Video: Love has no labels

Love is blind. It’s an age-old saying – and it’s one that is universal.

That’s the concept behind Love Has No Labels, a poignant and powerful video that uses the many different types of love out there to expose those hidden biases we all possess.

The 3.5-minute video starts with an x-ray view of a pair of skeletons embracing, but keep watching…

The skeletons share a long and loving embrace and a kiss – and then step out from behind the screen and the audience is clearly taken aback by who steps out.

This continues for the rest of the video, and by the end of it, not only are you made well aware of the many and varied types of love, you won’t be able to escape or deny your own biases.

“Before anything else, we are all human.” says the video’s introduction. “It’s time to embrace diversity. Let’s put aside labels in the name of love.”

Hear, hear!

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