How soon before the wedding do you order flower girl dresses? We are ordering online

We are ordering our flower girl dress online and they will take a month to get here. I'm wondering how soon before the wedding to order, our flower girl is already tall for her age and has had a few growth spurts already. Do I order a size bigger? We don't have kids so I'm really out of my depth. Her Mum was quite cautious, she is concerned about her having another growth spurt as well. I'm wondering if there is a 'general rule' with this kind of thing?

Question Asked: 19/02/2017 Wedding Date: 19/11/2017

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All Wedding Wishes

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Better be organized and save yourself the stress, usually production time is 4-8 weeks but we recommend to place your order 3 months in advance in case of any alterations needed or just buy of the rack we have a huge collection in store.

Oh My! Creations

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(0) Posted: 31/01/2018

When ordering a dress online you should make sure you order in advance of up to 8 weeks prior to the event. OhMy! Creations is an online store that deals with such orders daily. We ask that you order no more then 2 months in advance as children do grow. However it is a wise decision to order a single size up. A dress then can be slighlty altered for a tailored fit. When ordering online however, please try to stay away from sites such as alibaba, ebay, etsy, dhgate and as we have been overwhelmed by customers receiveing "fake" goods. Please make sure you are purchaing from a reputable retailer that deals with returns and has product guarantees.

Feel free to browse our extensive collections at OhMy! Creations by visiting our website

Princess Boutique

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We have a large collection in store, however typically recommend you start looking approx. 10-12 weeks ahead in case a special order is required.

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When ordering a flower girl dress online, you should always order it about 2 months before, just in case you need to get alt done or if the dress doesn't come the way you thought it would. It is better if you go a little bigger because you can get it alt, if it's small it is harder to fix.

Twinkle Toes On The Go

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Dresses you can order anytime, if you know the color and measurements of the children, Twinkle toes on the go has a huge range of dresses for girls.. Call 0415 490 478 for inquires, we are happy to help with measurements of any dress and send through some photo's., visit

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