Size 10 dress


shimmer satin with lace bodice

Dress listed by Monica

Located in Narre Warren North, VIC

This dress was worn once and it is not damaged. ItÆs a strapless/princess dress. I don't know the exact size, but it would be around size 8-10. It was pretty much love at first sight! It has a train but if you don't like the train, it is adjustable by pulling the train in under the dress (which I also did at the reception and it worked well) or you can alter it and just take the train off. The back is lace up. You can get the lace bit altered and put a zip instead if you wanted. I'm selling the dress for $1,700.00.<br><br>I brought my lace bolero separately which cost me quite a bit of money so, IÆll be selling it for $150. It is in very good condition, It is also Ivory. The woman that altered my dress also added these mini clips (which no one will notice) to the sides of the dress (almost under the armpit) so that my bolero will stay in place when I clip it to the dress. The dress can be worn without the bolero if you donÆt want to wear the bolero.<br><br>I am also selling my veil which also cost me a lot! I'm also selling it for $150. It has two layers to it. The top layer is a tiny bit shorter than the bottom layer and it has beautiful beads going all around the edges (which helps it stay in place for windy days). <br><br>If you donÆt want the bolero or the veil with the dress, you can just buy the dress separately or vice versa. All items can be bought separately or together or just mix and match.<br><br>Everything is in good condition and they were so worth the thousands of dollars spent on them! <br><br>If you need any more details about the dress, bolero or veil OR want some more pictures of anything, please let me know and I'll get back to you asap :) Thanks.
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