Can a celebrant perform a marriage of his own son or daughter?

Pastor of a local small church group wants to perform the marriage of his son and future daughter in law. In Victoria Australia is this legal?

Question Asked: 6/12/2017 Wedding Date: 6/08/2018

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Debra Hodge - Wedding Celebrant

Far North Coast NSW and Gold Coast Region

(0) Posted: 14/02/2018

Yes, well Civil Celebrants can, so I imagine it depends on the particular Religion for Religious Celebrants.

Kaye Hartog

Adelaide and Surrounds

(2) Posted: 8/02/2018

yes perfectly legal 

Lisa Keevill

Newcastle / Hunter Valley / Port Stephens & surrounding areas

(1) Posted: 31/01/2018

Yes, as long as all legal requirements are met. I have married many family members and would love to marry one of my children should I get the opportunity.

Treasured Ceremonies

Melbourne, All Suburbs, Mornington Peninsula, Geelong, Yarra Valley

(17) Posted: 29/12/2017

absolutely yes, many celebrants only get the qualification to marry their family

Ashley Truscott Marriage Celebrant

Perth, Rockingham, Bunbury, Margaret River, Mandurah, Peel Region

(2) Posted: 10/12/2017

Yes, there is nothing stopping either a civil or religious celebrant to perform the wedding of a their child, provided all other legalities are complied with. 

I had a chat with my daughter, who is 12 years old, just yesterday about this very thing, I said to her that I wouldn't be able to walk her down the aisle unless I do and then promptly take my position as celebrant. Perhaps her brother could walk her down the aisle. Be a lot easier to do the ceremony for a son as it would be harder to give up the traditional role of walking your daughter down the aisle. No probs for a female celebrant though.

Anyway, it would be an honour to do the wedding of a child. 

All the best!

Cherish The Memories - Jenny Ashen

Brisbane & Surroundings / Gold Coast/ Sunshine Coast / Toowoomba

(5) Posted: 8/12/2017

As a Celebrant we can and I have officiated wedding ceremonies for my son and daughter.

It is such a special feeling when it is your own child, not that every wedding is special to me.

As for a religious minister, I'm not sure but don't see why not

Hope this is helpful and have a wonderful day.

John De Chiera

Perth + Margaret River - WA

(1) Posted: 7/12/2017

There is nothing stopping you as a Civil Celebrant to marry your own children, siblings,relatives.I have married my nephew and niece to their partners and I found it to be such a special day not only for them but also for me as I felt so honoured knowing I am their Uncle that i married them.It's a more relaxed atmosphere as you know everyone present  as they are family.

(117) Posted: 7/12/2017

Yes an authorised celebrant can legally perform weddings for anyone who wishes to marry and this includes any of their family members - including their own children. 

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