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Remember to have fun at your wedding

LOL! Happy Friday, folks. What a funny old ‪#‎wedding‬ pic from the folks at 1st Class Wedding Photography. It definitely brought a smiles to our faces!

Well, why not, it’s Friday afterall

TGIF! Anyone marrying this weekend? Perhaps you’re having a wedding?

How Mariah Carey does karaoke >)

Here’s our Friday funny, folks – and you’re guaranteed to smile – and, maybe, even break into song! It’s Mariah Carey doing karaoke – to Mariah Carey…along with James Corden. ‪‎Hilarious‬!

Funny, but kind of dangerous too

 What could possibly go wrong? Ah, yet a few more reasons us women live longer than our beloved blokes… Happy Friday, folks!

Keep calm and read on :)

As if someone ever listened to the internet gods, wild horses wouldn’t have stopped me…

When does the weekend start for you?

Ah, were wiser words ever spoken? What are you up to this weekend, folks? HANG. IN. THERE. JUST. 50. MINUTES. LEFT!

Funniest couple ever :)

Ha ha! From today’s Herald Sun comes this, erm, ‘funny’ story – about two clowns who wed! I wonder if she wore big red shoes, too?

Fun stuff: You have been Rick Rolled :)

Peeps, it’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! With less than half an hour left of the working week, I thought you’d appreciate this very clever author’s attempts to pay homage to ’80s superstar, Mr Rick Astley! Have you