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It’s all in the detail: Amelia and Sam’s elegant classic wedding

Sometimes couples can underestimate how important suppliers are in making their big day special. But not so for Amelia Allen and Sam Welsh. Their story highlights how quality service and products... Read more

Lessons of love: the classic wedding of Jenna and Daniel

Jenna Lo Bianco and Daniel Velardo took a class in romance when they met working as teachers at the same school. “I was teaching and he had been an ex-student many, many years prior,” explains... Read more

Kirstie and Adam got chills (multiplying) at autumn wedding

Every time Kirstie Francis parks her car, she has a reminder of a very special memory; when Adam Leach proposed. “We enjoy having a laugh about the ‘carpark proposal,” explains Kirstie, 27.... Read more

Ileana and Brad keep it simple for classic wedding in SA

Good news guys, your dance moves actually can impress the ladies. Bradley Sommers, 30, must have busted out some special skills when he met Ileana Artiga, 28, on the dance floor of a night club in... Read more

Online attraction leads to Vincent & Vivi’s seaside wedding

Vivi Halim and Vincent Fantasia did not have much luck in the online dating world until they found each other. As groom Vince, 29, explains, the attraction was instant despite the distance between... Read more

Amanda & Minh head underground for their enchanted cave wedding

The one benefit of a long-distant relationship? Frequent flyer points. Amanda Phoon, 26, and Minh Nguyen, 33, may have lived on opposite sides of the country, but that didn’t stop their love... Read more

Chantal waits patiently for ‘the one’ and marries at autumn wedding

Just when Chantal Denham had given up on finding “the one”, along came Rohan Cram. The couple, aged 33 and 30 respectively, met while playing very important roles in the wedding of mutual... Read more

Samantha & Brendan celebrate classic church wedding in Melbourne

Work Christmas parties are often a chance to embarrass yourself in front of your colleagues, but Samantha O'Reilly and Brendan Tudor found love. A little over four years later, and with a beautiful... Read more

A little ray of sunshine: Chantelle & Michael’s Brisbane wedding

Doesn’t snore – check. Excellent chef – check. No arguments – check. Chantelle Galbraith may not have written this exact checklist for her perfect mate, but when she met Michael Burge at a... Read more

Keen couple Lizzie & Curtis skip straight to classic wedding

These two were so keen to get hitched they skipped their engagement party so they could put more effort into the wedding. Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Ward, 25, and Curtis Wickham, 26, of Brisbane chose to... Read more

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