselves and creating such fun memories.

I think if you ask anyone who's been to a wedding with a (good!) booth they will tell you how much they loved the booth, and it's probably one of the best things they will remember of the day.

Good luck. I hope all these responses help convince your fiancé. Linda


Australia Wide

(12) Posted: 18/05/2017

Hi Coco, perhaps your fiancé would be more interested in a Live Instagram Printer rather than a traditional photo booth, that way you and your guests still receive great photo's as mementos from the night but the images captured aren't limited to what happens behind a traditional photo booth curtain. Guests can take photo's absolutely everywhere and they will print out right there in front of them. Just a thought, plus it has all the benefits listed by other great Photo Booth companies already so we won't bother rehashing that.

Coastal Prestige Photobooths

Central Coast, Newcastle and Surrounds

(5) Posted: 18/05/2017

Hi Coco

First of all thank you for your question and also congratulations on becoming a bride to be!

Why a photobooth? It is a great way to see the funny/crazy side for your wedding that sometimes the photographer may not capture. Also with the amazing props we supply it is a great way for guests to have some fun and let their hair down and also get a funny memento off your wedding they look at years to come and remember your amazing wedding.

If you have any more questions please feel free to ask.

Check us out at Coastal Prestige Photobooths. The current winner of the Bridal Choice Awards


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