Funny wedding vows?

Looking for some funny vow ideas please! We're hoping to keep our ceremony fun and lighthearted with lots of laughs. Any suggestions where we can go for inspiration?

Question Asked: 13/03/2024

Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Treasured Ceremonies

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Posted: 14/03/2024

I encourge my couples to gace a ceremony that is personal and relevant to the values.
I had one bride who had a line in her vows " And i know you love you cars more than me"
I have many samples if you wish to message me, or there are many examples which search engines will find

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Chris Winer Weddings

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Posted: 14/03/2024

You could use the following as your template and modify and personalise to suite and reflect you both.

Funny Wedding Vows

I’d like to just make a few promises to you now if I can.
I promise to love you with all I have to offer, always and forever.
I promise to share both my best and my worst days with you, and to carry you through your own.
I promise to always be there for you when you need me, and to take the hint when you don’t.
I promise that we will always be happy together and that, no matter what cards we are dealt, we will be each other’s King and Queen, though there may be a Joker in the pack, it will always be Ace between us

I promise to always make you laugh – and to get better at stopping before it turns to tears.
I promise to always believe in you and to follow you wherever you take us.
I promise to always try to make you as happy as you make me.
I promise you will always be enough.
Thank you for marrying me.
I love you and I like you.

or you might like the following links for ideas

Ceremonies by Jen

(15) · Sunshine Coast

Posted: 14/03/2024

Hi there, 

There are lots of examples on the internet, but these are the links that I send to my couples to support their vow writing!  My advice is to start a page in your notes on your phone and jot down anything that you think of, or see or hear in the months leading up to when your vows are required to your celebrant.  That way you have a running list of good points you can draw on when the time comes.  Try these links, they are very helpful.

All the very best with your vows and  your wedding day! 

Jen xx

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