Widgets, badges and buttons: how to attract new customers and improve your credibility

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Updated on: July 30, 2015
The new Easy Weddings' Review Widget, buttons, badges and icons.
Link to Easy Weddings with our new Reviews Widget, badges, buttons or icons.

Are you the kind of person that reads online reviews before purchasing a product or using a service? Your customers most likely are.
Ninety per cent of online users say they trust and rely on reviews when choosing to make a purchase. Brides are no different. They trust reviews as it establishes a business’ credibility. So why not share yours?
To make it as easy as possible for you to share your feedback, we’ve rolled out a new Reviews Widget and several badges, buttons and social icons for you to use on your website, blog or email signature.

Here are the options available to you:

  • The Reviews Widget: An automated widget that displays your star rating and scrolls through your reviews. It’s a great way to demonstrate your business’ credibility and attract new customers.
  • Milestone badge: When you reach a milestone number of reviews (10+, 25+ or 50+) you will qualify for the Milestone badge. Celebrate this achievement by adding a Milestone badge to your website and blog.
  • Five-Star Award badge: Available to only the top-rated suppliers, this badge highlights businesses that newlyweds love and gave five-star reviews to over the year.
  • Featured on Easy Weddings badge: Has your business been featured on Real Weddings or on the Easy Weddings blog? If so, you’ll qualify for this badge and can use it to create a direct link to the blog post.
  • Read our Reviews button: Want to demonstrate that you’re an expert in the industry and that your customers love you? Add this button to your website and blog so potential customers can see what newlyweds think of you.
  • Review our business button: Add this button to your digital marketing to encourage your customers to review your business on Easy Wedding.
  • Social icons: Include a small Easy Weddings social icon linking to your profile alongside your other social sharing icons.
  • Text links: Create a custom text link on your website to encourage visitors to read reviews, review your business or visit your profile on Easy Weddings.

They’re free and easy to install – just log in to the Client Admin Centre, choose Reviews › Reviews Widget and follow the instructions. It takes just a few minutes – and, if that’s too hard, call us at 1800 155 122 and we’ll help install it.

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