Should we prepare a hashtag for Social Media photos?

Question Asked: 7/05/2019 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Mirror Me This

Sydney and Surrounds

(2) Posted: 3/08/2019

yes you can and can help you with that

(2) Posted: 9/07/2019

Having a #tag is a great idea for your guests to share your special day. Especially when you reflect on what happened on the day you can see it through the different lenses of your guests

Photo Boothique

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(13) Posted: 23/05/2019

Thank you for your question regarding social media hashtags. We do not offer social media connectivity as part of our product right now. We specialise in creating a fun experience for your guests to pose together and receive high quality instant prints of the shoot. I recommend setting up a hashtage for your guests to use for the photos they snap on their own devices instead :)

Perfect Pics PhotoBooth Entertainment

Sydney and Blue Mountains

(1) Posted: 8/05/2019

Yes, we find this is a great way for everyone to go and look back on the Wedding and an easy way to keep track of all photos :)

We can even add it to our Booth if you like! 


Sydney and Surrounding Areas

(23) Posted: 8/05/2019

Definately! Make sure it's unique to yours and your partner's special day - and keep it private so only your guests and friends can see your posts. Most importantly, have as much fun on the day as possible : )

(2) Posted: 8/05/2019

Why Not? Its fun, people can add their experience of your wedding to the tag and you get many more photo's than you would have had otherwise. Make sure you announce it either via the MC or by putting little signs on each table. Don't forget to mention you have one to your Photo Booth provider as we can add these to your printouts.

Also if your Photo Booth has social media applications you can have the photo booth photos go straight to the tag for all to see. There are sites that can help you come up with hashtags such as weddinghashers I believe. Good Luck with everything xx


Hype Occasions 


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(7) Posted: 8/05/2019

Yes.. defianatly create a hashtag prior to your event that is not common as your wedding day hashtag might be an example  #johnandlisagetmarried2019.

This way all only your hastaged photos will be collected and printed at the event.

Dont forget ask your photobooth/ hashtag operator for help.. they will only be to happy to assist you prior to your event.

I hope this helps.


Rage Entertainment

Victoria State Wide

(1) Posted: 8/05/2019

Yes absolutely. We find that generating a QR code is also another quick and easy way. This can be placed on your photo print outs so guests can scan away and view all photos taken. 

(0) Posted: 8/05/2019

It's best if you make up your own unique hashtag for your wedding. The photo/video booth will be pre-loaded with your hashtag and let your guests know your hashtag too, then ask the MC to remind everyone at the reception to use your hashtag. That way not only the photo/video booth social media posts will be aggregated, but the ones from your guests as well (as long as the posts are public, not private).

Do a quick search on your hashtag before you announce it to make sure there aren't other weddings or events that have used your hashtag. There may be photos or videos that you don't want to be associated with, so go as unique and creative as you can with your hashtag. Good luck :)



Sydney & Surroundings, Central Coast

(6) Posted: 8/05/2019


Yes that’s a great idea, we can pre add this to our social media software so your guests have it ready to go and can just post away!



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