How do I give the bomboniere to my guests if I'm not having tables?

My venue is only small and cocktail themed. Should I make a little table for it near the exit? I don't want it to be tacky.

Gracey H

Question Asked: 16/03/2017

Wedding Date: 4/05/2018

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Posted: 9/05/2018

A table next to the entrance / exit is perfect. Not tacky at all. You could also consider little giftbags. 

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Posted: 25/08/2017

Hi Gracey

It does depend on the type of bomboniere you choose as to how you distribute them.

They could be given to your guests as they arrive by a family member if they are not too large so they can place them in their handbag or pocket.

Hope you have a wonderful time planning!

Kind regards

Noelene Hart

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Brewtopia - Personalised Wine, Craft Beer & Water

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Posted: 27/03/2017

Hi Gracey, we hear from other brides hosting cocktail style weddings that they place our Sparkling Champagne Piccolo's on a small decorated table near the door. One bride make a sign on a small chalk board saying "thank you for making our day perfect, please take a bottle to remember this day". All the best on your special day!

Cancer Council WA

(23) · Western Australia

Posted: 21/03/2017

Hi Gracey, with the Cancer Council WA bonbonnieres, you may consider just purchasing the pins only and have a family member hand them out for guests to wear as they arrive at the reception or even at your service. Best of luck on your wedding day.

Kelly Beans Bomboniere

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Posted: 20/03/2017

Hi Gracey. The most popular option would be to display your bomboniere on a small table (perhaps near the cake table or near the exit door). If you choose attractive looking gifts (especially if they are colour themed) you may want to make them a feature at your venue. Your guests will notice them more if you display near the cake table. If you had small boxes or honey jars for example you could even display them in a tower and build them up to stand out. I have a few photo examples of how you can display bomboniere in a group if you want to see some ideas. One bride had a vintage style wedding and displayed her lolly jars in an old wooden cupboard with the doors left open (and chalk board saying - 'please take one' and then a 'love heart' with initials of bride and groom). If you decide to have them near the exit door then either someone should hand them out or someone could make an announcement with a microphone so everyone knows to take one. However some guests may forget so best if someone hands them out. If you are having the cake as dessert, perhaps the waiters can hand around the cake slices and bomboniere at same time. So perhaps think of a gift that's quite small and elegant. Hope this helps and best of luck!

Glyko The Edible Bomboniere

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Posted: 20/03/2017

Hi Gracey,

First of all congratulations on your upcoming nuptials- it is a very exciting time!

A table is a great idea, however if you would like to add more of a personal touch you could assign a family member to hand them out as guests arrive or leave?

Perhaps a waiter could hand them out?

A sign is also a lovely idea to have if you decide to place them on the table.

Best of luck with all your further planning and future as a married couple.

Lorenza Soy Candles

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Posted: 20/03/2017

Hi Gracey,

a small table with the favours on it will look nice. You can place a nice frame on the table saying "Here's a little thank you for you". Just make sure its clear if your doing one per person or one per family. That way there is enough for all guests.

All the best with the big day :)

Pebbles and Moss

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Posted: 20/03/2017

Hello Gracey, thank you for your question and congratulations on your upcoming wedding (how exciting!). Cocktail wedding receptions are quickly becoming very popular. The nicest way we recommend is to set up a cute display on a table or wooden ladder (whatever suits your theme) and a really cute saying such as "thank you for sharing our special day, please take one" something sweet and simple that allows your guests to pick their gift at the end of the night. You can also have them named if you wanted to give one per couple/family. As long as it suits your theme it won't look tacky, you can evenuse it as a decoration piece next to the cake and wishing well. Hope that helps! Sara

The Candy Buffet Company

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Posted: 20/03/2017

Commonly an exit table for parting gifts is used in this circumstance. It is less tacky if someone attends the table as people are leaving to hand them the gift personally.

Our clients will often use a candy buffet or customised lolly gift as these come with their own boxes that are labeled with your customised thank you message.

Sweetcheeks Cookies and Cakes

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Posted: 20/03/2017

At many cocktail style weddings, our cookies are taken round on platters by the wait staff to offer one to everyone. Or you could have a separate table set up with your chosen favours - with a cute little sign. If it's done properly, it wont be tacky ;) x

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