Stunning garden wedding for best friends Amanda and Jack

Wedding: 24/04/2016

Posted by Lucy | 2 June, 2016

It took Jack Foo six frustrating months to realise there would be no more perfect time to propose to Amanda Vecchi than ‘right now.’

The Mornington Peninsula pair, 34 and 44 respectively, first met at work and things quickly progressed from ‘work friends’ to best friends.

Their friendship blossomed into romance and Jack soon found himself trying to plan the ‘perfect’ proposal. “He had been planning it for months, but there was always something that wasn’t quite as he envisaged,” tells Amanda. “He mentioned this to a friend one day, who [with tongue in cheek], threw it straight back to Jack saying, “I don’t understand you; you are so close to the ground it shouldn’t be such an effort for you to get down on one knee… stop making excuses!””

And so, on a hiking holiday to Victoria’s Grampians, it finally dawned on Jack that all this waiting “was getting a tad silly,” says Amanda. “As we held hands watching the sunrise… he started to rummage around in his rucksack to produce a ring that had been tucked away for months. He took a deep breath and got down on one knee to ask me to be his wife.”

Their stunning garden wedding on April 24, 2016, was organised by pop-up wedding planners, Space Crush Events. It was held in the quaint garden chapel at Dalywaters Rose Farm, with sixty guests treated to a memorable afternoon tea reception in the beautiful grounds by the lake.

“Our wedding was absolutely perfect. It was such a stunning autumn day with the beautiful autumn colours and the sun was shining” says the bride.

“We can’t wait to start our new life together as one.”

Photos courtesy of Swagger Photography.

Amanda_Jack_Garden-Wedding_SBS_001 Amanda_Jack_Garden-Wedding_SBS_002





Amanda says she was attracted to Jack’s “immaculate” dress sense and respectful personality, but what really turned things up a notch was when he came into work in his motorbike gear!



Amanda_Jack_Garden-Wedding_013 Amanda_Jack_Garden-Wedding_014






Jack says he “struck gold” with his happy-go-lucky bride Amanda.

Amanda_Jack_Garden-Wedding_034 Amanda_Jack_Garden-Wedding_SBS_016





Amanda’s beautiful bridal bouquet of David Austin roses was a thoughtful gift from her youngest sister.


Amanda_Jack_Garden-Wedding_032 Amanda & Jack 44_sbs



Amanda_Jack_Garden-Wedding_SBS_006 Amanda_Jack_Garden-Wedding_033


The newlyweds spent their wedding night at Lindenderry, Red Hill before a short honeymoon in Bright, Victoria.

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