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Expert Advice

As a wedding professional, Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant offers expert advice to help couples plan their perfect day. Ask a question or read their expert advice.

How does a celebrant work?

What is the process and what should we expect from a Celebrant when choosing the right one.

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

The information provided by the other celebrants is good. I agree that we all work by the Code of Practice and that we are professional, giving the couple all the information about the process. I pride myself on developing bespoke ceremonies with the couple. To do this I ask many questions, listen and provide answers. Yes a meeting with the couple helps that process. However, I have conversed over the phone and internet for couples living overseas and wanting to marry at home in Australia.

Do couples usually use vow books?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

Some couples do. It is up to the couple. It can make the couple feel at ease by reading their personal vows especially if they are quite long. Other couples refer to "repeat after me" especially if their vows are short.

Any tips on writing vows?

I have no idea where to begin. Are they meant to be promises?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

I believe personal vows should be just that - personal! A couple can express their commitment to each other by their vows. I do supply examples of vows that the couple can use for inspiration.

I'm not a religious but can I have my marriage ceremony in a church?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant


You would have to check that with the church. There is a chapel in Camden NSW which a bride of mine has booked for her wedding.

Please feel free to discuss it with me.

Who writes the vows? Do we say them or have to repeat after the celebrant?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant


There are legal vows which you repeat after the celebrant.

You can write your oiwn personal vows too. I can assist you with that.

A bride and groom of mine wrote their own personal vows in a beautiful little book and read from the vow book.

Which is the bride's side and which is the groom's side?

Is this still a thing? Obvious not for same sex couples, but still

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

Traditionally, the bride's side is the left hand side and the groom's is the right hand side when walking up the "aisle" and standing at the front of the gathering. Guests follow that seating plan too. However, it really is up to you how you want it to work.  You do not have to have formal arrangements. Same sex couples can still do the traditional side or not if they want.

Should I avoid getting married on Jan 13th as it will be so busy right?

We're a same-sex couple

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

Congratulations on your marriage.

A legal requirement is the completion and lodgment of the Notice of Intended Marriage with the celebrant one calendar month before - that is the 13th December. If you have a venue lined up, you will need to choose your celebrant quickly.   I sugest you take some time to organise your beautiful day. I can assist you as your celebrant.

Is it bad to have my guests sitting in the sun?

What if it's really hot? It's a feb wedding. What can I do to ensure no one faints? :/

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

You can provide a gazebo or ensure the venue has shady trees. Have a tub of cold bottled water for your guests.

If a Couple Doesn't Kiss at Their Wedding, What Else Can They Do?

I am extremely phobic of being touched, but at weddings the couple always kisses. Is it a requirement, or are there different things I can do? If so, what?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

Kissing is not a legal requirement. The couple can hug, the celebrant can perform a hand fasting ceremony at that point. You can toast to each other or light a candle. Think outside the square and it can be your own pwesonal touch to the ceremony.

Any advice on changing your religion to get married?

We want a celebrant to perform our wedding, as we both have different religions- but i was wondering on your thoughts around changing your religion for marriage? My partner wants me to but I am not sure about it. Any advice?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

Basically you need to discuss and be honest with each other about whether you will both be devout and practise in that religion.You may need to ask  counsellors provided by the specific religion to assist you to come to a mutual decision. 

A celebrant can assist you to incorporate religious / cultural readings into your ceremony if you desire.

Any alternatives to swapping rings?

Ceremony ideas?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

You could give each other a gift which could be something meaningful and unique to you both or substitute a hand fasting ceremony instead of the ring ceremony.

Any ideas for a cool entrance to my ceremony?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

One very cool entry made by a bride was to live music played by a female relative on the bagpipes. 

Another bride entered via live music played on an electric guitar by a friend. Live music is perfect especially if the couple have a close connection to the musician.  

What's the usual order of events in a wedding ceremony?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant


There doesn't have to be a usual order of events. The only mandatory things ate the Monitum, the Legal Vows and Signing and Witnessing of the marriage certificates.

I assist my couples in creating a unique and personal ceremony for their momentous occasion.

A basic order can be:

Introduction and housekeeping

Entry of the bridal party

Giving away- optional

Reading or poem -optional

Monitum- mandatory

Legal Vows- mandatory

Personal vows - optional

Ring Ceremony or another ceremony eg handfasting - optional

The pronouncing

Signing and witnessing the register - mandatory


Some couples want the asking included. Some skip the readings. Its up to the couple.

Is it possible to get married at the registry and then have a wedding later?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant


No you cannot do both. If you marry first in a registry office and want guests to celebrate your union later, this can be done with a celebrant. You have options eg

a commitment ceremony or in the future renewal of vows ceremony. The celebrant can assist you.  

What do you need to have a wedding?

My partner, myself, two witnesses.... what else?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant


You need your celebrant who will guide you through  the requirements.

First you will need to complete the Notice of Intended Marriage a minimum of 1 calendar month before the wedding or the maximum of 18 months before the wedding. The Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage form also must be completed and signed close to the wedding date. The celebrant witnesses these.

The celebrant develops a simple ceremony with the mandatory monitum and legal vows and the signing and witnessing of the marriage certificates.

My partner won't be wearing a wedding ring. Does this make the "ring exchange" part of the ceremony seem awkward?

Hello, My partner won't be wearing a wedding ring. Does this make the "ring exchange" part of the ceremony seem awkward?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant


No it doesn't make an akward exchange.If you want a ring ceremony, there are words spoken by the bride and groom to each other. Appropriate wording can be developed for or by the groom to accommodate this.

You can think outside the square and use this ceremony as  gift ceremony, the ring for the bride and something else for the groom.

The ceremony can be personalised to the couple's wishes. It's not mandatory to have a ring ceremony.

is there an extra charge to have a rehearsal?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant


This depends on the celebrant's service agreement and fee schedule.

I include the rehearsal in the cost.

Best wishes.

We are coming to Australia for a holiday and we want to get married there, it this legal?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

Yes it is legal. The most importatn thing is that the notice of intended marriage has to be lodged with the celebrant a minimum of 1 month before. All ID documents, divorce or death certificates need to be sighted by the celebrant. The best thing is to speak with the celebrant well beforehand and she will assist you with the procedure. 

When should I start to think about hiring a Celebrant?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant


Legal requirements are such that before you can marry, the Notice of Intended Marriage must be lodged with the celebrant a minimum of 1 calendar month before the big day. So the sooner the better. You can  book the venue and then the celebrant.

When I enquire with a celebrant, what should I be asking them>?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant


You need to ask them their availabliity and their schedule of fees and discuss it with them. Often a phone call is good. When you decide to go with the celebrant, be guided by what they say to do and when, eg. the completion of the legal documentation, ( the Notice of Intended Marriage is to be com pleted and with the celebrant 1 calendar month before), discussion of the ceremony and the details, assistance with the tye of ceremony. Often a good open discussion with the celebrant will set you in the right direction. Continued communication between the celebrant and bride and groom is essential.

Our celebrant gave us a brochure called "happily ever before and after"?

They explained why which is fine, but this brochure is really terrible haha, why is this still a thing?!

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant


The Attorney Generals Department mandates this. It is a legal requirement for all celebrants to give you this document.

How long does a civil ceremony take?

I'm having a civil ceremony but I don't know how long it should be to give me enough time to do photos after and also not bore my guests? How long does the average civil ceremony take?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

Hi Judith

The ceremony usually takes around 30 minutes, but it depends what you want and what is to be included eg. a reading or a poem. Do you want special rituals like a sand ceremony or hand fasting, any cultural inclusions? You can discuss this with your celebrant. 

Can I get married in a church if Im not religious?

Im worried about the weather so Im looking for an indoor ceremony venue. Theres a church right next door to my mum's house so I thought I might have it there. But Im not religious. Can I have a civil ceremony in a church??

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

Hi Annabel

Ask at the venue if it is ok.

Can I request my celebrant to wear a certain colour or outfit?

I've seen some awful clashing outfits and celebrants in white etc... is it rude to ask them to wear a particular colour or style? I don't know if I'm taking it way too far haha. But I want everything to look good! It is my wedding day, after all :)

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

Hi Keira

Why not?

I always ask my bride her colours and ask her what colour she would like me to wear so as not to take the attention away from the bridal party or clash. Brides are appreciative of this.

How do I change my name when I get married?

How does it all work?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

Hi Lucy

Your celebrant can lodge the Official Certificate of Marriage for you to Births deaths and Marriages. This is the document you will need to do a name change. 

How early can I file my marriage documents?

Should begin ASAP or does it not matter as long as it's a month prior to the wedding?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant


You can lodge with you celebrant ,your Notice of Intented Marriage between 1 calendar month and 18 months before the wedding.

We have friends that are getting married after us and have invited us, do we need to invite them too?

They're my fiance's friends, I really don't know them very well at all. I haven't spent any time with them and they don't seem important in his life. He hasn't mentioned inviting them, but it seems like the right thing to do. Our wedding is going to be very limited though, about 60 people with half of those being my family. Not sure if we're obligated to invite them or not.

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant


You do not have to if you are having a simple wedding with close family and friends to cut costs.

Explain this to them.

If you feel it will save any issues with them down the track invite them. When you are paying thousands for the wedding - simple or not, what is 2 more guests?

How do I deal with my bridezilla bridesmaids

My bridesmaids Comprise of my two cousins , my sister and my friend . My friend has been amazing . But this experience has taught me that my family all have a bit of diva inside them . Initially when searching for bridesmaid dresses every choice I chose was rejected . One wanted to be the centre of attention with a dress , one wasn't happy with a certain cut because it wasn't a cut which flattered her and lastly the other one opposed everything because it didn't meet what they liked or wanted . Finally being happy with my choice of dress which everyone likes I've been showing a few friends , to which my cousin has told me to stop showing them ( I thought it was my wedding ? ) . My sister has now abused me because I've decided to let the makeup artist chose which order she lets everyone have their makeup and hair . I've been told I've lost allegiance to my family , but frankly I'm doing it to save argument and to not be the one who gets the blame . Any tips to dealing with this ???

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant


I agree with the comments made by the other celebrants. Basically after you have done what you can and acted on the advice, the extra thing you can say or do is tell them that if they are not happy to be your bridesmaid, then they do not have to and no hard feelings.

I'm looking into booking a celebrant, but I don't understand the difference between ceremony types?

Some provide a "full personalised" ceremony, and others a basic package, what's the biggest difference there? I thought all ceremonies had to be pretty much the same, ie: "Do you ___ take ___ to be your lawfully wedded wife". Please explain how there's such a big difference in price and services? :)

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant


You can clarify the types and prices of the ceremonies with the celebrant so that you can work out which one is for you. Communicating with and working with the celebrant ensures a personalised meaningful ceremony that you and your husband to be desire. All is possible!

I have an issue with someone posting pics of us before we do on social media...

How do we make it known to our guests?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant


The celebrant can inform the guests and request this in the housekeeping section before the ceremony begins.

Do celebrants come with marriage documents and how early can I file them after the wedding?

I was wondering if marriage celebrants usually come with their own marriage documents included in their package? Also, is there a timeframe of when I should file my marriage documents after the wedding? How early is too early/how long can I wait? Thanks!

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant


Celebrants download and print off the Notice of Intended Marriage and the Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage. The Notice of Intended Marriage must be filled out and lodged with the celebrant at least one calendar month before the wedding. Usually the form can be completed, signed by the couple and witnessed by the celebrant at a meeting. The Declaration can be filled out at that meeting and then signed by the couple and witnessed by the celebrant at a meeting a few days before the wedding.

The celebrant brings her marriage register and prepares the Official Certificate of Marriage and the Marriage Certificate for signing and witnessing at the ceremony. She gives the bride and groom the Marriage Certificate and sends off the other 3 to Births, Deaths and Marriages within 2 weeks of the wedding. There is a cost for lodging the Official Certificate of Marriage which is usually included in her costs.  

The celebrant should be able to take the stress away by doing all this.

I know how important a celebrant is, but how much is too much?

One celebrant I like charges $1200, but I know a lot of celebrants charge half of that. Why is there such a difference? Is it comparable to music in that it's a "taste" thing? Or a talent thing? It's not like I can "taste test" like a cake or listen to a song.. it's hard to justify because by the time you get the service, you've LONG paid and if you're disappointed it's too late! Advice please!

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant


Celebrants can charge what they want. They can give discounts and set various inclusions in their schedule of fees. Some may charge because they are in demand or be old hands at it.

When you meet the celebrant and speak to her about your requirements, you get a good feel for her personality and how caring she is. Her personal presentation is a major factor.

It doesn't matter how long she has been a celebrant, or how in demand she is but how she consults with you and what she produces for the ceremony. If you have had input to personalise your ceremony, you should not be dissapointed. Certainly it is about communication.

Check what isin the schedule of fees.


How should I let a friend know that she's not included in my bridal party?

We haven't been close for years but she has only a few other friends and had an expectation that she would be included as a bridesmaid. She found out through one of the bridesmaids that we had already gone looking for dresses, and she said she was devastated because she wanted to come (although we had never talked about it!). We are having a super intimate wedding and only inviting our family and closest friends - everyone else seems to have picked up on it but I'm so worried that she'll be hurt when she finds out she's not invited to the wedding itself! Your advice is appreciated!

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

Talk to her and be truthful about why she isn't invited as it is an intimate wedding with only family and very close friends in attendance.

If someone objects to a wedding... what do you do?

I know most people leave this part out... right? But if it did happen, what would you do? :)

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

I would say that part is not a legal requirement of a wedding and that is the couple's decision and there is no legal impediment to the marriage and then continue.

Why do you have to kiss at the wedding ceremony?

Does it actually serve a purpose or is it just a thing people do...?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

You do not have to kiss if you do not want to. The kiss shows the love and joy shared by the couple, publicly in front of family and friends.

Travel documents and name changes

Do you need to change the name on your travel documents urgently or can this wait?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

You do not have to change your name period! This can wait. If you do want to change your name though, you must use your official marriage certificate issued from the Births Deaths and Marriages.

Can we get married in Australia if we are not citizens?

Hi there, I am wondering if you can help me. Myself and my partner are currently residing in Canberra but we are not Australian citizens, we are English citizens, we are here on two year working visas. We are due to get married back in England in December but in order to make it 'legal' we have been advised that we have to get married officially here first. As we will be here on our own we only want something very small and personal, basically it's just to allow us to get married in the uk. Sorry if I have confused you as I appreciate it's a bit complicated but if you could let me know your thoughts it would be much appreciated xx

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

Yes you can marry in Australia. You then are married by Australian law. You need to check the English laws to see if being married in Australia is legally recognised and why do you need to get married here first?

Bridesmaid drama!

I have a lot of female first cousins that I'm very close to but one in particular that I've chosen to be in my bridal party (along with my two sisters). I know my cousins and aunts will be upset that they/their daughters weren't chosen and I'm worried about hurting people's feelings. I'm announcing the bridesmaids at my engagement party. Do you have any advice?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

Hi Denise. You could speak individually with the cousins who are not being the bridesmaids and tell them you do not want a big wedding party and that the cousin being the bridesmaid is representing all female cousins. You could offer the others important jobs as suggested by Catherine.

I just need a celebrant and a license

How do I go about this? Do I need forms to fill out? It will be a very very simple wedding. Just need someone to do it please.

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

You will need to select a celebrant and then be guided by your celebrant. Celebrants can perform a simple ceremony for the bride and groom and two witnesses who need to be over 18 years old. At the meeting with the celebrant, you need to bring either a passport with current photo or a birth certificate and current photo ID card such as a drivers licence. Also if you have been previously married, then divorce papers or a death certificate need to be sighted by the celebrant. The the Notice of Intented Marriage must be completed, signed and witnessed and be in the celebrant's hands no shorter than 1 calendar month before the wedding. The Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage must be completed and signed as close as possible to the wedding day. I am happy to answer any more of your questions. Best wishes.

How does one handle someone bringing a baby to a kids-free wedding?

I didn't know what category to put this in, but my partner and I opted for a totally child-free wedding however we have a guest who has simply decided her grandchild ( a 23week baby) will be coming along - without asking anyone! The parents are invited to the wedding but only one set of grandparents. I know the other set is available to babysit (and would be delighted to) but the guest is simply insisting that the baby will just come along (and note - it's not the mother insisting, it's the grandmother). How do I have a conversation with her or at least my M-I-L (it's her cousin) to let her know that it is our wish NOT to have children attend - and there are other couples that are respecting these wishes! I think it's rude both to us and those guests that have respected our wish to simply assume that this is ok.

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

Hi. I think it is best to have the conversation with the baby's parents and tell them about the no children invited request and that others have respected the request.

Help! I need vows help, I honestly have no idea what to say! I love her. What else should I say?

I asked my friends and they said it'd come to me. It hasn't. I am freaking out!!!

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant


Your celebrant should be able to guide you so that you come up with meaningful vows to say to your husband. Also use google.

Some vows can incorporate the following: I love are my best and support faithful.

Who should sit at the top table if the bridal party have all got partners?

My bridal party is made up of several friends, my sister, my finance's sister, and also his brother. Everyone has their individual partners, who are invited to the wedding. Some are being stubborn and want to sit with their partners, but that'll make my top table huge. But if they sit at other tables with their partners, my top table will suddenly have nobody. Are there ways around this? I don't really want to sit alone, but having a huge top table doesn't really sit well with me.

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

Hi Jackie

Tell them that traditionally it is only the bridal party who sit at the table with the bride and groom and that after the formalities and dinner , they will be able to mingle , dance and sit with their partners. Tell them that is how you want it to be as it is your wedding, your day!

If problems still occur, organise both sets of parents/ grandparents to sit with you.

Is it rude to give a couple a gift when they have said no gifts?

I really don't feel comfortable not giving them anything... But they said no gifts/wishingwell on the invitation!

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

Hi Luna

I would comply with their wishes. You could donate money to a charity they support.

How do I ask my gf's dads permission?

I need to ask my gf's dad permission because I want to marry her... but how do I do it? Do I take him out for a beer, call him or what? He's pretty serious so it's a little daunting. We've been dating three years and her family loves me. Her mum is nice should I do it with her there too?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

Hi Jacob. If you feel you need to ask his permission, ( you don't need to do this formality though), bring it up over a family dinner eg. We have decided we want to spend the rest of our lives together in marriage. Your gf's parents probably would be very happy.

I am unsure if I want to change my last name when I get Married? Is there anything I should consider

My Fiancé & I are getting Married in early 2018 & he wants me to change my last name to his. I'm not sure if I want to. Is there something I can/should do to make this decision easier?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

Hi Kate. It is totally up to you. You can retain your surname or hypenate both your surname and your husband's surname.You can take your husband's name and still be known as your maiden name. If you take your husbands name you will have to change your name on all your documents - bank account, drivers licence and so on and so on. You use the official Marriage Certificate issued by the births deaths and Marriages. Another thing to think about is what name your children will have.

Can I hire a celebrant and have a "wedding" for my friends and family even if I already eloped?

Just wanted to do something nice for my family because we eloped about a month ago but it's not like we need to get remarried... haha. I don't want to do a reception at all and only want it to be small. Mainly a photo opportunity.

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

Hi Bron

You certainly can have a partnership and commitment ceremony. A celebrant can do this ceremony for you. It is not a legal ceremony.

What is everyones thoughts on +1s at a wedding??

We are already on a tight budget and originally i had just said family only... but when planning out our tables my fiancé and my mother asked where the partners of our bridal party are and where family members partners were sitting and i said they weren't invited and they both looked shocked like you can't not invite your bestfriends partner to your my head i say why not? Its my wedding, i dont like her partner and i don't want them there... is it terrible for me not to invite them?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

Hi Alexandra. Yes it is something I can relate to. You may have problems with your fiance, bestfriend and family because of your decision. Speak to your fiance and mother about your concerns. You all may be able to come up with a solution. If you are more concerned with the budget, try to cut down on some other wedding details.

I want an outside wedding... in November... in Australia. How can I keep everyone cool?

The weather is expected to be very hot but we don't want to sacrifice our dream. We'd love to have our wedding outside and under the stars but we don't want even sweating off their makeup and hating the day.

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

Book a venue with shade eg Botanic Gardens. Choose light weight wedding attire for the bridal party. Have tubs of ice to keep bottles of water cold. You may even want the guests to share something stronger after the ceremony.

Do I have my future father in law walk me down the aisle?

Unsure what category to put this under. I don't speak to my family at all and have always said I want to walk down the aisle on my own. I've had pressure from my future mother in law and other extended members of my fiances family that I should have him. Comments like "surely you would have xxxx walk you". He's a lovely man but there's a lot I disagree with his alcoholism and priorities and he has also made comments that he thinks I'll ask him. What can I do? Advice? Please ??

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

Hi Shelby. You can inform your fiance's family that there is not a legal requirement to have a 'father' walk you down the aisle. You can pick who you want to give you away. Couples often give themselves to each other which is a beautiful way to begin the ceremon and has a lot of significancefor both of you. You can tell them that you want it to be a very personalised unique ceremony and this is what you want to do and have always wanted to do. Stick to your guns!

How long would I require a celebrant for?

Generally, when couples book a celebrant how long do they book them for?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

Hi Lucy. Celebrants are paid an all inclusive fee for their service not an hourly rate. The service includes a meeting to complete the required paperwork, email, phone support and face to face meetings if required to devise the ceremony.The celebrant is available for a rehearsal with the wedding party and on the big day the celebrant will arrive at the venue a minimum of 30 minutes before the ceremony. The ceremony can take about 30 - 40 minutes depending on the couples' requirements amd then the celebrant can require 30 minutes to pack up.

Kim O'Sullivan

Is it ok to use the same Celebrant that our friends used?

What are your thoughts on using the same celebrant that a friend used? Have you experienced this before?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

Hi Kate. It is fine to do so. Usually couples pass on their experiences with the celebrant and information pertaining to wedding preparation to their friends. However, it is important that you and your future husband feel comfortable with the celebrant and are able to work with the celebrant to design a personal and unique ceremony which makes your day very momentous. This relationship with the celebrant is very important. Sometimes the celebrant your friend used may not be the one for you.

Do Indian hand fastening ceremonies carry religious significance?

We are considering having a hand fastening done in India before our wedding, for relatives there. We are concerned the beliefs behind the Indian ceremony may clash with our own, but I haven't been able to find much information. I don't want to commit until I know that I'm comfortable with it. Does anyone know if this ceremony is based in religion, or is it simply cultural?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

As from the other answers, there is no religious basis but it is a celtic tradition. In present times, handfasting is a beautiful addition to any wedding ceremony as it symbolises the bonding of husband and wife.

How do I get around awkward clashes when seating guests?

I'm planning seating for my reception, but a few of my guests can't be seated together. We have 12 seats per (long) table - is it acceptable to seat these guests at the same table, far apart? I don't like catering for their disagreements, but I don't want a fight -even a small one - at my wedding.

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

Hi Erin Congratulations! i don't see a problem with scattering those guests around the tables. They would feel more comfortable as you would.

What vows would you recommend for a commitment ceremony?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

Hi Bethany. A partnershp and commitment ceremony is where you make promises to each other for your future life together. There are no legal requirements. Vows are what you feel comfortable with and so your vows would be personal, individual and meaningful to both of you. Your celebrant can assist you with them.

How can I make an uneven bridal party work?

We will have 3 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen. Particularly for the first dance, usually bridal party take their partners and join bride and groom on the dancefloor but we have an uneven number so they can't join together as couples....

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

Hi I don't believe it matters. It is your wedding and is what you want it to be. You could organise it beforehand that someone else partners the extra groomsman.

Are there any affordable celebrants out there for a simple ceremony?

Hi, I'm looking for a celebrant to perform a simple (yet still professional) wedding ceremony. I don't want all the usual song and dance or long storytelling - just a simple, sweet and short ceremony. And a streamlined process in the lead up with whatever legalities are required; no coaching, or coffee catch ups as I'm just not that kind of bride. Are there any celebrants out there that do this and are affordable? (Needs to be under $500) Thanks for your suggestions :)

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

Hi Thank you for asking. The answer is yes.I cater for individual desires and budgets.I believe that the process should be efficient and streamlined and I am able to provide that. I offer a simple registry office style ceremony for the bride and groom and their two witnesses in my home office or garden. I live at Bargo near the Southern Highlands.Kim O'Sullivan

How do I set up a wedding ceremony schedule?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

Hi Bec. The celebrant is there to assist you to make your ceremony personal, unique and wonderful. I have a template for the schedule which I discuss with the couple. I explain the mandatory monitum and the vows and ask the couple what they want, who they want involved, whether they want personal vows and any rituals, blessings, verses, readings or cultural or religious focus and I offer suggestions to the couple.I then take that information and develop a ceremony which I email to the couple to peruse and discuss any further changes with me.

How do I set up a wedding ceremony schedule?

How d

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

Hi Gracie Your celebrant can help you plan a beautiful personalised ceremony. Thy are a source of information. You can get also get ideas from other weddings you have attended or online. I am sure you will have a beautiful ceremony.

How do I convince my fiancé to elope?

My finance has a huge family so our wedding is going to be too expensive. I only have a small family so my guests will be out numbered. I think weddings are more about pleasing others and the meaning gets lost. I want it to be a special moment for just him and I, without the expensive price tag. I want to elope but he wants the huge traditional wedding. What do we do?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

Hi Daniella.I understand how you feel. Marriage is about compromise and about being open and honest. The wedding can be small and intimate with just the closest of family members present at a location you both love.The celebrant you choose would be able to develop a beautiful meaningful ceremony with you both so that it will be a momentous occasion.The reception can be equally intimate eg. going out to dinner, reception at home, cocktails. The money saved can be spent on a honeymoon or for a home.Good luck in your discussions with your future husband.

How can I help my celebrant to provide a personal and fun service?

What's the best way for me to help my celebrant to provide a personal and fun service?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

The best way is to have open and honest discussions. Ask questions of the celebrant. The relationship you and the celebrant build is important so that you both can plan the wedding ceremony and make it personal, unique and wonderful. You will be able to explain to the celebrant what you want,where you plan the ceremony to be, who you want to be involved and what is to be said and done. The celebrant can offer suggestions to assist you both.

How do I choose a celebrant that will suit my partner and I?

What is the best method for choosing the ideal celebrant?

Kim O'Sullivan Celebrant

The best method is to look in the local area, meet with them and ask questions. Look for someone who cares, is professional in attire and in their actions, who makes you both feel comfortable and takes on board what you want in your wedding. The celebrant should be able to offer suggestions and advice regarding the ceremony in order to make your wedding unique and special.

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