What name to use when introducing a person other than life partner.

Hi there. What's another term we can use for life partner during our ceremony?

Question Asked: 15/02/2024

Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Bec Johnson Celebrant

(5) · Far North Coast / Byron Bay / Lismore

Posted: 12/03/2024

So many options when naming your partner in your ceremony. I love that people are adpating the language they use- all inclusivity is welcome! Some terms I use/my couples use are: loved one, spouse, soulmate, significant other, better half, best friend, beloved, lover, side kick, partner in crime, or a particular pet name you have, or their actual name! 

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Treasured Ceremonies

(16) · Byron Bay to Ballina , North Coast NSW and Gold Coast QLD

Posted: 23/02/2024

You can pick almost anything you wish. The ceremony is based around your personal wants and desires.

It will be a memory for you. 
What do you normally call the person when you are introducing them to new people ? 

Moreton Bay Celebrancy

(0) · South East Queensland

Posted: 23/02/2024

During the ceremony you can say whatever you like. For the one legal vow sentence you can choose



spouse or

Partner in marriage

and choose between "lawful wedded", "lawful" or just "wedded.

so you might say "lawful partner in marriage" or "wedded spouse" etc.

Witchy Hitching

(2) · Australia

Posted: 23/02/2024

Great question! Inclusive language is really important and all dependent on the individual, but here is a list of some I've used or heard before. 

- partner 

- significant other / SO

- partner in marriage

- partner in life

- partner in crime

- domestic partner

- spouse 

- lover 

- fiancé 

- my betrothed

- future spouse 

- my to-be-wed

- other half 

- better half 

- soulmate 

and when all else fails, just use their name :)

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