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Kara & Nick’s classic wedding styled in navy and white

  • 25Apr2014
  • Wedding Date: 11/01/2014
  • By Rebecca

“Good things come to those who wait.”

This was the catchphrase often bandied by Perth groom Nick Bavaro, 27, who finally proposed to Kara Wylie, 29, on their ninth anniversary as a couple.

A joker at heart, the cabinet maker placed a nine-diamond ring – each diamond representing a year Kara waited – in the fridge, with a sign that said his personal motto along with ‘Will you marry me?’. Through giggles and shock, Kara managed a yes.

Despite their long courtship, Kara, a teacher, decided not to rush the engagement, taking two years to plan their classic wedding on January 11, 2014, themed in navy, white and silver.

The generous pair gifted their flower centrepieces by Pick Me Function to loved ones on the night and exchanged presents with each other on the eve of the big day.

“I got [Nick] cufflinks of his beloved Fremantle Dockers team, a bottle of Blue Label Johnny Walker and arranged a Showtime Limousines’ yellow Transformer Camaro to take them to the ceremony,” says Kara.

Comical as ever, Nick’s wedding gift to Kara was… a screwdriver! “You’ll need this later,” he said. On the morning of the wedding, the punchline to the joke revealed itself when Nick’s mum delivered a large wooden box secured tightly with screws. “I had to undo [them] one at a time, by hand!” laughs Kara.

“Inside was a large wooden caricature art-piece of the two of us on our wedding day. It was beautiful.”

Kara_Nick_Perth-Wedding_309_008 Kara_Nick_Perth-Wedding_309_005
Kara_Nick_Perth-Wedding_309_063 Kara_Nick_Perth-Wedding_309_071
Kara_Nick_Perth-Wedding_309_014 Kara_Nick_Perth-Wedding_309_016
“It was an amazing feeling stepping out of the limo and seeing all our family and friends,” says Kara. “You could not wipe the smile off my face.”
Kara_Nick_Perth-Wedding_309_019 Kara_Nick_Perth-Wedding_309_024
Kara_Nick_Perth-Wedding_309_036 Kara_Nick_Perth-Wedding_309_056
Nick and the groomsmen suited up in charcoal three-piece suits by Ferrari Formal Wear with navy ties to complement the bridesmaids’ strapless evening gowns.
Kara_Nick_Perth-Wedding_309_043 Kara_Nick_Perth-Wedding_309_045
Kara_Nick_Perth-Wedding_309_064 Kara_Nick_Perth-Wedding_309_068
Football was a secondary theme to the event’s classic colour palette, with the couple’s favourite teams represented proudly throughout.
Kara_Nick_Perth-Wedding_309_074 Kara_Nick_Perth-Wedding_309_073
“Although it was the hottest day in Perth in 23 years [a stifling 44 degrees], nothing could have spoilt this amazing, fabulous day spent with our favourite people,” smiles Kara.
Photos courtesy of Fotografia Coppola.

Couple opt for traditional elegance with a Melbourne black tie wedding

  • 18Mar2014
  • Wedding Date: 23/11/2013
  • By Kellie

With emerging trends and a continuous desire to be unique, black tie weddings aren’t as common as they once were.

This is exactly why Olivia Jones, 28, and Rob Skillington, 26, chose a classic black tie theme for their Melbourne wedding on November 23, 2013. “We wanted to buck the vintage wedding trend and have a lavish affair that people could dress up for and always remember,” says bride Olivia of her 150 guests. “Somehow we also achieved wonderful intimacy.”

Elegant touches could be seen everywhere on their wedding day; a 1970s Rolls Royce stretch limousine, table numbers with hand written quotes from love stories and a song performed by Olivia herself, just to name a few.

The couple met while studying at Melbourne University and things progressed to romance thanks to a bold move by Rob. “After two years of being close friends Rob walked me home one night and gave me a huge shock when he kissed me,” recalls Olivia. “It was like someone had switched on a light and suddenly my whole world made sense.”

The pair are planning a move to San Francisco where they will work for some time before settling back in Melbourne. “Rob is so incredibly loyal and generous that I can hardly believe I get to be his person,” says Olivia.

Olivia_Rob_Black-Tie-Wedding_309_009 Olivia_Rob_Black-Tie-Wedding_309_010
“My beautiful friend Jas did the flowers – peonies,” praises Olivia.
Olivia_Rob_Black-Tie-Wedding_309_016 Olivia_Rob_Black-Tie-Wedding_309_018
Rob and his groomsmen wore tuxedos by Prinzi Collections and Hugo Boss cufflinks.
Olivia_Rob_Black-Tie-Wedding_309_025 Olivia_Rob_Black-Tie-Wedding_309_030
Olivia’s Amaline Vitale gown was customised with lace. “The feature of the dress was the Swarovski crystal.”
“When we sat back in the car after photos in the chapel’s beautiful spring garden, rain started to fall and Rob rearranged my rings so they were the right way around,” smiles Olivia.
Photos courtesy of Simon L. King Photography.



Happily ever after: the fairytale wedding of Danielle & Anthony

  • 24Feb2014
  • Wedding Date: 16/11/2013
  • By Rebecca

There were many reasons for Sydney couple Danielle Coombes and Anthony Muscat to choose a fairytale wedding over any other theme.

For it wasn’t just that the 26-year-old “girly girl” had always dreamt it would be. Or that her enchanting Mia Solano gown and dazzling statement necklace had a distinctly Disney Princess feel to it. As it turns out, the Sydney groom, 27, had his own Prince Charming tendencies which is how he came to woo a girl from Perth to the opposite end of the kingdom.

Danielle tells: “We met when I was on holidays in Sydney and although Anthony spilt his drink on me I decided to give him a chance anyway. He flew to Perth to try and impress me – and it worked! After many phone calls, texts and Facebook messages, we decided to give this difficult situation a go. Five months later and after many frequent flyer miles I moved to Sydney so we could be together.”

In chapter two of their romantic tale, the couple flew to New Zealand for a magical skiing holiday. Out on the postcard-perfect balcony of Christchurch’s Skyline Restaurant, with snowflakes falling around them, Anthony asked Danielle to be his bride. On bended knee. With a diamond and pink sapphire engagement ring in hand. “I burst into tears,” recalls Danielle, “and said yes!”

The pair’s nuptials at the Cardinal Cerretti Memorial Chapel on November 16, 2013, were witnessed by 180 guests preceding a sit-down reception with a few modern and humorous twists at Orso Bayside Reception.

Danielle_Anthony_Fairytale-Wedding_309_004 Danielle_Anthony_Fairytale-Wedding_309_005
Danielle’s six attendants were dressed by Jacqui E in fuchsia tea-length crossover gowns.
Danielle_Anthony_Fairytale-Wedding_309_007 Danielle_Anthony_Fairytale-Wedding_309_008
Danielle_Anthony_Fairytale-Wedding_309_001 Danielle_Anthony_Fairytale-Wedding_309_022
Danielle_Anthony_Fairytale-Wedding_309_019 Danielle_Anthony_Fairytale-Wedding_309_023
“I always wanted a classic fairytale wedding and to have everything in pink and white,” says Danielle. “Luckily for me Anthony was happy to go along with most of my ideas. His only request was we get married in a Catholic church to stay true to his faith.”
Danielle_Anthony_Fairytale-Wedding_309_027 Danielle_Anthony_Fairytale-Wedding_309_030
Danielle_Anthony_Fairytale-Wedding_309_025 Danielle_Anthony_Fairytale-Wedding_309_028
“The night before the wedding there was a huge storm,” recalls the bride. “We made the most of it by jumping through puddles with gumboots and umbrellas.”
Danielle_Anthony_Fairytale-Wedding_309_039 Danielle_Anthony_Fairytale-Wedding_309_035
Danielle_Anthony_Fairytale-Wedding_309_043 Danielle_Anthony_Fairytale-Wedding_309_041
Danielle tells, “Our first dance started off as a waltz… then halfway through we broke into a hip-hop routine to “Blurred Lines” which we choreographed ourselves – we both love dancing!”
Danielle_Anthony_Fairytale-Wedding_309_042 Danielle_Anthony_Fairytale-Wedding_309_044
Recalling her wedding day, Danielle smiles. “We just love LOVE. It really was our happily ever after.”
Photos courtesy of Schade Images.

Time stands still at Jessica & Josh’s classic Melbourne wedding

  • 21Feb2014
  • Wedding Date: 19/10/2013
  • By Kellie

With a perfect city view, Jessica Gillatt, 26, and Joshua Spotswood, 32, were married in a timeless Melbourne wedding.

The couple, together for nine years, say their wedding day on October 19, 2013, has taken their relationship to new heights.

“A lot of people say your relationship doesn’t change, but I feel like, coming from a relationship where we’d been together for nine years, it was like we went back into a honeymoon stage,” beams Jessica. “We’ve fallen back in love again.”

The pair chose a timeless theme for their wedding incorporating lace and soft colours into their décor. “I just wanted something quite classical that wasn’t going to date that I could look back on and the style wouldn’t have changed too much,” says Jessica.

She adds, “We wanted quite a relaxed feel, we’re both relaxed people, so we opted for a cocktail wedding.”

One-hundred-and-ten guests celebrated with the radiant couple at the city’s Rivers Edge Events. It was the 15th and final venue Jessica and Josh had viewed. “Josh came to find the venue with me, we looked at about 15! As soon as we went there we just loved it,” recalls Jessica.

The bride praised her groom for being involved in most of the planning. “He pretty much helped with most of the things…I was really impressed,” she smiles.

Jessica_Josh_Melbourne-Wedding_309_001 Jessica_Josh_Melbourne-Wedding_309_003
Jessica_Josh_Melbourne-Wedding_309_005 Jessica_Josh_Melbourne-Wedding_309_006
The bridal gown by Georgia Young Couture was Jessica’s dream dress. “I had always wanted a lace, classical gown.”
Jessica_Josh_Melbourne-Wedding_309_021 Jessica_Josh_Melbourne-Wedding_309_013
Jessica says it was so important to her and Josh to have their best friends standing by their side on the day.
Jessica_Josh_Melbourne-Wedding_309_012 Jessica_Josh_Melbourne-Wedding_309_014
Jessica_Josh_Melbourne-Wedding_309_009 Jessica_Josh_Melbourne-Wedding_309_010
Jessica_Josh_Melbourne-Wedding_309_020 Jessica_Josh_Melbourne-Wedding_309_016
Their cocktail style function included a sweets menu guests could help themselves to.
“My entire life I had never been more excited than on my wedding day,” beams Jessica. “It went so smoothly, I had no issues with anything going wrong.”
Photos courtesy of Agent 86 Photography.

Pages of love written at the vintage wedding of Jessica & James

  • 17Feb2014
  • Wedding Date: 18/10/2013
  • By Kellie

James Gallagher may be a man of few words, but according to his bride Jessica Thomas, he planned the perfect proposal.

“When he started thinking about proposing to me, he seemed rather uncertain about how to go about it,” recalls 27-year-old Jessica. “I told him three things that I was hoping he would include; a nice dinner, that he would get down on one knee, and that he would say at least 10 romantic words. He did none of these things – but his proposal was perfect.”

James, 24, had chosen midnight fireworks as the ideal backdrop for his simple request, “Will you marry me?” while holding Jessica in his arms.

The pair were married at Mt Evelyn, Victoria, on October 18, 2013 in the presence of 90 guests.

Despite Jessica’s initial reservations about James not being a keen reader, it turned out they shared a love of books. Their vintage wedding therefore surrounded the world of literature.

“We ended up with up with a vintage typewriter for guests to leave messages on, table scatters made from The Book Thief – a book we both love – LED candlelit jars wrapped in Jane Austen and green string, noughts and crosses boards with boxes of buttons made out of Harry Potter, book paper flowers in our bouquets and a hollowed out book for the rings,” says Jessica.

The highlight was the couple’s choice of cake made to look like books. “The third book from the series of a first book I gave James all those years ago was on top – the chapter being called Man and Wife.”

Jessica_James_Vintage-Wedding_309_007 Jessica_James_Vintage-Wedding_309_008
Jessica_James_Vintage-Wedding_309_001 Jessica_James_Vintage-Wedding_309_002
Jessica made several adjustments to her Héra Couture gown including changing the tulle overlay to chiffon and the shape of the keyhole at the back of the dress. “I felt that it was modest, but showed my figure,” she says.
Jessica_James_Vintage-Wedding_309_004 Jessica_James_Vintage-Wedding_309_014
Jessica_James_Vintage-Wedding_309_012 Jessica_James_Vintage-Wedding_309_010
“My beautiful and beloved Nan passed away two months before our wedding…this made our choice of green for the bridesmaids’ dresses extra special as it was her favourite colour,” smiles Jessica.
Jessica_James_Vintage-Wedding_309_011 Jessica_James_Vintage-Wedding_309_016
Jessica_James_Vintage-Wedding_309_015 Jessica_James_Vintage-Wedding_309_009
Jessica and James praised their wedding venue, Chateau Wyuna. “Rustic and charming with lots of greenery and photographic opportunities.”
Photos courtesy of On Three Photography and Cinematic.



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