8 signs your partner is about to propose over the holiday season

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When you’ve been in a relationship long enough, it is often a matter of time before someone gets down on one knee – and according to our Easy Weddings survey it’s most likely to happen during the holiday season. Here are 8 signs your partner is about to propose over the holiday season.

They’ve suddenly become very interested in your jewellery collection

For those of us who love our jewellery, we notice every last piece that a friend or celeb may be wearing and we know our own collections back to front. We’re very sure about what we like but our partners aren’t always so knowledgeable or interested. If your partner suddenly develops an interest in your jewellery style or starts quizzing you about what jewellery you like and don’t like and tries super sneaky ways to figure out your ring size, that’s a sure sign engagement rings are on their mind.

They’ve started to act weird but you know they’re not a cheater

Your partner is acting strange, going places without sharing the details or just acting a little sketchy when asked questions or phoned but you know they aren’t cheating on you. That’s a sure sign they’re out doing something they don’t want you to know about, like ring shopping. They won’t want to tell you where they are or what they’ve been doing but you know they wouldn’t be up to anything sinister.

They’re watching every cent

They’ve suddenly lost interest in regular take-away food or something expensive that they’ve set their heart on could mean that they’ve saving their dollars for something else, like an engagement ring. Yes, they could be saving for a new car or a house deposit but if they’re doing any of the other things below or above AND they are saving their money in an unusually dedicated way, it may mean that they’re trying to put together enough to buy you the engagement ring of your dreams.

They’re talking and texting friends and family members that they never normally bother with

If your partner is suddenly in communication with close friends or your parents or siblings for no apparent reason, they may be in league with them to find out about your engagement ring or jewellery preferences without needing to ask you directly. Your mum or sister or best friend is the likeliest source of good intel and if they’re not usually in touch with them, then the chances are they’re asking about something very special that you aren’t supposed to know about… yet!

Your jewellery box isn’t how you left it and you haven’t been robbed!

If your jewellery box is in disarray or in a different order from when you left it (and all your jewellery is still there) you have to wonder who has been poking around, don’t you? And why would anyone just peek at your jewellery, or pick it up unless they want to gauge what sort of style of jewellery you like and, of course, the size of your ring finger?

Your parents are acting very strange

If your partner is traditional, he or she may seek permission to marry you. In which case, your parents are going to know about your partner’s intentions before you ever will. And, unless they’ve undergone some serious spy training or are just really good at keeping secrets, they’re probably going to start acting strange in a bid to avoid you lest they let the cat out of the bag accidentally – especially if the holidays are around the corner!

They’ve started to talk about the future with you

There’s a certain inclusive language people start to use once they’ve made up their mind that you’re The One. The language goes from I to Us and We. They start talking about doing things together in the way distant future. They may start talking about kids or homes together. It could be anything but it will be the talk of long-term relationships and commitment. We can’t say exactly what it will be but the minute you hear it, you’ll know it and you’ll also know that something has changed in your relationship for the good!

They suddenly have no problem going window shopping

Not everyone likes to stand in front of jewellery shop windows and have a chat, so if your partner suddenly doesn’t mind stopping by jewellery stores or just happens to get really tired and dump their bags down in front of the engagement ring section of a jewellery and suspiciously turns around to casually discuss rings, be on guard! It’s more than likely they’re scoping out your engagement ring likes and dislikes.

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