15 things less likely than winning our competition

There are a lot of competitions going around, we know. Sometimes it can feel like your odds of winning aren’t that great.

So we’ve decided to help you out! We’ve done the math and calculated how easy it really is to win the Easy Weddings competition, and we have good news…

competition odds

You are more likely to win $10,000 from Easy Weddings than you are to…

Be injured by soap

Considering we use it every day, the odds are pretty low on this one!

competition odds

Win an Oscar

Actually, after the last year, we’re going to leave this one alone…

competition odds

Get a royal flush

Every movie about how easy it is to beat your nemesis in poker has been a lie.

competition odds

Be attacked by a shark

They’re the real victims of Hollywood tbh.

competition odds

Date a supermodel

Bella Hadid can crash a prom in a tracksuit and we can’t ever get a date? Rude.

competition odds

Get struck by lightning

Are you telling me that the odds of getting struck twice like in Sweet Home Alabama are completely out of the question?

competition odds

Win Maccas Monopoly

You are less likely to win $1 million in the Maccas Monopoly for buying junk food than you are to win $10,000 for actually planning your wedding. #justsayin

competition odds

Be injured by a toothbrush

Use this one next time the kids play up before bedtime.

competition odds

Have the name Angelina

If your name is already Angelina then you definitely need to enter cause the odds are OBVIOUSLY already in your favour.

competition odds

Be born with 11 fingers or toes

This one is still pretty common, but it’s still not as likely as winning our competition!

competition odds

Be electrocuted

Unless you’re trying to climb a giant electric fence at the EXACT SAME TIME the power is being switched on you’re pretty safe in our comp.

competition odds

Find a pearl in an oyster

Even if you can actually shuck the thing it’s not that likely.

competition odds

Get injured in a pogo stick accident

As an adult, you are still less likely to be injured by a pogo stick than you are to win $10,000. Though now we’ve put ideas in your head…

competition odds

Get injured by a toilet

We’re not even going to try and imagine this one.

competition odds

Win the lottery

‘Nuff said.

competition odds

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