why are flower girl dresses so expensive?

are they made with the same material as the brides dress

Question Asked: 17/08/2017 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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We have dresses starting from $80 up to $700 it all depends on the style and the make

Oh My! Creations

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Unfortunately it is all in the time it takes to make a beautiful gown. At OhMy! Creations every gown is made to the specifications that a normal bridal gown would be made. Every manufacturer uses the same fabrics and same quality of care that is used in making a bridal gown. Our manufacturers are all producers of weddings gowns, which have the experience and know-how of producing great quality gowns for children. Please feel free to browse our extensive collections of gowns fit for every budget in mind at OhMy! Creations by visiting our website http://www.ohmycreations.com.au.

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This is what makes up the cost of a flower girl dress in our boutique store

Firstly you enter a boutique store not a department store. A Boutique store is a small store and not a big box retailer, we specialise in what we do and no one else can do what we do and design a unique and hard to find items custom made to your measurements. Then you come back a second time to have another look try on the dress again, damaged our stock spend more time with you and then you may order a dress if you don’t need to come back a third time. Fourth/Fifth then you come back another time to try the dress that has been made for your daughter/flower girl. We look and ensure you are happy and if any alterations are need we then adjust the dress for you., The dress is altered and time is spent pressing it making it perfect for you special day and of course this is all included in the price.The cost of overheads for the business is actually the facilities that cost the money, far more so than the cost of the product fabric..(  all the customer service we have given and not been paid for, writing up the order, the rent, the rates, bank chargers, the electricity, the water, the insurance, the wages, the alterations, that pattern made to your measurements, redesign of the dress, government GST, cost of fabric, Cost to make it and every other expenses that we have incurred in running our business)that is the world we live in.We are a small business that struggle every day so please remember this when walking into any small business and question the cost of a product.


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