Karen Willis Holmes - Size 10 A-Line dress

Karen Willis Holmes (Preloved)
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Dress listed by Jenny

Located in St Kilda, VIC


This amazing dress has a beautiful elegant vintage pink under the ivory lace on the bodice and an added vintage pink underlay under the Ivory sheer skirt to carry it through.

I picked the criss cross tie up back, not the buttons. I think this looks more modern but also allows you to change weight (one way or another!) before the wedding without needing alterations

The train is removable and you are also able to tie up the skirt at the back so you can enjoy the dance floor with no one stepping on you

The price of my dress was more expensive then Karen's usual prices due to adding additional features (vintage pink throughout the skirt, mixing two different dress styles together (Bodice: Saskia, skirt: Paige), adding some lace between the bodice and the skirt). You can see the vintage pink through the dress really well in the picture with it hanging up. It's very suttle and beautiful (of cause I think so considering I added it!!).

I would love to keep my dress but I promised my husband if I spent over 3k I would sell it!!

If for any reason you need small alterations, Karen Willis Holmes is able to do additional sewing for $100 p/hr. There are stores in Sydney, Melbs, Brassie and New York

If you are a size 8-8.5, I will throw in my shoes for free. I only had them on for 2 hours because I changed to a heel that I could wear on the grass (I didn't have time to get the heel stoppers before hand on top of everything else!!). The shoes are "Panache" ivory silk bought for $250 and comfortable with an 8 inch heel. See in picture with hanging dress.
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