What is a bomboniere?

What is a bomboniere? How are bomboniere different from wedding favours?

Toby M

Question Asked: 24/08/2016

Wedding Date: 6/09/2017

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Glyko The Edible Bomboniere

(1) · Sydney and surrounds

Posted: 21/07/2017

Bomboniere is similar to a wedding favour, as it is a keepsake for the guests. Bomboniere can also we given at engagements, baptisms, christenings, Holy Communions etc

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Little Mellow

(3) · Australia Wide

Posted: 20/03/2017

Small gifts that you give to your guests as a thank you. They reflect your day and love for them being there.

Little Mellow bomboniere seed bomb cards and bundles reflect that perfectly. They are also a gift for nature. Giving back to the earth.

Rustic, Natural, Boho Bride

Thanks for youyr question Toby

Pebbles and Moss

(2) · Melbourne

Posted: 20/03/2017

Hello Toby, thank you for your question and congratulations on your upcoming wedding (how exciting!). So a bomboniere is is the traditional Italian name given to wedding favours. They are a show of love given to your guests. Not only for sharing your special day with them but thanking them for their ongoing support of your relationship. Our bomboniere are living succulents that will last a lifetime. Something that your guests can enjoy long after your final dance! Hope that helps! Happy plannin, Sara


(0) · Queensland State Wide

Posted: 20/03/2017

it is a small gift for your guests to say thank you but also something they can keep as a memory of that special day.

Kelly Beans Bomboniere

(42) · Australia Wide

Posted: 23/01/2017

A bomboniere is a small gift (also known as favours) which are given to guests attending a special event eg Wedding, Christening etc. It's a way for the hosts to say thank you for their attendance and for sharing their day. Also makes a great decoration for the tables.
Chocolate Heaven Pty Ltd

(1) · Australia wide

Posted: 14/11/2016

Congratulations on your engagement Toby!

A Bomboniere is a small gift of gratitude given by the bridge and groom to each of their guests. You can choose from a wide range of products, including chocolate wedding favours which can be in the form of two truffles in a gift box, chocolate lollipops and even personalised chocolate bars that can double as a bomboniere and a name place card saving you money.

Kayotic Cactus

(0) · Ferntree Gully and Eastern suburbs

Posted: 13/11/2016

A Bomboniere are also known as wedding favors. They are a gift from the bride and groom to each guest as a thank you for sharing their wedding day.
Wedding Favours Australia

(10) · Australia Wide

Posted: 12/11/2016

Bomboniere and wedding favour essentially are the same thing. Bomboniere is Italian, whilst wedding favour is English. Bomboniere are gifts given by bride & groom to their guests as gesture of gratitude.

It is believed that the first wedding favour, was known as bomboniere (bonbonniere). Unlike today, the tradition of giving bomboniere initially was only given out by wealthy people. A bomboniere was a small trinket box made of crystal, porcelain/precious stones. Inside it, were generally sugar cubes (symbolize wealth-where sugar was expensive). As price of sugar decreased, this tradition reached the general public and this culture is now shared by most bride & groom worldwide.

Today, wedding favour is referring to small gifts given by bride & groom to their guests. These gifts may take any form; bottle stopper, picture frame, candle, soap, and what makes it more interesting, it comes in variety of shapes to match the wedding themes, and some even comes with the option of personalisation too!

Bella Baskets and Bomboniere

(12) · Perth & Surroundings

Posted: 11/11/2016

bomboniere are a gift of thanks from the bride and groom for sharing their wedding day it European cultures it also means more than a gift of thanks it's also well wishes towards the guests as well as the bride and groom

Flower Bar

(1) · Sydney & Surroundings Areas

Posted: 29/08/2016

bombonieres are essentially the same as wedding favours. Some might see bomboniere as individual gifts/favours to each guest left at their place at the reception where as favours may be something like a candy bar/flower bar/photobooth where each guest helps them self to it

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