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Renewal of Marriage Vows

The Renewal of Marriage Vows is becoming more and more popular with married couples for many and varied reasons. 

Unlike the original wedding ceremony a Renewal of Vows ceremony has no legal obligation and witnesses are not required but the main purpose is for couples to reaffirm their love and ongoing commitment to each other.

The ceremony itself can be in the format of a wedding ceremony and can be light hearted in style or more formal and serious and this would depend on the reason the couple were reaffirming their vows.

Renewal of Vows ceremonies are often held by couples who have legally married in a country other than Australia and wish to have a celebration with their family and friends and include a re-enactment of their marriage ceremony.

Wedding anniversaries are another occasion when couples decide to have a re-enactment of their wedding ceremonyand can even choose to dress as a bride and groom and include their original bridal party and even use some of the words from their original ceremony. This can be a fun addition to a very special celebration marking a milestone of love and happiness.

And even more importantly a Renewal of Marriage Vows can have great meaning for a couple who have faced difficulties in their relationship and who wish to recommit and reaffirm their love for one another.

Civil Marriage Celebrants conduct these ceremonies and can provide the wording which would be appropriate for the particular occasion and circumstance.

Provided by Gail Booth, The Sydney Celebrant

To find a celebrant for your Renewal of Vows ceremony visit our wedding directory.
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