Your ultimate last minute wedding checklist

These are the things that most people seem to forget on the day of their wedding, so we have compiled an ultimate last minute wedding checklist for you:


It seems very obvious, but you might have purchased and agonised over which beautiful lacy number to treat yourself to for your wedding day… only to forget it and leave it at home when you leave the day before the wedding day. To help you remember, perhaps store it in a bag on the hanger your dress is on, next to your shoes.

Beautiful sexy girl in bed


Too many groomsmen (and grooms) have forgotten to pack their nice socks and ended up with the wrong socks peeking out of their suit pants.


Try to write some vows prior to the night before, and then make sure you make a couple of copies of them, just in case. This is one speech you won’t want to forget.

Knife for the cake

This happens so often! You get to the time when the cake needs to be cut and three people run off in all directions to get a knife from the kitchen.

Beautiful delicious white wedding cake

Toasting champagne flutes

If you have some fancy wedding day toasting flutes that someone has gifted you or you ordered

Designated driver

Make sure you have a way back to your wedding night accommodation, whether that be an uber, your fancy wedding car, a taxi or a bus. Just make sure you have a safe way back!

To feed the vendors

And yourselves! A lot of people forget that their vendors are often there for 8 or 10 hrs and need to eat too! And all too often, brides and grooms forget to have a bite to eat themselves. Be sure to eat a good meal before the wedding and during- if you’re having a cocktail function, be sure to ask the caterer to make you and your partner a plate to take away at the end as well.

Waitress carrying a plate with veggie dish


Have someone (that you trust) in charge of collecting all gifts/cards or taking the wishing well back to a location you decide upon.


Just in case it does rain- pack a pretty umbrella that you wouldn’t mind being in your wedding pictures. Maybe a clear one. If there’s a high chance of rain, it’s best to bring enough for the entire bridal party.

Kids activities

If you’re having a few kids present, it’s likely they will somewhat entertain themselves, but it doesn’t hurt to have a few things for them to do, like lawn games, a photo booth, activity booklets or even hiring a babysitter to look after them at the venue.

last minute wedding checklist


Don’t forget to take your insulin, Ventolin or anything else you may need. Adrenalin may cause you to forget these things that you may use day to day!

Pet sitter

Whether your beloved furry friend is attending the nuptials or not, make sure you have a way home for them or someone to look after them or feed them while you’re not home.


It HAS happened before. Don’t forget your wedding rings, and well as a box or pillow to fasten them to so they don’t get lost.

last minute wedding checklist

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