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As a wedding professional, Treasured Ceremonies offers expert advice to help couples plan their perfect day. Ask a question or read their expert advice.

Can we get married in two weeks time?

We are heading on holiday and would love to be married in two weeks. What are our options?

Treasured Ceremonies

As many have mentiong , the rules are one calendar month from completiion of Notice of Intended Marriage and the solemnising of the marriage in a wedding ceremony,
Lots of couples comply with this but sometimes there are exceptions.
more information about your circumstances would help

My mum is very Catholic and wants me to have a Catholic priest at my wedding

However, my partner does not. Is there any way I could combine the two to keep both parties happy? I want some Catholic elements, but not the whole service.

Treasured Ceremonies

Yes you can. I am Catholic and undestand the issue.

I have performed many weddings without priest where i do all the usual catholic prayers and feel cofortable doing them.
I have also performed several catholic weddings where the priest attended and did certain parts only of the ceremony and i did the rest.
YOu will need to locate a priest who is willing to do that, that will be your challenge.

How long does it take to get your official marriage certificate after the wedding?

Can't wait to change my name!

Treasured Ceremonies

it depends on a lot of factors and can take up to 20 business days.
Some BDM's are more responsive than others though many are claiming delays due to Covid.
If your celebrant is lodging electronically ask the celebrant to also request your certificate at the same time. We are told this saves time for certificates to be issued.
Some BDM call centres are now reopening and a polite call may expedite.

How to honour lost loved ones at our wedding

Would love some ideas on how we can incorporate my late nan into our wedding. Thank you.

Treasured Ceremonies

I am sure your Nan will be there in spirit and I would be referring to that (as celebrant) in my opening remarks.
As much as people want to include these feelings they also want to celebrate the wedding so i usually recommend that this is done very early in the ceremony soon after the bride's entrance. This also means you have everyone's full attention to this emotional beginning.
You can light , or members of family or birdal party can light, a candle. Leave the candle burning throughout the ceremony.
A celebrant could read a passage or poem or a member of your family can. 
IMHO i would encourage you to get someone to read, not yourself, you have enough to concentrate on.

Leave a spare seat for you Nan or perhaps have a white chair to one side for her, with a nice cushion and a single rose.

Or play a special song for her before the ceremony.

You can place her picture on the signing table to so that she can watch from there.

Should we have signs at our ceremony to leave the front row vacant for immediate family?

I was thinking maybe this is tacky, but then maybe it's necessary. (Or am I really just overthinking it?) Someone suggested that this is the role of the celebrant - to ensure that it's family in the first row. Is that generally true?

Treasured Ceremonies

It is down to the most practical person. In a venue they usually take care of this.
As a celebrant i also do this if reqiured, it is no biggy for me.

A simple sing which says RESERVED is sufficient, you dont have to explain yourself.
I also help ensure that the family do in deed get to those seats.

Is it OK to ask a celebrant to wear a costume at our wedding?

Hello! I've read some responses to celebrants dressing in a matching style etc. Is it rude to ask if they wouldn't mind wearing a costume? I've read somewhere a couple got married by batman and then the obvious Elvis option.. I like the idea of an iconic character and think it would be something to remember but wouldn't want to offend anyone or make it a bad experience. TIA

Treasured Ceremonies

Yes you can, it is totally legal.

I had a surprise (to the guests) weddding , the bride was dressed as an angel, the groom as a devil and i was in a bishops outfit complete with mitre.
I have also had a Dr Who wedding and i was Captain Jack Harkness

Confusion around roles of matron of honour, maid of honor and who can be a witness with the best man

I have a Maid of Honor who is unmarried and a Matron of Honor who is married. I want my Matron to be a witness along with the Best Man. Even though she is married, can I have her as the Maid instead?

Treasured Ceremonies

It is your wedding and you can choose who you want to be any part of the ceremony,
Witnesses requirements is that they are over the age of 18 , that is all.
Your bridal party make up is your own choice, There can be people of any gender on either side of the couple providing support.
Look on them as Groom's person or Bride's person or Couple's persons or even use the term fellow.
And why not mix up the genders, yo will have greater memories and more photo opportunities than the traditional line up.

Do any modern couples still include the opportunity to object during a wedding ceremony?

Curious about this and how it would be done well.

Treasured Ceremonies

That is not required in the current legal system and therefore not a choice that couples make.

When the act was legislated in 1961 that old process was removed and replaced with a a requirement for the couple to sign a "Declaration of No Legal Impediment" whereby the couple state that they are legal, as far as they know, able to marry one another.
Your celebrant will explain this form to you and ask you both to sign it, in front of the celebrant.

Can we write our own ring element into our wedding ceremony?

Wondering if the ring part of our ceremony can be personalised or if it has to be what everyone else has?

Treasured Ceremonies

yes there are many many way to personalise the ring ceremony.
As well as thousands of verses, poems and readings there are unifying ceremonies to add as well as old cultural traditions.

Can the celebrant refer to us as husband and wife in a commitment ceremony?

In a commitment ceremony is the celebrant allowed to say husband and wife?

Treasured Ceremonies

A celebrant can refer to you as husband and wife if you would prefer that for sure.
Talk to your celebrant about all the options available. 

Many people dont realise what a celebrant can do for them to make the ceremony personalised and make you feel special

Can use your marriage certificate to change you middle name to you Maiden name?

Wondering if you can change your name from [First name] [Middle Name] [Maiden Name] to [First name] [Maiden Name] [Spouse's Surname] using just your marriage certificate. I am looking to replace my existing middle name with my Maiden name after our wedding.

Treasured Ceremonies

The marriage ceremoney is not the correct way to make changes and I would advise you to make whatever changes before the wedding ceremony takes place. Your friendly BDM office can help you with all the necessary paperwork

How many people can you have at the moment with the virus?

Treasured Ceremonies

Happy to chat to you about what you can and cannot specifically as each state and each location has differing rules

How do I go about officiating my Hindu wedding if the priest is not recognised as a marriage celebrant?

I will be having a traditional Hindu wedding with a priest performing all the rites and rituals. Our priest performs many weddings but is not a marriage celebrant to officiate the wedding on the day with signing the paperwork. How do I go about this?

Treasured Ceremonies

I love the variety that my job as a celebrant brings me.  Yes a good celebrant will allow all your hindu customs and involve your own priest in the service and complete all the necessary paperwork. 

Do I need to register my wedding if I got married in a church?

This might seem like a dumb question but we were married in a church last year and got our marriage certificate from the priest - do I need to register this or is it automatically registered? Thanks

Treasured Ceremonies

The person who marries you at church will register your wedding as would a celebrant 

Who exactly can be a witness?

My fiance and I are having a small ceremony and just want it to be us. We are hoping the celebrant can be one of our witnesses. As for the other, can it be one of us or does have to be someone else? I can't find any specific information online anywhere. We want it to be as small and quiet as possible. Thank you in advance for any help :)

Treasured Ceremonies

Unfortunately you need two independant witnesses. Choose people who dont make a fuss and all they have to do is be there for the whole of the ceremony, listen to you get married and sign to confirm

I have no idea how to start writing my wedding vows

Can you please give me some advice or a structure for how I can write my vows to my soon-to-be husband?

Treasured Ceremonies

A vow is a promise, a promise you make to each other.

I do have some grooms who dont know what to say and my answer is to put these into words:

What did you think when you first saw your partner

What made you ask for a second date

What made you ask for their hand in marriage

Looking for ideas for a small quarantine-friendly ceremony

We are re-sizing our wedding and hoping to find a celebrant in Melbourne or Albury/Wodonga if we can't travel.

Treasured Ceremonies

Easy done and i do lots of these. You can get married by a celebrant one month after signing the Notice of Intended Marriage and then you are legally wed. As a celebrant i have had a number of couples do this and next year the couples plan to have their reception  and I will be there to perform a celebration of marriage ceremony using the vows from the legal wedding and much much more.

Marriage without the ceremony

Hi! My partner and I would like to get legally married without a ceremony at this stage - is there anyone that can provide advice as to whether we can formally sign the legal documents without having a ceremony and saying vows? We haven't submitted the NOIM as yet but have it ready. Ive asked BDM however they arent able to provide me any advice. Thank you!

Treasured Ceremonies

Yes, You can contact a celebrant, complete the NOIM, the celebrants would solmenize the ceremony one month after that signing and you are legally married without much ceremony. There are some requirements about what needs to be said but that is only takes about a 15 minutes. I do many of these.

Name change advice for overseas wedding?

we were married overseas in the form of a civil marriage, but the paperwork does not show that I have taken his surname through marriage what can we do

Treasured Ceremonies

That would be the same in most countries as well as here. Apart from the marriage certificate there is no actual name change documents.  In order to prove why you are using your husbands surname you produce your birth certificate and marriage certificate as audit trail.

Different paperwork for celebrant or minister?

Hi There, I was just wondering if we get married by a minister (uniting church) or by a celebrant is the paperwork on the wedding day any different or is it still 2 x Form 16 and 1 x Form 15? Thanks Ellie

Treasured Ceremonies

The forms are the same, it is just the training that is different and hence the focus on the wedding from a celebrant is about the couple.

How to officiate a wedding?

How can I have my dad marry us and it still be a legal marriage? How does this affect the price of a celebrant, and how does it change the ceremony?

Treasured Ceremonies

Your dad cn certainly be involved in the ceremony when are you marrying. There are lots of ways oif incorporating him into the ceremony. There are rules which the celebrant follows according to the law and provided the celebrant follows the rules your father can perform everything else.

How to get married in Australia?

We are thinking of getting married next year's whilst in Adelaide. Can you have a celebrant legally marry you at a family house in the garden or have you got to go to hotel?

Treasured Ceremonies

Yes, with a civil ceremony you can choose the location to have your ceremony. You will need to have completed your Notice of Intended Marriage at least one month before the ceremony, that is the only condition. 

Wedding anniversary milestone gifts?

What are the gifts for each anniversary?

Treasured Ceremonies

  • 1ST YEAR: Paper.
  • 2ND YEAR: Cotton.
  • 3RD YEAR: Leather.
  • 4TH YEAR: Fruit & Flowers, or Linen & Silk.
  • 5TH YEAR: Wood.
  • 6TH YEAR: Iron / Candy.
  • 7TH YEAR: Wool/ Copper.
  • 9TH YEAR: Pottery.

What are the requirements for 2 UK citizen's to marry in Australia?

Treasured Ceremonies

That you be over 18 and in the country.  That is all you need.

If you are here already you can complete the paperwork and wait for one month and then marry,

If you have not arrived you can compelte the paperwork and send it here, and one month later marry.

That is the simplest answer depending on where you are.

How do you organise a vow renewal?

I was married overseas and would like a Vow renewal in Australia with family. Will my Celebrant need proof of my marriage certificate and a Statutory declaration to proceed.

Treasured Ceremonies

No there is no requirement to prove anything, you can have a renewal as you wish.

It would be nice to refer to the place and date of your original wedding in this new ceremony and also bring something forward from then to now.

What is the process for marrying overseas?

My son and his fiance want to have a "wedding" in the UK. Do they marry here 1st? Then ceremony there? He is a US citizen, she is both a US citizen and has UK citizenship. Would it be easier to get a license in the US, marry before they get on the plane and then have a commitment ceremony there?

Treasured Ceremonies

They can marry wherever they choose and the wedding would be recognised in each of the countries you mention. 

it is more about where they would like to marry.

Can a tourist marry in Australia?

hi, i just want to ask if me and my girlfriend can marry in Australia i am a Filipino Citizen and she is a Canadian Citizen. our problem is she cannot provide her birth certificate. we will only be there as a tourist cause i will be coming from Philippines and she will be coming from Canada, we just want to get married legally. is there any other options we can provide besides from Birth Certificate as a requirement to marry and if so what should we do first ? thank you..

Treasured Ceremonies

Yes, tourists can marry here in Australia, i do this a lot. 

Your passports are sufficient evidence for your wedding paperwork

Can someone help me with my weddings vows?

I can't think of anything.

Treasured Ceremonies

yes, many celebrants like myself have pages of assistance and can help you write your own special custom vows

Can you get married in a week?

Hi my names adam and over the past few months ive had to watch my girlsfriends mother gradually deteriorate from cancer and my partner wont have her mum around much longer so what id like to do is give her the ooputunity to see one of her kids walk down the isle its such short notice but its something that i feel needs to happen we hsve been talking about getting married for awhile but the time is perfect can u help ? We are going to mt bawbaw next tuesday but staying in tanjil i want it there?

Treasured Ceremonies

Yes it is possible to marry within a week, the law does allow those kind of exceptional circumstances.

You celebrant can provide you with all the information you need to lodge a request with your local Birth Death and Marriage department.

Tips for writing your own wedding vows?

Treasured Ceremonies

If i get someone (usually a groom) who has absolutely no idea what to write i ask them to list three things:

What did you think of (bride) when you first met.

What made you ask her out ?

What drove you to ask her to marry you 

That is usually sufficient to write  a vow, just adding those three answers together

How do you get a marriage licence?

Treasured Ceremonies

Your celebrant will arrange the licence when they marry you

Who's responsible for lifting the bride's veil?

Treasured Ceremonies

you may chose whomever you wish.

your celebrant will make it special for you as part of the ceremony preparation. 

it can be father of the bride, groom, family member, bff - whoever is special enough in your heart

What’s the difference between a traditional and civil ceremony?

Treasured Ceremonies

a civil ceremony can be traditional and the fact that the majority of weddings are civil means we incorporate what ever traditions you may choose.

What is the process when it comes to having our Banns read?

We're getting married in a church that isnt our local parish so need our banns read. Do both churches read them on the same dates, taking 3 weeks, or does one church read them for 3 weeks followed by the next, taking 6 weeks?

Treasured Ceremonies

Marriage banns are the announcement of a couple's intention to marry, made inchurch on at least three Sundays in the three months preceding a wedding. ... Thebanns should be read in the churches near where both the bride and groom live, as well as the church where they are to get married.

Which wedding traditions can you skip at your wedding?

Treasured Ceremonies

You can skip whatever you like, there is not really anything from the past that you need to include. The regulations by which a civil celebrant is governed must be included but they are legal details not traditions. We can create a very modern ceremony for you without traditions if you prefer.

What are the most important things to include in wedding vows?

Treasured Ceremonies

The legal term is a vow, I tell my couples it is a promise. A promise you make to each other on that special day. And there are lots of ways of making that special. Create them together or create them seperately and keep it as a surprise for the day. 

Also keep your promises (the card you read from) and recite them to each other on your anniversary. 

Why not put a bottle of your favourite wine or spirit into a box at the ceremony, place your promises (vows) into the box and then twelve months later, open the box, say the promises again and drink the wine. This could be made perpetual. 

If you dont drink then there are lots of other items which you can put away and share together on the anniversary.

Does the bride go on the Honeymoon with her maiden or married name?

Treasured Ceremonies

My advise is to go on the honeymoon with her maiden name as you need to book everything in advance. Especially in the case of airline tickets, visas and passports are not easily or cheaply updated. Thta does not mean you cannot have your booking marked as 'honeymoon couple' and enjoy the benefits - so take a copy of your marriage certificate with you on your phone to prove it.

Who can be a Wedding Celebrant?

Treasured Ceremonies

Anyeone over the age of 18 can become a celebrant. In the past many have obtained the qualification just to perform the wedding of someone close to them. However they dont last very long as there are annual costs such as registration and ongoing development and advertising is quite costly. So they dont get the weddings and therefore dont get experience which in turn hinders them getting more ceremonies. Those who do get a significant number of weddings really enjoy their vocation and perform ceremonies with all their heart and all their soul.

How does a celebrant work?

What is the process and what should we expect from a Celebrant when choosing the right one.

Treasured Ceremonies

Many people don’t know what a celebrant can do for them, I am happy to come and meet with you, obligation free.
I can explain the process and leave you with a free Ceremony Kit or alternatively post one out to you.

Most importantly a celebrant will promise to make your ceremony special, which I craft and personalise, and have lots of material
and information to assist you.
Your wedding ceremony is a memory for you, just like the photos you take and should reflect your
personal values and personalities in your vows, the music you play and the readings.

Who can be our witnesses if we don't know anyone in Australia?

Treasured Ceremonies

the only requirement is two people over the age of 18. So a ceremony has a minimum of five people involved and I usually help my couples find someone. Otherwise you can ask people who live near you, work with you, You never know it might start a friendship with them

Getting married in Australia with Work & Holiday Visa (462)?

Hi All, we are going to spend a year in Australia with my boyfriend, having a Work&Holiday Visa (462). We are engaged, and plan to get married in Australia. Is it necessary with this type of visa? Thanks a lot for your kind answer!

Treasured Ceremonies

You can most certainly marry in Australia and you can choose a location such as a beach, park or garden or a bush wedding somewhere in the country areas not so far from the city. Provided you are both over the age of 18 there are no other boundaries. Your passports will be sufficient proof of your identity for the paperwork. Just take note that you will need to leave one month between signing the paperwork and the actual ceremony.

Where can I get a notice of intended marriage form?

Is this something that I have to find myself?

Treasured Ceremonies

You can download from the attorney generals department , from BDM or from my website treasuredceremonies com au.

Then I suggest you go and meet with a celebrant so you can discuss your requirements. The celebrant can help you complete the Notice and also witness your signatures on that notice.

Fun celebrants?

Looking for someone who can make our wedding unique and a bit more fun!

Treasured Ceremonies

Yes your ceremony can be fun and should be just what you imagine a ceremony to be. 

Most importantly I promise to make your ceremony special, which I craft and personalise, and have lots of material and information to assist you.

Your wedding ceremony is a memory for you, just like the photos you take and should reflect your personal values and personalities in your vows, the music we play and the readings.

PM me for more details

What does marriage celebrant do?

Treasured Ceremonies

Most importantly a celebrant will make your ceremony special, which they will craft and personalise, and usually have lots of material and information to assist you.

Your wedding ceremony is a memory for you, just like the photos you take and should reflect your personal values and personalities in your vows, the music that is played and the readings.

Can anyone be a marriage celebrant?

Treasured Ceremonies

Yes . Some people become celebrants just to marry their familiy member, some do it for a hobby and some to do as a profession.  You obvioulsy have a reason for asking, pm me and I am happy to chat.

What makes a good marriage celebrant?

Treasured Ceremonies

A good marriage celebrant is one that suits the marrying couple. My advice is to search on the internet in your area , select many of them and email them. Then interview the ones who reply in a comprehensive manner and who take the time to respond. You then meet with a couple of them and ensure you are comfortable with their services. Whilst newer celebrants are not as experienced personality is the main guage.

can a marriage celebrant marry a family member?

I went to a wedding and the celebrant was the grooms father. Is this legal?

Treasured Ceremonies

Yes, in fact some people become celebrants just to marry their family member and then dont perform any other weddings after that.  However whilst it is a nice idea the marrying couple are not getting the best for the wedding in terms of professionalism though i recognise the familial connection is very strong.

What does a marriage celebrant have to say?

What are the legal requirements?

Treasured Ceremonies

There are a couple of key areas that a celebrant must include in a wedding and the celebrant has some specific wording which cannot change such as the monitum. Chat to a celebrant and see how your wedding can be customised to suit your value and personalities whilst still including the correct legal inclusions. 

The specific items are The opening paragraphs, the legal clause called Monitum, The Vows and the Declaration. These can be included inside a tailored ceremony which ensures you enjoy your ceremony and it reflects you and your fiance's wishes.

when to book a marriage celebrant?

Treasured Ceremonies

My recommendation is to book the marriage celebrant as soon as you have booked the venue, if you want to be able to choose a celebrant that suits you and your personalities

what is an independent marriage celebrant?

Does this mean they are secular?

Treasured Ceremonies

We dont use the word independent as it can be ambigious.  Apart from the registry, and armed forces or overseas consular officials we only have three type of celebrants- 

  • Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrants who perform civil ceremonies
  • Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrants who perform religious ceremonies for independent religious organisations.
  • Ministers of religion

Why do married couples renew their vows?

Treasured Ceremonies

It is one of life's great battles to stay together as a couple and each must work hard throughout the marriage to keep each other happy. A renewal of the vows is an outward sign to others that they have achieved the milepost.

Have you ever performed an arranged marriage?

Treasured Ceremonies

As registered civil marriage celebrants we are obliged to watch out for weddings where one party is not marrying from their own free will. However many marriages are arranged by family or friends and both parties agree to go ahead, that is a different case. Yes i have undertaken marriages where the bride or the groom was chosen by parents (and uncle) but both the parties were happy to marry.

What are the point of wedding vows if you can simply choose to leave the person later?

Treasured Ceremonies

The vow is a legal term. What you need to consider is to look at them as a promise. A promise to one another on a very special day when you commit yourselves to each other exclusively.  I dont think people choose to leave another person later unless circumstances affect the relationship, it is up the both of the couple to constantly work at their marriage and to keep each other happy.

What advice could you share with the groom the night before his wedding?

Treasured Ceremonies

Ha!   Stay sober

Can you help me with a wedding vow for my husband?

I like a lot the one about the sail but my husband likes fishing and I would like to come out with a fun vow.. can you help me? Thanks a lot

Treasured Ceremonies

I have done many vows about fishing and come unity ceremonies as well. Contact me through my website Treasured Ceremonies and I will help you.

I'm looking for a funny celebrant in Melbourne/Canberra/Sydney?

If you'd travel to canberra, then I'd love to hear from you!

Treasured Ceremonies

I presume you mean you would like a relaxing and fun ceremony rather than a stand up comedian. Yes I am prepared to travel to Canberra though my Treasured Ceremonies business is in Victoria. Give me a call

Guardian's Visa Marriage in Australia?

I am a U.K. Citizen & hold a Student Guardian Visa in Australia. Can I marry an Australian Citizen whilst here or will I have to leave and re- enter on a tourist visa for purposes of our intended marriage and spousal visa application?

Treasured Ceremonies

You can marry here in Australia - You need to sign the Notice of Intended Marriage and in one months time you can marry. Be aware that this is no way affects your visa nor does it give you any automatic rights to any other sort of visa

Can a person with student/travel visa gets married in Australia?

During my trip to Melbourne, my partner proposed to me and we are planning to get married in Australia. However, he is holding a student visa while I'm traveling on a tourist visa. Please advice, thanks :)

Treasured Ceremonies

HI , your visa status is of no concern to the wedding celebrant, Be aware that being married is not an automatic right to another type of visa.

Do you think the goal of couples in 2018 is to have a wedding or to have a marriage?

Treasured Ceremonies

They are an exchange of the same term. I realise you are looking at a deeper meaning and it is hoped that all couples are looking for a long and lasting relationship

Eloping without witnesses?

My partner and I are thinking of eloping but just with our children and no witnesses. Is this possible?

Treasured Ceremonies

no, but you could get married here first and then elope on your own

Civil marriage in melbourne... is it possible?

hi, My self a Muslim & my girlfriend is Hindu. I live in Melbourne on aus pr visa & my GF lives in the USA on a work visa. we are planning to get married in Melbourne. please advise what is the best way to marry her in Melbourne without any religious marriage. I can contact you personally too discuss more abt my scenario.

Treasured Ceremonies

Yes I perform these sorts of marriages all the time, please see my website treasured ceremonies

Do Celebrants fly/travel to perform destination weddings?

Treasured Ceremonies

Yes but only if the wedding is in Australia. Celebrants are not permitted to wed people in other countries such as Bali.  I have many couples who are concerned about overseas weddings not being Australian and so I encourage them to marry in Australia first and then have a wedding celebration overseas so that there is not question about paperwork or legality. I also do destination weddings in Australia for people coming from overseas which i enjoy helping them celebrate

If we're getting married in a garden, do we need a undercover plan B for weather reasons?

Treasured Ceremonies

absolutely, espcialy dependant on the time of year.  

Everyone will understand even if they have to stand in the garage

How does the idea of an unplugged wedding go over with guests?

Do some choose to ignore it?

Treasured Ceremonies

Depends on the age and cultural aspects of the group and also the progressiveness of the couple. Weddings are for the couple first and foremost, for the family second and for friends third. A wedding ceremony should suit your personality, be very special and tailored just for you.

What are some quintessential australian wedding traditions?

Treasured Ceremonies

We are in a changing society and what is typical or perfect for one is not the same for another. And with the Australian culture in a flux or change and multiculturalism there is no longer a definition. Go with your heart and have a ceremony designed on what you both feel is your own personality, personally unique, very special and tailored just for you.

If my partner is muslim, should I be having a civil or religious ceremony?

Are they both equal in the eyes of the law? I was not born in Aus so need a little help understanding

Treasured Ceremonies

Both civil and religious ceremoines are recognised equally in Australia. I perform many wedding ceremonies for people of different culture and make sure that we include both of the rituals and reflections in the ceremony, please call if you need more info. Mario - Treasured Ceremonies

Can you become a celebrant and preside over your own wedding?

Treasured Ceremonies

As mentioned below, this is not possible. You can become a celebrant, meet other celebrants and ask one of them to marry you, or just call me. Mario - Treasured Ceremonies

Can I have sample Christian vows for a couple who choose not to be married?

We just want some kind of "pledge" to have.

Treasured Ceremonies

Yes you can - please contact me to discuss  0- Mario - Treasured Ceremonies

My parents think I am too young for marriage. What can I do?

Treasured Ceremonies

There is a legal minimum age and then there is an age at which you are mature enough to realise what you are entering into. Marriage is the union of two people to the exclusion of all others and entered into for life. Putting age aside are you ready for marriage ?

What are wedding vows?

Treasured Ceremonies

The law says you must talk to each other on the day !  lol  and rules are that you say a vow to each other, I tell my couples that it is like a promise to each other. I make it legal by ensuring the first sentence follows the rules and then the rest is the promise that ech person makes to the other,

Any way I can include my step-child in our vows?

Treasured Ceremonies

Absolutely - and what a lovely to be inclusive. there are many ways to incorporate others into the vows and the ceremony, happy to answer questions  - Mario - Treasured Ceremonies

What makes original wedding vows really stand out, in your opinion?

Treasured Ceremonies

Your personality and your honest open approach is what really stands out. Emotion rather then commotion so not too many jokes or smart comments.

How long should my vows be?

Treasured Ceremonies

As long as you wish. They are a reflection of you and your personality, They can be one sentence or several pages. Be mindful of your guests and what they expect to hear as well as your fiance and what she would like you to say.

Any recommendations for online premarital counselling programs?

Treasured Ceremonies

I have many options please contact me via my website  - treasured ceremonies

Does the marrying couple sign three commemorative certificates?

Does the marrying couple sign three commemorative certificates as well as the official certificate of marriage, or two?

Treasured Ceremonies

There are three certificates to sign, the commerative certificate which the couple keep and two official certificates, one of which is sent off for registation of the wedding

Are there any celebrants familiar with classic filipino weddings?

I am looking to find a celebrant who is familiar with the classic filipino wedding ceremonies and also familiar with the scriptures and prayers as well. Someone based in Melbourne and happy to travel up to 2hrs from Melbourne.

Treasured Ceremonies

I am happy to chat to you about your requirements. I do many many asian weddings (many filipino) and include scriptures and prayers.  check my website treasuredceremonies com au and contact me and we can chat. Happy to travel.

Salvation Army celebrant, non-denominational wedding?

Hi all, I'm getting married in October, and I have a lovely acquaintance who has just told me she's a celebrant. She is registered on the Attourney General Celebrants register as an "Authorised Celebrant - Ministers Of Religion For Recognised Denominations - The Salvation Army". Neither I nor my partner are Christian, let alone members of the church, but she is becoming a close friend and I'm wondering if it would be unheard of to have a Salvo minister marry us in a non-denominational wedding?

Treasured Ceremonies

If the person is someone you are comforable with then go ahead. My advice would be to contact a couple more celebrants and see them so you can compare. Happy to chat with you.

Where is the best place to get married in Sydney?

Looking for a venue and celebrant then I will work out the rest

Treasured Ceremonies

Whereever you feel comfortable. Write down a list of the things you are looking for in a venue so you have a clear mind when searching

Do you ever meet couples that you don't think should get married?

If you do, what do you do? I feel like a celebrant we met pushed us towards counselling...

Treasured Ceremonies

We are obliged to mention counselling but in no way am I going to push you or anyone else into it. there are lots of views on the appopriateness of counselling. Happy to discuss.

Does anyone do the classic vows anymore?

I___ take thee ___ to be my lawfully wedded ___. In sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, as long as we both shall live etc Just wondering

Treasured Ceremonies

yes, by law there are certian requirements and I ensure that these are met as well as the couple saying their promise in a meaningful way. Happy to discuss.

How do I ensure my vows sound good enough?

Treasured Ceremonies

As a celebrant i make sure my couple are comfortable with the vows and they are relaxed in saying them. A vow is a promise that you make to each other on the day and that is how it should come across. Concentrate on each other not everyone else, Happy to discuss.

Does the celebrant have to do the whole "how they met" story?

I feel like that might be awkward for us. We are a super stong and stable couple now, but when we met we still had a lot of growing up to do (we were teenagers, and broke each others hearts.) We had a huge falling out and reconnected later. It was very messy and all of our fam and friends know that. Do we have to go into that when our life is so beautiful NOW, and has been for years now?

Treasured Ceremonies

No, the ceremony is about you as a couple but you do not need to have a how they met story. You must make sure the whole ceremony is about you and want to feel on the day. What the celebrant says is very important and dont let anyone tell you that you have to do anything. happy to discuss.

Is a person who is asked to do a reading at the church part of the bridal party?

Treasured Ceremonies

not necessarily, The could be or you could choose someone else to be included who was not in the bridal party, say a family member. Happy to chat to you,

conjugal status on marriage certificate?

Do both husband and wife have to mention their conjugal status (if one of them previously divorced) on their marriage certificate? Are there any options with the marriage certificates like can they choose any marriage certificate that does not require conjugal status details?

Treasured Ceremonies

On the legal paperwork it is mentioned and you will need proof of divorce for the completion of the Notice of Intended Marriage. However  for the ceremony I make sure this is not mentioned. Happy to chat about this with you.

How can I incorporate my step-child into the ceremony?

Treasured Ceremonies

There are many way depending on the age of the children and how involved you wish them to be in the ceremony, There are unique ceremonies within your main ceremony which we call Unity ceremonies and they could participate in the a way suited to their ages.  happy to discuss this further

How does the name change process work?

Do celebrants help with this process?

Treasured Ceremonies

If you mean changing of the spouse surname to the married name when you marry then your marriage record  serves as the changes, you need do nothing more.

Can a religious priest/minister/pastor marry you in a non-denominational chapel?

Please post as anonymous, thank you.

Treasured Ceremonies

it depends on your beliefs and how you want to feel on the day. Do you want to feel connected to a church and their ceremony or is it in deference to parents and familiy?

I do religious ceremonies of any religoins, happy to chat and discuss your requirements.

How can I encourage my partner to write their vows?

I've written mine and I'm still waiting to find out about theirs- is there anything I can do without nagging? The wedding is only two weeks away

Treasured Ceremonies

I can email you some examples if you like ?

Do canapes have to be kosher for our Rabbi?

We are having wedding ceremony at reception venue 1st with a Rabbi offici Do canapes after have to be kosher, when we are signing the documents? What is the protocol? Kosher food is very expensive. The Rabbi will not be attending the reception but will be present when canapes are offered around.

Treasured Ceremonies

surely it depends on your guests and what they are expecting ?

Do celebrants usually recommend pre-marriage counselling or courses?

Treasured Ceremonies

Yes we do. We have a brochure on the subject which we hand to couples as part of our duties and your celebrant should have a list of people they can refer you to. 

How much should I expect to pay for a celebrant?

And is it cheaper to go for a religious officiant? I'm not fussed about the cost just want to know what to budget for. :)

Treasured Ceremonies

You should budget between $600 and $900 dollars for a celebrant of your choice. Anything more than that is not value for money anything less may not be worth the saving.

Can I get married in both a religious and civil ceremony?

My fiance is muslim and I am catholic, we want to respect the mother and have a 'Katb al kitab' but this happens on a different day to the reception. On the day of the reception we want to have a civil ceremony, please help. Need some advice. Thank you

Treasured Ceremonies

You may have two ceremonies however only one can be the real wedding. A civil ceremony help on the day of the reception would be considered the real wedding and the paperwork will be filed with Births Deaths Marriages in your local state. Your church ceremony will not require paperwork nor will the record be filed.

Do couples usually use vow books?

Treasured Ceremonies

You may use vow books if you so wish. It is, after all, your ceremony.

Any tips on writing vows?

I have no idea where to begin. Are they meant to be promises?

Treasured Ceremonies

Google has thousands- your celebrant should be able to guide you and provide samples. contact me on my website and I will send you a portfolio

I'm not a religious but can I have my marriage ceremony in a church?

Treasured Ceremonies

Yes, there are some churches who will hire out their premises for civil ceremonies

Who writes the vows? Do we say them or have to repeat after the celebrant?

Treasured Ceremonies

You will write the vows or choose the vows from a list, The celebrant should have a library and you can google.

There are many options for delivery, either from a prompt card, copied phrase by phrase prompted by the celebrant,

I did have one bride you read hers from her iphone - she had always wanted to do that

Are marriage annulments a thing in Australia?

Treasured Ceremonies

An annulment of marriage in Australia is governed by the Family Law Act and requires a decree of nullity. A decree of nullity is an order which says that there is no legal marriage between the parties even though a marriage ceremony may have taken place . it is done through and by order of, the family court

Which is the bride's side and which is the groom's side?

Is this still a thing? Obvious not for same sex couples, but still

Treasured Ceremonies

We dont take sides at a wedding - is my catch phrase at ceremonies

I prefer to manage the guests and spread them on both sides to even out the seating.

Should I avoid getting married on Jan 13th as it will be so busy right?

We're a same-sex couple

Treasured Ceremonies

There is no reason to avoid any date, please explain your reason for the question ?

Is it bad to have my guests sitting in the sun?

What if it's really hot? It's a feb wedding. What can I do to ensure no one faints? :/

Treasured Ceremonies

Yes, really bad form and can be a health risk

Your celebrant should be able to manage the day, keep the guests in the shade up until the last minute and then your guests will only have to be in the heat during the actual ceremony

You could also provide nice white umbrellas for your guests to use during the ceremony

If a Couple Doesn't Kiss at Their Wedding, What Else Can They Do?

I am extremely phobic of being touched, but at weddings the couple always kisses. Is it a requirement, or are there different things I can do? If so, what?

Treasured Ceremonies

Kissing is not a requirement. Some couples will not kiss in public due to their religious and ethical beliefs. 

And yes there are lots of alternatives. contact me via my website and I will provide some ideas

Can a celebrant perform a marriage of his own son or daughter?

Pastor of a local small church group wants to perform the marriage of his son and future daughter in law. In Victoria Australia is this legal?

Treasured Ceremonies

absolutely yes, many celebrants only get the qualification to marry their family

I'm a chilled bride. Is that a bad thing?

I just don't need any stress, and I don't think the wedding is as important as the marriage. Don't get me wrong, is IS important and I have my gorgeous dress and venue, and all of that, but do I really need to be going crazy for months in the lead up, worrying?

Treasured Ceremonies

No, not at all worrying. It is good to hear that you are not stressing out. The wedding is a big day and the start of your future together as a married couple. It is both a legal ceremony and a symbolic one of the unity of a couple who are planinng to spend their time together, for ever. I hope your husband to be is also as calm and collected. I actually see more stressed grooms than I do brides in fact.  I do hope your day goes well for you both and for your families.

If I'm in the middle of an argument with my sister, would it be bad of me to not attend her wedding?

Treasured Ceremonies

Marriage is forever and a wedding is a symbol of the first step in that journey, The photos are taken for memory but also the ceremony itself, the vows you say, the family members and the guests just being there are all part of that memory.

What would you like to look back on as a memory of your sisters wedding ?

If I elope, do you think I'll regret it?

I don't want to do the whole big wedding thing so eloping is looking like a good option

Treasured Ceremonies

Elope - ! do it . honestly it is up to you as a couple and what feels right.

if you afre not concerned about family or close friends then do it alone or ask a couple of them to come along

Any advice on changing your religion to get married?

We want a celebrant to perform our wedding, as we both have different religions- but i was wondering on your thoughts around changing your religion for marriage? My partner wants me to but I am not sure about it. Any advice?

Treasured Ceremonies

You can absolutely change, now or later. Consider that a civil wedding can include elements of both your religions, i do this often. And couples also usually take into consideration the parents of each partner when doing this, out of defference. pm me if you want more information

Any alternatives to swapping rings?

Ceremony ideas?

Treasured Ceremonies

Yes, not all couples swap rings

Could be exchange of jewellery such as bracelet, anklelet, locket, 

I know of a couple who had a yin and yang medallion which was clevery cut into two with an S shaped cut

These were threaded onto a chain for each and they placed them over the head of each to be worn as an symbol of the love

Any ideas for a cool entrance to my ceremony?

Treasured Ceremonies

There are many many ways and this would be choreographed around the venue and the way in which the ceremony is being conducted. I have had a groom arrive by helicopter, by boat, had a bride arrive before a groom, both together and so on.  

On a motor bike, a truck, on a haybale on a flatbed truck and lots of variations. you can pm me if you want more detail

Son in law isn't "allowed" to come to the wedding. What can I do?

My SIL's mother is withholding custody. She said she doesn't want him to be there- there are no legal orders in place- what can I do!?

Treasured Ceremonies

Your mention of legal orders would suggest there is more to this than the first question. 

Perhaps he could arrive just in time, remain at the back and watch and then leave immediately after the pronouncement

I'm considering walking myself down the aisle, thoughts?

Has any other bride done this at one of your weddings?

Treasured Ceremonies

Excellent, you are not alone and your celebrant should be able to make it very special for you and make you feel special on the day

Is it okay to stand the opposite way at the altar?

I know the bride is meant to stand on the left in our culture (and opposite in Jewish ceremonies), but can I stand on the right?

Treasured Ceremonies

This is purely a matter of choice for the bride and groom and as you say is sometimes deemed by culture.

I usually ask the couple which side of each other that they walk down the street on, this is usually a good guide

Do Aussie couples usually have ushers?

We don't have a bridal party but want to honour our close friends by asking them to have official roles on the day, like ushers, and doing a reading and things like that.

Treasured Ceremonies

Ushers are a thing of the past but you could still use family members who are not part of the bridal party and are not doing a reading to be assigned a task of ensuring all the guests get seated. I try to spread the guests evenly. If anyone asks me which is the brides side, or which is the grooms side, my response is that "we do not take sides at a wedding"

Do you usually have a rehearsal with the couple before the wedding day?

Treasured Ceremonies

Yes, usually ? well in 9 out of ten weddings. Especially when younger children are involved.  That does not mean you have to go to the venue though, i have rehearsed in peoples front rooms and back gardens. And yes some people do not rehearse because they have confidence in my ability as a celebrant to hold the day together and ensure there are no hiccups

What is your favourite wedding reading?

Treasured Ceremonies

quite a lot piece of string as there are literally thousands. If you pm me I can send you some pdf's of suggestions

What's the usual order of events in a wedding ceremony?

Treasured Ceremonies

Your celebrant should be able to assist, I give my couples a kit which enables them to make the choices

Is it possible to get married at the registry and then have a wedding later?

Treasured Ceremonies

NO, you can only be married once. 

However you can have a renewal of vows at any time after the registry wedding.

What do you need to have a wedding?

My partner, myself, two witnesses.... what else?

Treasured Ceremonies

two other people and a lot of love !

My partner won't be wearing a wedding ring. Does this make the "ring exchange" part of the ceremony seem awkward?

Hello, My partner won't be wearing a wedding ring. Does this make the "ring exchange" part of the ceremony seem awkward?

Treasured Ceremonies

Oh not at all. Your partner can seal your union with the one ring being placed on your finger.

We just change the wording to suit, I have many variations

Some guys dont wear rings especially depending on their trade or profession. Some guys just dont want to wear a ring, simple!

This is only one part of unity which is included in the marriage ceremony and there are many other examples of unity which can also be included where both of  your can participate and have a memorable ceremony


Mario of Treasured Ceremonies

What are some examples of unusual readings for weddings?

Looking for something a little different.

Treasured Ceremonies

I have a long list if you want to contact me

Mario - Treasured Ceremonies

have anyone ever done a same sex civil ceremony?

located in melb

Treasured Ceremonies

Yes, but it does not include marriage as described in the marriage act 1961.

We have a committment ceremony

How much can I expect to pay for a marriage celebrant in Brisbane, QLD?

I am hoping for a non religious ceremony and I was abosuletly underestimating the cost of a celebrant. Can anyone recommend a good non religious celebrant, or someone who can perform a non religious ceremony. Also what have others paid for a celebrant, just so the number becomes more comfortable in my head!

Treasured Ceremonies

the most important component and you will find costs ranging from $400 to $1200

my parents think its normal to attend wedding ceremonies theyre not invited to. is it?

usually its someone we know well but havent been officially invited, like theyll attend one of their daughter's friend's wedding .. just not sure if its something we're not supposed to be doing

Treasured Ceremonies

Many people attend the wedding ceremony who are not invited, but they dont go to the reception

Can we still marry if my partner has an expired visa?

Treasured Ceremonies

Yes you can, there is no requirement in the marriage act to check visa status

however getting married is not an automatic right to a visa and you need to check with an immigration agent 

How many weddings do you book in per day?

Are celebrants usually doing one per day? or two on some days? How is this possible?! haha

Treasured Ceremonies

I only book one ceremony per day, I dont think it is fair on my couples to think i might have to be travelling between venues which might be a long way apart . I dont want to stress my couples on their very important day and I always like tobe early at the venue and not leave it to the last minute

Any advice on writing my vows to my wife-to-be?

Treasured Ceremonies

I have a file of vows or just search online

what was the best wedding youve ever attended and why?

Treasured Ceremonies

Every wedding is special. 

Every wedding should reflect the couples values

have you ever said no to doing a couple's wedding?

Treasured Ceremonies

yes, but for privacy reasons I would not divulge why to anyone else.

it is important that couples are ready for marriage, want to marry in the right environment and for the right reasons.

i keep in touch with my couples even after the ceremony and want them to be happy.

do you think its important to go with a vendor who is same-sex friendly?

If that aligns with your beliefs

Treasured Ceremonies

I think it is important that you use vendors who you are comfortable with and whose value systems align with your own

who are the witnesses if you elope?

Treasured Ceremonies

You will need to find two people over the age of eighteen in the location that you are going to have the ceremony.

Or take two friends away with you

If my divorce is not finalised, but I want to remarry... can I file a Notice of Intention to Marry?

Treasured Ceremonies

You can file the Notice of Intention to Marry anytime you like but cannot have the actual solemnising ceremony until your divorce comes through. And there is no time limit once the divorce issues, it could be the day after if you so desired

is there an extra charge to have a rehearsal?

Treasured Ceremonies

No, I include the rehearsal , all meetings, travelling, use of PA and everything I do in one fixed price . See my treasured ceremonies website

We are coming to Australia for a holiday and we want to get married there, it this legal?

Treasured Ceremonies

Yes, absolutely. I perform lots of ceremonies for cpuples like yourselves. Email me and I will give you all the information you need. please check my treasured ceremonies site.

When should I start to think about hiring a Celebrant?

Treasured Ceremonies

Once you have booked the venue then you need to book the celebrant.

I have booking through 2018 and 2019 already so to get the celebrant you want you must book as soon as you can

can marriage celebrants perform religious ceremonies?

Treasured Ceremonies

Yes I would be happy to include religious elements in any of my ceremonies and I do. I have sometimes a little and sometimes a lot of religion in the ceremony depending totally on the couples requirements

can i have a religious ceremony not in a church?

Treasured Ceremonies

Yes, I perform lots of religious ceremonies or ceremonies with religion in them in any location that my couple chooses to marry. if you would like more information please email mario at treasured ceremonies.

Changing identification after marriage?

Hi I am just wondering if by-law after marriage if you can take his last name and still keep your maiden name on your ID.

Treasured Ceremonies

You can keep your maiden name on your id but it is a good idea to change everything or nothing so that you do not cause confusion imho. you dont have to take his last name if you choose not to.

everyone says i need to have cash on the day. but what for?

Treasured Ceremonies

you do not need cash. I would suggest that most of your payments should have been done prior to the event, Why leave anything to chance and why have the worry about carrying cash and paying people on the day ?

can celebrants offer advice on vows? or even coach us?

Treasured Ceremonies

Absolutely. There are many ways to think of vows and I suggest you start with the idea that they are a promise. What are you promising each other on the day.

Many guys ask me this question as they are often stuck and I say to them to write three lines. What did you think when you first saw your fiancee, what made you ask her out a second time and what was it that made you ask her to marry you.

I encourage my couples to either collaborate and create a vow that is meaningfull to them both or alternatively create them seperate and keep the promise as  surprise on the day.

Happey to forward you a ceremony kit which has some suggestions for vows and much much more information about weddings.

Mario from Treasured Ceremonies

How to choose bridesmaids?

I want to have bridesmaids at my wedding but I have no close girl friends or sisters that I am particularly close to. My daughter who will be 9 and my youngest sister (19) are all I have but neither live close by and neither are maid of honor material. What should I do?

Treasured Ceremonies

You can have anyone as bride's maids or bride's attendants as we say now

Think of your friends not just those who are female 

I am happy to send you a kit which will help you plan your wedding day

Mario - Treasured Ceremonies

how long is too long for a ceremony? and do celebrants charge by duration of the ceremony?

Treasured Ceremonies

Most people these days perfer 30 to 40 mins only

I do have ceremonies which run for an hour but they are planned that way and what the couple reqiure

I am happy to send you a kit which will help you plan your wedding day

Mario - Treasured Ceremonies

If I am getting married overseas, will my marriage be recognised in Australia?

or do I need to have a legal ceremony here too.

Treasured Ceremonies

yes it will be recognised here provided it is registered overseas as to that country's normal procedure

Groom doesn't want to make a speech, what do I do?

My Groom is terrified of making a speech at our wedding and has therefore refused to do so. And i highly doubt the best man will also. The maid of honor is also scared of public speaking but is happy to over come her fear to say a little something. Suggestions to even thing out?

Treasured Ceremonies

Yes, get each one to write a page and ask your celebrant to MC your reception and read them out or get an MC like me !

Happy to help

Mario - Treasured Ceremonies

can we still get married?

Hi, we got married in a china registry 2 years ago and now planning our Australian wedding this January, but have heard we cannot actually get married twice. is this correct and could we still get married anyway.....or just allowed to have a fake ceremony/register?

Treasured Ceremonies

You cannot marry twice nor can you have a fake ceremony.

My advice would be to have a celebration and renewal of your marriage 

I can help with that

Mario - Treasured Ceremonies

my celebrant read the wrong reading at my it wrong to ask for some money back?

Treasured Ceremonies

Oh dear- i hope the celebrant apologized. 

You need to talk directly with the celebrant and sort something out

can i ask my celebrant to mention marriage equality during the ceremony?

I'm still looking for one- but this is really important to me

Treasured Ceremonies

If you would like to contact me I am happy to chat off line.

Basically you cannot alter the words that are required to be said but in other places in the ceremony I do include a paragraph on the couple's thoughts on merriage equality

I am happy to send you a kit which will help you plan your wedding day

Mario - Treasured Ceremonies

who walks me down the aisle if my dad is no longer with us?

Treasured Ceremonies

You can choose anyone you like, even your husband to be or your celebrant. Is there another significant person in your life ? mother brother uncle ?

I am happy to send you a kit which will help you plan your wedding day

Mario - Treasured Ceremonies

If im having a destination wedding somewhere that doesnt speak english...

do i have to import an english speaking celebrant??

Treasured Ceremonies

If you are that concerned about your destination wedding why not have a small service here and then you wont need to worry about legalities later

I am happy to send you a kit which will help you plan your wedding day

Mario - Treasured Ceremonies

What was the best wedding ceremony you've done and why?

I am wanting to make my ceremony really amazing, located in SA

Treasured Ceremonies

I make all my ceremonies amazing

I am happy to send you a kit which will help you plan your wedding day

Mario - Treasured Ceremonies

how am i supposed to keep my surprise wedding a surprise when a celebrant rocks up?

I haven't found a celebrant yet that is able to blend in..

Treasured Ceremonies

I have done lots of these and I pretend to be a cousin from the UK or a fellow worker at Bunnings

I am happy to send you a kit which will help you plan your wedding day

Mario - Treasured Ceremonies

When meeting with a celebrant am I supposed to know what readings I want already?

or do they usually offer suggestions and examples at the meeting? Is there anything else my partner and I should decide on first?

Treasured Ceremonies

You dont have to know, the celebrant will help you and give you examples

I am happy to send you a kit which will help you plan your wedding day

Mario - Treasured Ceremonies

what is a wedding attendant?

Treasured Ceremonies

No longer do we have bridesmaids or groomsmen but brides attendants and grooms attendants.

My weddings are gender neutral and the language we use has been updated as well

I am happy to send you a kit which will help you plan your wedding day

Mario - Treasured Ceremonies

is the ceremony the only part that HAS to happen for the marriage to be legal?

Treasured Ceremonies

The process commences with the Notice of Intended Marriage, continues through another form to be signed before the wedding and then the ceremony has certain parts in it which makes it legal

I am happy to send you a kit which will help you plan your wedding day

Mario - Treasured Ceremonies

If I'm not taking his name, can we ask the celebrant to not say 'mr and mrs (husbands last name)?

Treasured Ceremonies


I always ask my couples how they want to be addressed at the end

It is usually

" I would ike to present for the first time Mr & Mrs Surname" but often it might be Firstname & Firstname

it is your choice what the celebrant says and not up to them to dictate

Do you ask people to give toasts or is it spontaneous... do you warn people at all?

Treasured Ceremonies

You certainly do need to warn them. Even the most competant speaker will require at least some warning and you need to provide a list of the toasts that want that person to raise.

When I enquire with a celebrant, what should I be asking them>?

Treasured Ceremonies

first of all just meet and chat and see if there is a connection or synergy so that you are comfortable with the person that day and on the special day of your ceremony.

Is the celebrant organised or all over the place

does the celebrant meet your profile of what you were thinking of ?

then check availability

ensure you are the only ceremony for that day

ensure the celebrant does more than one or two weddings a year

and then ensure the cost is within your price range

How do I have my celebrant announce my pregnancy at my wedding?

I want a celebrant that can make this big announcement eloquently. Any ideas?

Treasured Ceremonies

Yes, there are lots of ways. I have had several brides in this situation.

You may want to tell your family first as they might not like finding out about it in this manner, better to come from you 

But for friends and other family - certainly. Think about how you would like the message to come across  - such as serious, hilarious, funny, ohbytheway, sympathic, That is half the thinking but the most critical

I am in need of a Brisbane celebrant, what is the going rate around here?

I am looking for a fully personalised ceremony- not a cut and paste deal. I want it to be really personal and show us as a couple. How much is it likely to set us back?

Treasured Ceremonies

I am sure there will be Brisbane celebrants that will respond. You will find a range fom $400 up to $1000 .  Please dont select on cost alone, but meet with three of four before you decide

Our celebrant gave us a brochure called "happily ever before and after"?

They explained why which is fine, but this brochure is really terrible haha, why is this still a thing?!

Treasured Ceremonies

the brochure is old and antiquated and I can only apologise for it

we , as celebrants, have to deliver it and tick the box that we have

so please yourself if you read it or not

but I do stress that if you do have relatinoship difficulties in the future , I implore you to seek help from someone as soon as you can

How long does a civil ceremony take?

I'm having a civil ceremony but I don't know how long it should be to give me enough time to do photos after and also not bore my guests? How long does the average civil ceremony take?

Treasured Ceremonies

A ceremony can be as long as an hour or as short as 15 minutes, it is up to you as a couple what you want.

Fifteen minutes is a little short and if you choose that path then I hope you will not be dissappointed later in life.

talk to each other and decide what sort of service you want and that will determine the lenght

Can I get married in a church if Im not religious?

Im worried about the weather so Im looking for an indoor ceremony venue. Theres a church right next door to my mum's house so I thought I might have it there. But Im not religious. Can I have a civil ceremony in a church??

Treasured Ceremonies

That will depend on the church, some will require you to join them or at least do orientation.

An alternative would be to choose a civil ceremony and add some religion into it

Can I request my celebrant to wear a certain colour or outfit?

I've seen some awful clashing outfits and celebrants in white etc... is it rude to ask them to wear a particular colour or style? I don't know if I'm taking it way too far haha. But I want everything to look good! It is my wedding day, after all :)

Treasured Ceremonies

I am a male celebrant and have a couple of different suits, blue, black & grey. I always ask the couple which they prefer. Actually mostly they choose the dark blue. I dont clash at all with anyone usually.

How do I change my name when I get married?

How does it all work?

Treasured Ceremonies

You are allowed, as a bride, to merely a adopt your partners surname

There is no need to formally change your name as this is automatically recognise when the paperwork is lodged and processed

How early can I file my marriage documents?

Should begin ASAP or does it not matter as long as it's a month prior to the wedding?

Treasured Ceremonies

Your celebrant will file your wedding and hopefully the day after the ceremony

talk to your celebrant about this

We have friends that are getting married after us and have invited us, do we need to invite them too?

They're my fiance's friends, I really don't know them very well at all. I haven't spent any time with them and they don't seem important in his life. He hasn't mentioned inviting them, but it seems like the right thing to do. Our wedding is going to be very limited though, about 60 people with half of those being my family. Not sure if we're obligated to invite them or not.

Treasured Ceremonies

Knowing where to draw the line when it comes to  invitations is not easy. The simplest solution is to apply one rule to everyone so that no one ends up feeling hard done by. For example, if you’re inviting cousins, invite all of them. Relatives or friends that you rarely see, who live abroad, or whom you simply don’t get along with can be cut from the list. If you never see them, they probably wouldn’t expect to be invited anyway.

How do I deal with my bridezilla bridesmaids

My bridesmaids Comprise of my two cousins , my sister and my friend . My friend has been amazing . But this experience has taught me that my family all have a bit of diva inside them . Initially when searching for bridesmaid dresses every choice I chose was rejected . One wanted to be the centre of attention with a dress , one wasn't happy with a certain cut because it wasn't a cut which flattered her and lastly the other one opposed everything because it didn't meet what they liked or wanted . Finally being happy with my choice of dress which everyone likes I've been showing a few friends , to which my cousin has told me to stop showing them ( I thought it was my wedding ? ) . My sister has now abused me because I've decided to let the makeup artist chose which order she lets everyone have their makeup and hair . I've been told I've lost allegiance to my family , but frankly I'm doing it to save argument and to not be the one who gets the blame . Any tips to dealing with this ???

Treasured Ceremonies

Weddings can bond people for life or destroy relationships that went on for years, so be careful about being overly demanding, which will spark animosity among your friends, speak up right away to address the situation

I'm looking into booking a celebrant, but I don't understand the difference between ceremony types?

Some provide a "full personalised" ceremony, and others a basic package, what's the biggest difference there? I thought all ceremonies had to be pretty much the same, ie: "Do you ___ take ___ to be your lawfully wedded wife". Please explain how there's such a big difference in price and services? :)

Treasured Ceremonies

There are many components to a ceremony and the main one is, as you say "do you take .,, to be you " But that would only take a minute or two and this is a big day for you and your family. And there are other requirements from a legal perspective to be covered off. So Celebrants like myself, create a personal ceremony which reflects your views and wishes, including family and friends, and the ceremony then becomes a memory just like the photographs you take.

I have an issue with someone posting pics of us before we do on social media...

How do we make it known to our guests?

Treasured Ceremonies

yes it is annoying. I have a privacy statement which I read out at the start of each ceremony so that people understand the couple's expectations

Do celebrants come with marriage documents and how early can I file them after the wedding?

I was wondering if marriage celebrants usually come with their own marriage documents included in their package? Also, is there a timeframe of when I should file my marriage documents after the wedding? How early is too early/how long can I wait? Thanks!

Treasured Ceremonies

Yes Celebrants have all the required documents and the celebrant will file those for you

I know how important a celebrant is, but how much is too much?

One celebrant I like charges $1200, but I know a lot of celebrants charge half of that. Why is there such a difference? Is it comparable to music in that it's a "taste" thing? Or a talent thing? It's not like I can "taste test" like a cake or listen to a song.. it's hard to justify because by the time you get the service, you've LONG paid and if you're disappointed it's too late! Advice please!

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If you get he most expensive- you will lose money. If you get the cheapest you may be dissappointed, If you interview those in the mid range, that presents themselves as organised and then choose on which one makes you feel relaxed - then that is the one you should choose

How should I let a friend know that she's not included in my bridal party?

We haven't been close for years but she has only a few other friends and had an expectation that she would be included as a bridesmaid. She found out through one of the bridesmaids that we had already gone looking for dresses, and she said she was devastated because she wanted to come (although we had never talked about it!). We are having a super intimate wedding and only inviting our family and closest friends - everyone else seems to have picked up on it but I'm so worried that she'll be hurt when she finds out she's not invited to the wedding itself! Your advice is appreciated!

Treasured Ceremonies

Yes, if you have good reasons why, then explain them to her. Have you thought of another task which she could do ? such as ring bearing, witness, reading a passage (secular or non-secular), ushering (truly)


If someone objects to a wedding... what do you do?

I know most people leave this part out... right? But if it did happen, what would you do? :)

Treasured Ceremonies

We no longer ask this question and is has been replaced with a declaration that both the bride and groom have to sign a couple of days prior to the ceremony. So, is we dont ask the question then no-one will answer. Honestly I would not let anyone interrupt the ceremony anyway


Why do you have to kiss at the wedding ceremony?

Does it actually serve a purpose or is it just a thing people do...?

Treasured Ceremonies

NO, absolutely not, If you are uncomfortable then dont. Some religious groups will not kiss at all


Travel documents and name changes

Do you need to change the name on your travel documents urgently or can this wait?

Treasured Ceremonies

My receommendation is to book all travel in your original names as there is a risk that not all the paperwork will be processed in time.

BY all means carry a photocopy of your marriage certificate so that you can enjoy the free champagne, cake or flowers provided for married couples and some hotels will give complimentary upgrades if you show them too !


Can we get married in Australia if we are not citizens?

Hi there, I am wondering if you can help me. Myself and my partner are currently residing in Canberra but we are not Australian citizens, we are English citizens, we are here on two year working visas. We are due to get married back in England in December but in order to make it 'legal' we have been advised that we have to get married officially here first. As we will be here on our own we only want something very small and personal, basically it's just to allow us to get married in the uk. Sorry if I have confused you as I appreciate it's a bit complicated but if you could let me know your thoughts it would be much appreciated xx

Treasured Ceremonies

Yes, I do this regularly, I have had lot of couples marry here from all over the world, I even arrange Australian weddings for overseas couples and get everything prepared for them, including the usual associated services


Bridesmaid drama!

I have a lot of female first cousins that I'm very close to but one in particular that I've chosen to be in my bridal party (along with my two sisters). I know my cousins and aunts will be upset that they/their daughters weren't chosen and I'm worried about hurting people's feelings. I'm announcing the bridesmaids at my engagement party. Do you have any advice?

Treasured Ceremonies

Tough one, so try to do it like the logies - mention that you have so many to choose from, that the choice was not easy, explain that you dont want to offend and then announce their names - all in the same few minutes. It should be more acceptable


I just need a celebrant and a license

How do I go about this? Do I need forms to fill out? It will be a very very simple wedding. Just need someone to do it please.

Treasured Ceremonies

Honestly there is almost as much work for me as a wedding celebrant in a wedding which is 'just sign the paperwork' as a full ceremony


Melbourne indoor ceremony ideas!

We are having a winter wedding and want an indoor wedding ceremony! Any ideas that aren't based in the CBD?

Treasured Ceremonies

depends where you are located and want the ceremony, PM me and I can help

Mario - treasured ceremonies

How does one handle someone bringing a baby to a kids-free wedding?

I didn't know what category to put this in, but my partner and I opted for a totally child-free wedding however we have a guest who has simply decided her grandchild ( a 23week baby) will be coming along - without asking anyone! The parents are invited to the wedding but only one set of grandparents. I know the other set is available to babysit (and would be delighted to) but the guest is simply insisting that the baby will just come along (and note - it's not the mother insisting, it's the grandmother). How do I have a conversation with her or at least my M-I-L (it's her cousin) to let her know that it is our wish NOT to have children attend - and there are other couples that are respecting these wishes! I think it's rude both to us and those guests that have respected our wish to simply assume that this is ok.

Treasured Ceremonies

Ask someone close to you, to contact them and explain the situation, the message will be received differently from a 'concerned' person


My fiance's mum and sister don't like me. Should his sister be in the bridal party. What do I do ?

How am I supposed to plan a wedding without his mum taking part and his family. It's supposed to be a happy and proud moment for both of us but it's not

Treasured Ceremonies

Well, depends on how far apart you are and whether you already have someone for the roles. Why not ask them early if they would like to take part in your wedding and what they might do - such as readings, ushering. Often your worst enemy can become your best friend just depends on your approach


Help! I need vows help, I honestly have no idea what to say! I love her. What else should I say?

I asked my friends and they said it'd come to me. It hasn't. I am freaking out!!!

Treasured Ceremonies

EASY- pm me and I will send you some ideas in pdf

Mario = treasured ceremonies

Who should sit at the top table if the bridal party have all got partners?

My bridal party is made up of several friends, my sister, my finance's sister, and also his brother. Everyone has their individual partners, who are invited to the wedding. Some are being stubborn and want to sit with their partners, but that'll make my top table huge. But if they sit at other tables with their partners, my top table will suddenly have nobody. Are there ways around this? I don't really want to sit alone, but having a huge top table doesn't really sit well with me.

Treasured Ceremonies

only the bridal party, most people are understanding

Is it rude to give a couple a gift when they have said no gifts?

I really don't feel comfortable not giving them anything... But they said no gifts/wishingwell on the invitation!

Treasured Ceremonies

yes it is but you can still donate to charity and give them the receipt

How do I ask my gf's dads permission?

I need to ask my gf's dad permission because I want to marry her... but how do I do it? Do I take him out for a beer, call him or what? He's pretty serious so it's a little daunting. We've been dating three years and her family loves me. Her mum is nice should I do it with her there too?

Treasured Ceremonies

On your knees

I am unsure if I want to change my last name when I get Married? Is there anything I should consider

My Fiancé & I are getting Married in early 2018 & he wants me to change my last name to his. I'm not sure if I want to. Is there something I can/should do to make this decision easier?

Treasured Ceremonies

there is no requirement to change your name and many people dont. the only reason might be for the sake of children and identifying with you.

Can I hire a celebrant and have a "wedding" for my friends and family even if I already eloped?

Just wanted to do something nice for my family because we eloped about a month ago but it's not like we need to get remarried... haha. I don't want to do a reception at all and only want it to be small. Mainly a photo opportunity.

Treasured Ceremonies

yes, not difficult to arrange

What is everyones thoughts on +1s at a wedding??

We are already on a tight budget and originally i had just said family only... but when planning out our tables my fiancé and my mother asked where the partners of our bridal party are and where family members partners were sitting and i said they weren't invited and they both looked shocked like you can't not invite your bestfriends partner to your my head i say why not? Its my wedding, i dont like her partner and i don't want them there... is it terrible for me not to invite them?

Treasured Ceremonies

not an easy issue, but be consistent. you are not obliged to

I want an outside wedding... in November... in Australia. How can I keep everyone cool?

The weather is expected to be very hot but we don't want to sacrifice our dream. We'd love to have our wedding outside and under the stars but we don't want even sweating off their makeup and hating the day.

Treasured Ceremonies

Lots of options, choose a shady area, choose a cool place like a cliff top where the wind blows, hire a marquee or a simple canopy.

Have fun and hire umbrellas for all the guests and keep them cool with lots of iced drinks

I have a view about jackets, they can be stuffy but they keep the hot sun from burning through your shirt, so I am happy to wear my jacket , even in 42 degrees.

Stripping down is not always an option to keep cool, the temp is the same, cover up to be more comfortable.

As a bride wear soft loose flowing garments

Do I have my future father in law walk me down the aisle?

Unsure what category to put this under. I don't speak to my family at all and have always said I want to walk down the aisle on my own. I've had pressure from my future mother in law and other extended members of my fiances family that I should have him. Comments like "surely you would have xxxx walk you". He's a lovely man but there's a lot I disagree with his alcoholism and priorities and he has also made comments that he thinks I'll ask him. What can I do? Advice? Please ??

Treasured Ceremonies

Absolutely you can. totally your choice and let no-one tell you otherwise. If that is how you feel and you want to create that memory of your day of him walking you down the aisle then go ahead

How long would I require a celebrant for?

Generally, when couples book a celebrant how long do they book them for?

Treasured Ceremonies

Hu Lucy - if you mean the ceremony , this will last between 20 minutes and 60 minutes depending on what you want to do on the day and how many freinds and family are involved in the service. I have a fixed price to cover my time with no added extras. This would clover initial meeting, lots of support by text and email, two more meetings, a rehearsal and the ceremony and then follow up on your certificate processing after your honeymoon. If you would like to chat please conact me from my Treasured Ceremonies website

Is it ok to use the same Celebrant that our friends used?

What are your thoughts on using the same celebrant that a friend used? Have you experienced this before?

Treasured Ceremonies

For sure, as a celebrant it gives me great pleasure to be asked to perform ceremonies that are recommended by friends and family members. Every ceremony I do is unique and customised to the couple, so it would not sound like the same ceremony that your friends had. You can contact me through my Treasured Ceremonies website

Do Indian hand fastening ceremonies carry religious significance?

We are considering having a hand fastening done in India before our wedding, for relatives there. We are concerned the beliefs behind the Indian ceremony may clash with our own, but I haven't been able to find much information. I don't want to commit until I know that I'm comfortable with it. Does anyone know if this ceremony is based in religion, or is it simply cultural?

Treasured Ceremonies

I perform handfasting, but I always tailor the ceremony to the couple and vary the elements and wording to suit them individually. Many things we do are rooted in culture and religion but we bring them forth to the present day and perform them as a ceremony of unity rather than any previous beliefs.

What vows would you recommend for a commitment ceremony?

Treasured Ceremonies

Any wedding ceremony vows are suitable. the vow you choose should reflect your own personalities and preferences. There is no difference.

You can contact me from my Treasured Ceremonies website for more information

How can I make an uneven bridal party work?

We will have 3 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen. Particularly for the first dance, usually bridal party take their partners and join bride and groom on the dancefloor but we have an uneven number so they can't join together as couples....

Treasured Ceremonies

You could get the attendants to walk as one person, two persons, one person, two persons, one person - if they are to enter ahead of you. A bride needs more room than the groom for her dress usually so, one bridesmaid less will not look odd. as for dancing there are lots of ways and means. Maybe after the couple part of the dance, a pair join them, then another pair, then three for the last. if it is a modern dance it will not look strange at all

Is there a good template to plan the timeline for my wedding day?

I'm wanting a Chinese tea ceremony in the morning, ceremony in the afternoon & reception in the evening. What's a good guide for lengths of time for these events?

Treasured Ceremonies

hi Kristine, a plan can be made up easily, but more information is needed. Wedding ceremonies are very personal and your celebrant should be able to ask a few questions about what you want to do and set up a schedule for me. If you would like some help please email me direct and will give you some guidelines. kind regards Mario Treasured Ceremonies?

Are there any affordable celebrants out there for a simple ceremony?

Hi, I'm looking for a celebrant to perform a simple (yet still professional) wedding ceremony. I don't want all the usual song and dance or long storytelling - just a simple, sweet and short ceremony. And a streamlined process in the lead up with whatever legalities are required; no coaching, or coffee catch ups as I'm just not that kind of bride. Are there any celebrants out there that do this and are affordable? (Needs to be under $500) Thanks for your suggestions :)

Treasured Ceremonies

Hi Alessia - sure can, Simple and sweet, but you need to say which state you are getting married in !

Mario -Treasured Ceremonies

How do I set up a wedding ceremony schedule?

Treasured Ceremonies

down load from my site or email me - Mario , Treasured Ceremonies

How do I set up a wedding ceremony schedule?

How d

Treasured Ceremonies

goto my page and download the planner

How do I convince my fiancé to elope?

My finance has a huge family so our wedding is going to be too expensive. I only have a small family so my guests will be out numbered. I think weddings are more about pleasing others and the meaning gets lost. I want it to be a special moment for just him and I, without the expensive price tag. I want to elope but he wants the huge traditional wedding. What do we do?

Treasured Ceremonies

Sometimes we want something so much, or feel something so intensely that we can get in the way of our own best interests. But no matter how strongly you want to communicate something, your partner will best hear and respond to you if you are simultaneously showing that you are still conscious of his or her needs.

I need a suggestion for a special poem or reading

I am getting married next year on Remembrance Day and I would like a few words or a short poem commemorating mine and my fiance's grandparents. We would love to acknowledge their vintage weddings and we are having a vintage-themed wedding for this reason. There will also be two Veterans present at our wedding so I’d love a reading or poem that would appropriately honour them too.

Treasured Ceremonies

if you are still looking, email me , i have a couple of pdf's - Mario Treasured Ceremonies

How can I help my celebrant to provide a personal and fun service?

What's the best way for me to help my celebrant to provide a personal and fun service?

Treasured Ceremonies

That is what I do - has to be about you two !! Mario - Treasured Ceremonies

How do I choose a celebrant that will suit my partner and I?

What is the best method for choosing the ideal celebrant?

Treasured Ceremonies

Meet with them - what state do you live in ?