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Alyse S.

24 Jan 2019

Haim and the team from Magnet-Me were fantastic to deal with, and I would not hesitate to recommend having Magnet-Me for any style of wedding. Having them as part of our wedding really added to the joy of our big day, seeing our guests excited to get into photos and form group/family photos to take home with them was really great. Also a great idea for older aged guests who may not want to go in a traditional photobooth. We are still getting guests telling us how much they love this idea. It's also a great way to share photos from the wedding day with relatives living overseas or those unable to attend. If you're looking for great mementos, or a fuss-free bonbonniere idea look no further than Magnet-Me! So much fun, easy to organize, and 100% stress free.

Audrey P.

1 Sep 2018

A friend suggested this idea to us and it was such a brilliant idea to have our Bonbonneires as fridge magnets made out of moments captured at our wedding. Haim was so easy to deal with, professional and helpful throughout the process of designing the border frames through to when our wedding day took place. Our families and friends absolutely loved being able to collect as many magnets as they pleased and fancied, which included moments of either themselves or with others at our wedding. Such lovely keep sakes and memories of sharing our big day with us. We highly recommend it.

Alana D.

19 Jan 2018

I could not have picked a better business to work with on my wedding day! You guys were fabulous! Everyone loved the idea of having magnets & couldnt get enough of taking photos. Everywhere i go i see them on my families fridges and they love them. You were amazing to work with, you were great with our guests & you were super energetic. I cant wait to see you at other weddings we have coming up - i know some of the girls grabbed your cards.

Carla P.

26 Jul 2019

Magnet Me was a great alternative to a traditional photo booth. I like the idea of photo booths, but don't like that they take people away into a corner, away from the party. Magnet Me provide a photographer who photographs people at their tables, on the dancefloor etc, and prints the photos almost instantly onto magnets, which guests can take home. We used these magnets as bonbonniere. Our photographer Haim was excellent, and captured some moments that we didn't even know happened! Any pics that my husband and I were in were printed as magnets for us, and we also got a USB of all the images at the end of the night. I'm so glad we have these memories from our wedding party! Magnet me are also good value, given that we had more than 200 images that were made into magnets for our guests to remember the night.

Celine Y.

28 Jun 2019

Magnet-Me was very professional from day one when we first engaged in his service, they even sent out free samples to make sure we were happy with their quality of work. All of our guests complimented and loved the magnet photos to take home as souvenirs. We highly recommend Magnet-Me for anyone who wants to create memorable moments for their events.

Monika F.

21 Jun 2019

Highly recommend! Very high quality photos, both posed and candid. Our guests loved this unique gift, and they loved the fact that they were able to enjoy the night and take away magnet photos, for free, without having to wait in line for a photo booth. Magnet-Me also gave us a usb with all of the photos from the night, as well as magnets of our photos, which are sitting pride of place on our fridge, as well as our families' fridges.

Kim G.

3 May 2019

More than a month after the wedding, our guests are still raving about their magnets! Thanks to Haim and the team at Magnet-Me for all their assistance pre and during the wedding. Haim was very professional and was brilliant on the day. I went to my aunt's house the other day and was overjoyed at seeing our wedding magnets on their fridge. Would highly recommend to every single person thinking of a unique personalised memento of the day. Thanks again Haim and Sandy! Til our next event!

Elizabeth B.

28 Apr 2019

I engaged the services of Magnet Me for our little marriage celebration with the whole extended family at a Chinese restaurant. It was a real hit with our guests, especially with the aunties and uncles who took home a few family photos of their children and grandchildren. I would recommend using Magnet Me because the photographer was really approachable and friendly to all our guests.

Alison D.

14 Apr 2019

Such a great idea to any event!! I got so many awesome photos of my guests that you don't normally get from your photographer! Everyone loved being able to take home their magnets too! Thanks Magnet-Me!

Erin B.

13 Apr 2019

Magnet- Me were amazing to deal with and so well priced.They captured amazing photos and turned them into gorgeous magnets for my wedding guests. I received such great feedback on the night of my wedding, everybody loved them! Thanks again Magnet- Me, I will definitely be recommending you :)

Katrina A.

6 Apr 2019

Heard about Magnet Me through my sister in law who was used at a friends wedding and thought it would be a perfect idea for bonbonnerie. We used Magnet Me for our wedding and loved the photos! The level of service from Haim was fantastic, all our guests thought it was a great idea and adds a personal touch. Highly recommend Magnet Me for any occasion.

Brigitte A.

5 Apr 2019

Thank you Magnet-Me! Our guests were thrilled with the fridge magnets they got to take home from our wedding! Haim was professional and very friendly. If you're looking for a memorable gift for your guests, we highly recommend Magnet-Me!

Paul N.

17 Mar 2019

Thanks Haim for making our day even more special and fun. All our guests love this! Totally different to a standard typical photobooth. Highly recommend. The magnets are perfect gifts for our guests to take home to cherish the memories. Haim helped us design our frame for our magnets and with prompt communication.

Mandy H.

10 Mar 2019

So much fun and so creative! They were a joy to work with.

Sofia Z.

2 Mar 2019

Just want to say a massive THANK YOU Haim for being part of our special day and adding to our keepsake bonbonniere. To open the envelope and see all those photos just melted our hearts! We have received sooooo much positive feedback about yourself and the photo magnets. The quality being fantastic, your bubbly and friendly personality and your professionalism. Family and friends are telling us their fridges are full from the photo magnets and we are loving knowing that they will look at those photos and forever have that memory of our special day. Everyone has raved about the photo magnets and its all thanks to you so huge pat on the back and thank you. Honestly Haim from the bottom of our hearts thank you and job well done You have and will come highly recommended! Best Wishes to you and your team, Sofia and Salvatore

Aaron Y.

16 Feb 2019

Magnet-Me was fantastic at our wedding. They catered to our frame requirements and the magnets are of high quality. We received great feedback from our guests, though it is important to encourage guests to take pictures!

Amber L.

9 Feb 2019

Haim was great to work with, he made everything easy. Everyone loved the magnets, they were a great novelty to take home and we got copies of every photo taken. Glad we chose it over a photo booth. He was mobile so our guests didn't have to move and we didn't have to worry about him getting utilised. And I didn't have to carry him into the reception =]

Courtney N.

27 Jan 2019

Magnet me were such a hit & our wedding in January this year! We got so many comments on how amazing the idea was & love looking back on the magnets we have from our special day. A fun idea as a Bomboniere as it is a great keep sake idea!! Highly recommend the team at Magnet Me (they also captured some of my fav shots from the day!). Biggest thank you to Haim & the team at Magnet Me! Courtney & Anthony

Alana D.

19 Jan 2019

I could not have picked a better business to work with on my wedding day! You guys were fabulous! Everyone loved the idea of having magnets & couldn't get enough of taking photos. Everywhere i go i see them on my families fridges and they love them. You were amazing to work with, you were great with our guests & you were super energetic. I cant wait to see you at other weddings we have coming up - i know some of the girls grabbed your cards. Thank you!

Joanna C.

15 Dec 2018

We had Haim and his team at our wedding last week and our guests absolutely loved the magnets! Haim was really lovely to work with and was happy to custom design a frame for us. We highly recommend Magnet Me to anyone planning an event. The magnets are fun and are such a great way for guests to take home something at the end of the night!

Natalie S.

8 Dec 2018

Haim, Thank you so much for helping to make our wedding night a success. The photos are amazing and our guests loved being able to take the photo magnets home. You are a pleasure to deal with and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for something a little bit different to the traditional photo booth!! Thanks again.. Mark & Natalie Proietto xxx

Shannon A.

23 Nov 2018

Magnet-Me was the best addition to our wedding photography and a fantastic alternative to your traditional guest gifts/bonbonnieres. Absolutely loved having Haim join us & our family & friends loved it too!

Daniella M.

23 Nov 2018

All guests enjoyed magnet bonbonniers. Great fun addition to our wedding. Haim and team ans great to work with and always happy to help.

Kim H.

17 Nov 2018

Loved our experience with Magnet-Me for our wedding! Haim was contactable at any time and responded really promptly to all our questions and requests. They allowed us to use our own custom frame that matched our wedding theme and posted out samples to us. On the night, our guests loved it! Such a unique and memorable part of our wedding! We all have fridges covered in memories now and it was awesome to get the USB stick full of all the digital photos. Thank you Haim and team! :)

Miss Rebecca D.

8 Nov 2018

All the guests loved this idea !! And the photographer was funny an amazing !!! Love love love Topped the wedding off Have some great pics

Erica D.

4 Nov 2018

From the moment Haim stepped through the door he created a mysterious buzz. When our guests found out the photos that were being taken would printed on magnets for them to take home and keep they were simply blown away. He was professional, personal, a little cheeky but most of all FUN. We couldn’t have asked for a better parting gift for our friends and family to cherish our special day. We could not recommend Haim and Magnet me anymore if we tried. Thank you for completing our special day! 5 stars simply isn’t enough!!

Christina N.

28 Oct 2018

Haim, you were the highlight to our wedding! Our friends and family absolutely loved your photos and being able to take a memory home with them on night straight onto their fridges and then shared again on Facebook. Your communication was exceptional and made the night so fun! Recommendations could not come highly enough! Thank you so so much!! Your work is amazing!! Christina and Warren

Angela C.

6 Oct 2018

We had Magnet-Me for our wedding in October. Everyone absolutely loved them. A great addition to the wedding and something that people can take home and have as a keepsake. The best thing was getting a USB with all the photos - I was able to see how much fun everyone had. Thanks, Haim and the rest of the team, a pleasure to deal with and would highly recommend Magnet-Me to anyone that wants that extra special moment for any occasion.

Shlomi K.

5 Oct 2018

What a treat! We used Magnet-Me at our wedding reception. We had seen the concept at a celebration overseas and knew that we wanted it at ours! Haim was very friendly, professional and easy to work with. All of our guests have said how much they loved the idea and loved having something to take away from the night. Everyone keeps sending us photos of their fridge with their magnets. We highly recommend Magnet-Me for every event and would definitely use the service again!

Nika H.

9 Sep 2018

These guys were great at our wedding! Everywhere we go our friends have their magnets on their fridge! We even got a usb with all their images to keep! Highly recommend!

Belinda L.

23 Jun 2018

Lovely magnet memories for everyone at our wedding and capturing a lot of sweet photos that we missed out on the day!

Cindy M.

12 May 2018

Our guests haven't stopped talking about how much of a good idea having the magnets were, and how they will definitely use magnet me for their events, as will i, Haim was absolutely awesome, he has a friendly and fun personality and is extremely easy to work with, when booking with magnet me, the emails were replied to very quickly which I loved, and made everything 10 times easier, will recommend magnet me to everyone!! And definitely use them again

Danielle C.

10 Mar 2018

These guys were amazing! Took our photos and very professional!

Jade W.

10 Feb 2018

My partner and I decided to go with Magnetme as an alternative to traditional bonbonnieres for our wedding reception. We were blown away with the service Haim and Paul provided. Not only was it like having a second photographer, but also the perfect gift for our guests to take home and remember our big day. Our guests loved it so much that we asked to book an extra hour on the night as they were packing up! I know plenty of our friends and family plan on using Magnetme for their future functions, and I'm sure we will too. Thanks again

Alyse S.

2 Feb 2018

Must try! - Magnet-Me provide a fantastic service and were a really great addition to our wedding day. We had Magnet-Me at our reception and it was such a fun way for our guests to enjoy the night and have a keepsake to take home with them. My fiance and I were so happy with the assistance leading up to the wedding day, and feedback from guests has been 100% positive based on both the product and the friendliness of the photographer. I cannot recommend them enough!

Tuvi B.

19 Nov 2017

What an absolute legend of a service. I can not even picture my wedding without Magnet Me being part of it. All the guests absolutely loved it! I recommend this to anyone who wants a cool addition to their wedding!

Angelica F.

5 May 2017

Guests raved about how much they loved the service. The service included a photographer for 3 hours who took photos of my guests and then printed them on little magnets every 20 minutes for my guests to take home. I was given a USB with all the photos also!

Sarah K.

12 Mar 2017

Haim was an absolute pleasure to deal with, he made it so easy for me and I didn’t have to worry about a single thing all night. The magnets were an absolute hit at our wedding!! Every guest commented on how awesome they were, especially when they realised they could take them home as memories from the night. I highly recommend Magnet-me, best value for money. I couldn’t be happier with his service and the outcome. I would use him again at my next big event

Madeleine C.

4 Feb 2017

As soon as I contacted Haim at Magnet-Me I received nothing but prompt, professional service. We had Magnet-Me take photos and create magnets at our Wedding at the Craft & Co in February, and there were plenty of magnets to take home for our guests! We were also thrilled to receive all photos taken on the night on a USB and lots of photo magnets ourselves.. Haim/his team were fantastic in designing the magnets with us and really adjusted everything very easily to suit requests (fantastic at responding to emails/calls to work as a team for the magnet design). We would highly recommend Magnet-Me to anyone looking to provide guests with memories from special events/nights.. Thanks so much for everything! We will be using Magnet-Me again in the future!

Jess W.

21 Jan 2017

Our wedding was last Saturday and we got magnet me to capture the fun all our guests had. Everyone loved the idea and took home memories to put in their fridge. So unbelievably kind and wanting to get the best pics that we could :) would absolutely have magnet me at a party again

Nikita N.

5 Jan 2017

We can't thank Haim and his team enough for making our wedding day so much more memorable!! The magnets were a hit with all our guests!!! Haim was very friendly and professional throughout the whole process and the photos are great quality!! Thanks once again for all your work!

Natasha T.

30 Oct 2016

Thank you to Haim & the team at Magnet-Me! You guys are fantastic! Excellent service and great quality pictures, we would recommend anyone to this wonderful team, you would definitely not be disappointed! Thanks once again guys!!

Khya B.

18 Sep 2016

They were great, he got photos for people to take home. Everyone loved him and he was really easy going.

Dianna M.

16 Sep 2016

Everyone at our wedding loved MagnetMe! Our guests were so happy being able to take the photo magnets home! Lots of them said it was the best Bomboniere & thank you present ever!!!! Thank you so much Haim!!!! You guys are amazing & I highly recommend for any occasion!!! We definitely will be using them again xoxo

Aster T.

10 Sep 2016

Haim is wonderful to work with. He is very professional and friendly. All my guests enjoyed their magnets very much and Haim has definitely made my wedding an unforgettable one. Thank you Haim and your team.

Vicki M.

14 Feb 2016

Thankyou Haim for a great night on Sunday. We booked two days before and you were able to create some fun magnets for the guests to treasure forever. Great quality and unique idea! The Flowergirls had fun taking them off the board and locating the guests also. Such a cool idea ️ thankyou

Erin B.

7 Nov 2015

We were so lucky to have Magnet-Me at our wedding reception. Haim and the team were very professional and a joy to work with. We were very pleased with the service we received leading up to the event and last night. Our guests, young and old enjoyed looking at the board after each printing and loved taking home a happy snap to remember the night. We were so excited today when we got home to open up the package from Magnet-Me which included a USB with all the shots from the night and a selection of magnets for us to keep. So much fun, one of the best parts of the night! Thanks again!

Mike T.

26 Sep 2015

I honestly wasn't sure about doing magnets for a wedding but any doubt I had washed away as the second a new batch hit the white board were instantly taken by our guests. Everyone got some great memories to stick on their fridges and the pictures were really professional photographer grade awesome. Can't say enough good things about Haim and co. and would recommend them for any function you might feel magnets would make a great souvenir. Thank you very much.

Laura R.

2 Aug 2015

The guys at Magnet me are truly remarkable. Their service and excellence is like no other. Was such a great treat getting photos on the night on magnets for guests to take home! Our fridge is filled with magnets. Can't wait to use you for our next celebration!

Cassie A.

26 Jul 2015

Used Magnet-Me services for my wedding and it was nothing but perfect! Haim involved everyone in the wedding, and got some incredible shots! Everyone had an amazaing time and loved this! Thank you so much for everything! X

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