The continent of Europe boast about 50 countries, each with its own charm, history, quirks, customs and, of course, attractions. For honeymooners, however, Europe is a favourite honeymoon destination because there is so much to do and so much variety – and you can actually visit multiple countries in a single day! 

With thousands of attractions scattered throughout the 10.18 million kms² land mass that makes up Europe, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to honeymoon activities. From meandering along the Seine river in romantic Paris and nibbling on pizza in Naples to seeing the Northern Lights in Sweden and whizzing your way down Austria’s magnificent ski slopes, Europe is one of the most romantic – and adventure-filled places on the planet. And, because there are so many countries to choose from, you can find accommodation, transport and food that suits your budget and your tastes.


Because Europe is so big (10.18 million km², to be exact), its weather varies from country to country, and even city to city.  

Most of Europe has four distinct seasons – Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter, which brings with it the predicable weather conditions. The warmer months of Spring and Summer run from May to November and bring plenty of sunshine, the occasional rainfall and high temperature.

Winter in Europe is usually snowy and runs from December to April. Tourist particularly like to visit Europe around this time of the year to experience good skiing and a white Christmas – and what could be more romantic than that? 


Europe is home to incredible cities, amazing beaches, tranquil mountainous regions, and beautiful scenery making a place with plenty to see and do.

Eiffel Tower: Located in Paris, the City of Love (France), the Eiffel Tower is a wrought iron lattice tower in the heart of the city and is one of the most iconic landmarks in the world. Be sure to head to the top and take in the spectacular view of the city.

Venice: One of the most romantic cities in Europe, Venice has more water taxis than cars. Explore the canals of this beautiful city and eat some of the best Italian food.

Buckingham Palace: If you’re in London, you have to make a stop at Buckingham Palace where the Queen of England lives. This iconic building lies at the heart of one of the most busy and bustling cities in the world!

Museums: Europe is home to some of the world’s best museums and art galleries, many of which house iconic pieces by the likes of Vincent Van Gogh, da Vinci and Monet.

Check out the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, The Louvre in Paris, the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City and Museu Picasso in Barcelona. If you love art, Europe is the perfect place place to head for your honeymoon. 

Food & Wine

Europe has a wide variety of cuisines with the most popular being the following:

French: The French cuisine consists of delicious pastries, plenty of wine, authentic champagne and rich sauces paired with fresh produce.

Italian: If you love pizza and pasta then Italy is the place for you as it is home to these dishes. Head to Naples for the best pizza in Italy. Don’t forget to try an authentic gelato for dessert.

Spanish: Seafood lovers should head to Spain for their honeymoon. With sweet and spicy flavours, Spanish cuisine consist of dishes like paella.

Germany: Beer lovers need to head to Germany to try the countries delicious variety of beers. And while you’re there, try a currywurst, a mouth-wateringly delicious sausage that is steamed, then fried, then cut into piece and enjoyed with chips. 


There are various ways for travellers to get around Europe. Being the second smallest continent, it is easy to get around – as long as you have the correct visa.

Fast speed and overnight trains can get you from one destination to another in no time, plus there are also flights that constantly fly from all over the continent. Long distance buses are also available and are often cheaper than trains or flights.

Domestically,  taxis, buses, trains, water taxis and trams are all available, but differ from country to country.


Europe is known for its exclusive fashion and high-end designers, and is home to three of the fashion capitals of the world.

Paris: As one of the finest shopping cities in the world, Paris is home to various stores, malls and street where travellers can buy the most indulgent items. Two of the most famous Parisian shopping malls are Printemps and Galeries Lafayette that stock high end luxury brands.

Milan: Most of Italy’s high-end designers are based in Milan. All these designers are located in a square called Quadrilatero d’Oro which translates to ‘rectangle of gold’. There also variety of places in this city that is perfect for bargain hunters such as Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

London: Whether you’re looking for a Stella McCartney one-of-a-kind or a second-hand item from Camden Town, you can find it all in London.


Whether you’re visiting Europe on your honeymoon – or just enjoying a holiday – you want it to be as hassle-free as possible, so be sure to purchase travel insurance before leaving home. It will make your special time away even more enjoyable as you’ll have peace of mind knowing that  you and your belongings are covered (within your policy’s limits, of course) should anything go wrong. 

As they say in the travel industry, if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel!

Purchase your travel insurance when you book your trip and, depending on the policy you choose, you should be covered for theft, injury or illness. Some travel insurance policies do not cover certain activities such as diving, hiking, parasailing, or renting a motorcycle, so ensure you read it before signing up so that you’re aware of what it does and doesn’t cover. Take a copy of your travel insurance documents with you when travelling.


Though, in theory, most countries in Europe accept Euros, local currencies do vary from country to country. Be sure to check what the currency of the countries you’ll be visiting are, especially if you’re visiting small, out-of-the-way towns. 

With a variety of ATMs and money exchangers in all major cities, it is easy to get a cash withdrawal or exchange money in Europe. All credit and debit cards are accepted in most hotels, tourist shops, tour companies, car rental agencies and banks.


Depending on where in Europe you’ll be visiting and when you’ll be visiting, you’ll need to pack accordingly. Summers in Europe are usually hot with some countries still experiencing cold weather so it would be best to pack lightweight clothing with jeans and jumpers, just in case.

Winters are extremely cold and call and a mere jumper and socks won’t cut it, especially if you’re in a country with snow. You’ll definitely need to pack – or buy – snow wear such as gloves, boots, padded jackets and thermal underwear. 


Tipping in Europe is not compulsory, but what is normal varies from country to country. In most Eastern European countries such as Russia, tipping is expected. You should leave a tip of between 10% and 15% in this part of Europe.


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