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The bodice features intricate silver and pearl beeding. The gown is white satin and chiffon which is simply shimmery and compliments the spectacular bodice so well.<br><br>The dress was featured many times in the Bridal Magazine Bride to Be Volume 112 (Winter 2000). It has been kept in it's large protective bag and comes complete with a matching little bag and extra pearl straps if you don't want the bodice to be strapless on your special day. I paid $1,450 for the dress alone and there are no tears or evidence of worn fabric. I would suggest having it dry cleaned to freshen and press it as it has been in storage for a few years.<br><br>Nobody will have a dress like this one! It's stylish & unique...<br>
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Pacific Pines QLD

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Satin, Chiffon, Silver & Pearl beeding