America’s fiftieth state, Hawaii is home to breathtaking waterfalls, tropical jungles and a coastline peppered with dramatic cliffs. It truly is a honeymoon location deserving of the title ‘paradise.’

Formed by centuries of volcanic hundreds, Hawaii is an archipelago comprising hundreds of islands spread across 2,400kms.

With plenty of beautiful resorts and hotels, the islands of Hawaii are popular amongst honeymooners looking for an escape from city life. The perfect location for both romantic getaway with walks on the golden beaches, dinner by candle light and late night dips in the ocean, as well as an adventurous one with lava tubing, snorkelling and hiking.

Whether you choose to head to The Big Island or to a smaller island like Kahoolawe, wherever you choose, there’s no escaping Hawaii’s natural beauty and charm.


Hawaii’s proximity to the Equator affords it very warm and pleasant weather very consistently! So, expect clear blue skies – most of the time. Though Hawaii is definitely an all-year-around honeymoon destination it does have a wet season, usually from mid November to early March, but it’s quite a mild wet season where, believe it or not, most of the fairly light rainfall takes place during the evenings. And, even if a little rain falls during the day, it won’t last more than a few minutes before the sun shines through once again.

Temperatures over this period reach an average of 23°C, so your days can still be spent relaxing on the beach, however, the best time to visit is between April and October when the islands experience far warmer temperature of around 28°C.


Hawaii is a playground for nature lovers. A visit to Volcano National Park allows visitors to experience truly heavenly views, especially from Haleakala Crater, and be sure to explore the underwater seascapes on the Na Pali Coast.

For history enthusiast, the islands have a rich culture and history that will appeal to you. Head to Hawaii’s No.1 tourist destination, Pearl Harbor where you’ll find the USS Arizona Memorial and Polynesian Cultural Centre, which are both located on The Big Island.

Of course, Hawaii is best-known for its glorious beaches and to experience some of its best beaches, head to Waikiki Beach in Oahu which was once reserved only for royalty; Lanikai Beach in Oahu, which is known as one of the best beaches in the world, and North Shore in Oahu if you’re wanting to experience some of the world’s best surfing. One of the most unique beaches in Hawaii is Punalu’u Beach on The Big Island, which is famous for its black sand and green turtles.

Food & Wine

Hawaiian cuisine is diverse thanks to decades of culinary influence from across the globe, so expect to enjoy some seriously good Japanese, Korean, Filipino and Portuguese fare.

If you’re after an authentic Hawaiian experience, be sure to try the steamed pork bun called manapua as well as raw fish salad called poke, and a spam snack called spam musubi. The Asian influence can be felt as most restaurants serves delicious seafood, fresh sushi and a variety of dumpling and noodle dishes. Other more American favourites include a spicy Huli Huli chicken and a hamburger dish called Loco Moco that is served with loads of gravy, rice and fried egg on top.

Hawaii is famous for its pineapples, so expect to enjoy plenty of tropical cocktails that include this delicious fruit. You can’t visit Hawaii, especially not on your honeymoon, and not sip one of these tropical pineapple concoctions at sunset at one of the islands’ many beach bars.

If you’re a foodies, you’ll get a true taste of Hawaiian food culture in Oahu. The island plays host to various food festivals and street fairs like Eat The Street (every last Friday of the month), Honolulu Night Market (every third Saturday of the month), and Hawaii Chocolate Festival (held annually in Autumn).


The best way of getting around Hawaii is via bus. Costing around USD$2.25 per day or USD$25 per month for those staying a bit longer, a bus ticket can take you to all the popular beaches, tourist area and major hotels. Alternatively you can catch a taxi or rent your own vehicle during your stay. Car rentals are available at most airports.

Heading from one island to another is as easy as catching a flight or a ferry. The predominant way of travelling between islands is by plane, but there are at least two ferries between Maui and Lānaʻi and Maui and Molokaʻi.


Whether you’re looking for a souvenir or a gift for someone back home, there is plenty of opportunity to shop in Hawaii.

Home to the biggest open air shopping centre in Hawaii, Ala Moana Shopping Center in Honolulu, offers honeymooners the option of 230 shops, restaurants and bars.

For a unique shopping experience in a beach themed setting, head to Hilton Hawaiian Village Shops. This shopping village is the perfect place to pick up a souvenir for family and friends. Head to DFS Galleria Waikiki for upscale, luxurious shopping. This incredible department store is completely tax-free so you’ll be getting your favourite brands at a reduced price.


Whether you’re visiting Hawaii on your honeymoon – or just enjoying a holiday – you want it to be as hassle-free as possible, so be sure to purchase travel insurance before leaving home.

It will make your special time away even more enjoyable as you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you and your belongings are covered (within your policy’s limits, of course) should anything go wrong.

As they say in the travel industry, if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel!

Purchase your travel insurance when you book your trip and, depending on the policy you choose, you should be covered for theft, injury or illness. Some travel insurance policies do not cover certain activities such as diving, hiking, parasailing, or renting a motorcycle, so ensure you read it before signing up so that you’re aware of what it does and doesn’t cover. Take a copy of your travel insurance documents with you when travelling.


Being an American state, Hawaii trades in US Dollars.

Because Hawaii’s main source of income is tourism, you can will find competitive pricing on everything on the islands from accommodation to petrol prices. Credit cards are widely accepted on all islands, but expect a surcharge.

If you are visiting the islands from outside of the USA, you will find foreign exchange available at all major banks and in most tourist hotspots.


Besides your swimwear and plenty of sunblock, it is advisable to also pack resort wear. For men this mean shorts and a shirt , and for women it means a summer dress. It is also important to pack items of clothing that dry quickly. For day trips sun protective clothing like caps, hats, sleeved T-shirts and comfortable but light long pants are advised.

For your feet, a comfortable pair of walking shoes are required, as well as a pair of flip flops for days on the beach. A waterproof jacket or travel size umbrella will also come in handy when if it does rain.


Remember, you’re in the United States where tipping is the norm. So, whether it is your driver, service crew, a beauty therapist, housekeeping or your wait staff, you’ll be expected to tip – even if the job isn’t necessarily well done. A USD$1 or USD$2 bill is sufficient for a driver, valet or doorman, but for housekeeping at your hotel, try to leave a little more. For waiters at restaurants and service crew, it is expected to leave at least 10% of your total bill. For tour guides a USD$10 to USD$15 tip is the norm.

Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort

Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort

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Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort

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